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Ferret Entertainment - Free Music Requests

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​My name's Harriet and I'm a composer of music. I've been composing music for around 2 years, and I'm willing to help you get the video game music you desire.






I compose mostly, and pretty much always, orchestral. I do use electronic sounds and modern instruments such as Electric Guitars, synths and drums, but I sometimes blend the two together.












Example work from the game soundtrack â€‹Yandere Simulator (2017+, YandereDev)
The First Tragedy -






Example work from the game soundtrack â€‹The Legend of Jerry Quiver: Rise of The Dominion (2017+, Ferret Entertainment):






​Peaceful Melodies



Melody for Forests -



Character Theme -



Character Theme -






​Battle Melodies



Jazz -



Metal/Orchestral -



Abstract -






​Route Melodies



Creepy -



Dark Orchestral -



Cheerful -






​Character Themes












​Cinematic Melodies












Here is how the process works:






1. You send me a PM on this website, and you tell me what you want. You must tell me EVERYTHING about the character/location/subject or the song will not be as good as it possibly can be. Please give me an example of another piece of music that you want your track to sound like.



2. I will send you a basic piano music file with the melody and simple accompaniment. You will then give me feedback on the piece, if you want it to sound different and to have other adjustments.



3. I finish the piece and I will give you the final music track to you in MP3 and in other desired formats. If you would like me to loop your track, please say so.



4. This is all for ​free.​ I am here to gain experience, you want some music. No money is required here.






Use this form for an easy request:






​Ferret Entertainment Commission:






​Name: -



Theme/Route/Cinematic/Battle/Peaceful?: -



​Is your desired piece orchestral?: -



​Details about Subject (Character/Location etc.): -












Desired File Format: -



​Do you want the Track to loop? -


















​1. I do one client at a time. If you arrive before someone else, you will have top priority. If you ask before I have finished another song, you will be put on a waiting list until I am done.



​2. I have the right to decline your request for ANY reason.
3. Two songs at a time.
​4. Yes, I will work for any game.






​I hope I can help you in your video game!

















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I think your logo should have a stripe under the eye, to look like a marking signifying toughness. Which would also fit more into the E your showing for the name.


Also is the music you have provided here free to use? Commercial?


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Thank you for design feedback xD


Yes! You can use these sounds in commercial projects as long as​ you give full credit to me :)

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Well it didn't take long to have my request fulfilled. Ferret Entertainment is very nice to work with and produces great results. Highly recommended to give this composer a try. Turnaround time was less than a day for my request.

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