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New Theme Available | Sky (Night)

6 posts in this topic

A new item has been added to your inventories!




Changes your theme to the dark one with clouds,

stars and of course, the Moon.


34.5% reduced overall brightness

63% reduced background noise

100% reduced wind

29% increased amount of stars

stars have 4 additional shapes

stars have 3 additional colors

14% increased Moon size

100% Moon visibility

Cannot be discarded, sold, nor traded


"Looking at the Sun may hurt after a while,

if you have enough of that, extinguish it."

You can set the theme at the very bottom of the page.





Now this one was a little bit tricky, because the build-in color editor is heavily limited, or I'm just blind. Unlike with the bright theme, where pretty much everything was left by default, here I had to change these to make them darker - and I noticed, that not much can be changed to be honest. With that being said, I had to modify things manually via code. I had to browse forums here and there to locate things, that needed to be changed and then add/edit/remove some properties to/in/from these objects. I tried to cover everything, but there may be still some things left, that I could overlook. If you'll notice any terribly-looking whiteness or something else, that makes things unreadable, please let me know. So.. consider this theme as experimental for now. Please report any issues in this thread.



Text Editor / Posts / Typing Fields are kept white on purpose. I was thinking, that it will be better to just leave them without any colors. For example some colored text in posts (especially ones with blue content) could be kind of unreadable if there would be a blueish background. It would be even worse, if there would be a black background - making invisible text in default theme would give a totally different result in the darker one. That's why it's just better to keep the very default, white background.



The 'overall brightness' mod's value is actually not a random joke. I've took screenshots of the same page with the day and night themes, then scaled them down to 1x1 and compared the pixel's color value. It's a somewhat accurate comparison of how much darker it is than the bright theme. :D 




Enjoy the calm night!  :)

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And here you have an occasion to see blue mixed with purple. :o 

*mind blown* Too awesome! :o 

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