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Thou Art Hero

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Abstract: A standard game about heroes, demons, and saving the world!
Genre: Turn-based RPG
Game Progression: In very early development
Demo: Battle gameplay demo coming soon!

The World of Lura:
Every 50 years, a demon king emerges from the Land Beyond, terrorizing the land. The Goddess Pythrea will then descend to the people to grant them a hero, a chosen one who will defeat the demon king. This 'Cycle' has repeated for millennia, and now almost 50 has passed since the previous demon king's defeat...


The Story:

In the quiet village of Brewks, Fink has trained his whole life to be a squire for the hero, dreaming of glory and fame.

Finally, the day has come! The hero has been chosen, fated to bring about salvation to the land and rid the world of evil! But what if... the hero dies just as he is chosen??!

Fink must now scour the lands to search for another hero to serve, one that can fulfill destiny and bring peace to the world!

And what's better than finding a hero, than gathering a whole bunch?

Meet the crew:


Fink Shaini



Age: 16

Class: Squire

Bio: When he was just a boy, his mother and father left home when they got into trouble with some debt collectors. He lived with his grandmother, the previous hero, and was taught the ways of combat. However, he had always preferred supporting roles to violence, and decided to be the squire for the next hero. He is a person of few words, preferring 'yes and no' questions and generally avoiding conversation. Some say he is a really good listener.


Chiss Shaini / Bahi


"MWAHAHHAA, FEAR ME, THE DEMO- Ack, the pain!"

"Ah, that would be my lumbago."

Age: 72 / 211

Class: Ex-Hero / Ex-Demon King

Bio: Chiss is Fink's grandmother and the hero of the previous cycle. Fifty years ago, she attempted to defeat the demon king Bahimeter R'hensophi Nia't, but instead sealed him within herself. From that day on, the two have been living in the same body. Chiss retains control of her body for the most part, allowing Bahi to take over in battles when required. Bahi claims to be biding his time to take over Chiss's mind and revive his empire of chaos, but doesn't seem to be planning anything so far. The two have formed a somewhat symbiotic relationship, and the villagers have gotten used to his presence.


Hiracelle of the Light (4* rarity)


"Foul beast, prepare to be slain by my... Er, timeout, my next contract's here. Be right back!"

Age: 3882

Class: Summon

Bio: A hero from a different dimension, Hiracelle is summoned by worlds that have lost all hope as a last resort... or by pure dumb luck. She works single-minded to destroy the evil beings of whatever universe she is summoned to. As she had gone on countless quests and slayed so many demon kings, she treats the journey as just another routine job. She constantly struggles to find a grand purpose for her life, but maintains an optimistic nature. Occasionally gets summoned away for small time gigs, which sometimes annoys the party when she disappears in the middle of a life-or-death battle.


Uug Uug


"Uug tugga mut yorn cranium SMASH!"

Age: 1,870,000 (Chronological), 31 (Biological)

Class: Ancient

Bio: The very first hero of the Cycle. After defeating the first demon king, he slipped and fell into an ice trap, sealing him away for many years. Upon awakening, he finds himself in a strange new world, recognizing only the familiarity of combat. He only speaks the ancient tongue, but has picked up some words from various sources. Uses translation magic to communicate with the rest of the party. He posses the power of fate, being able to tie life forces together and cause destiny to shift, for better or worse.

- CTB battle system

- Tactical battles: The party must work together for victory! The complexity of the battles will increase as the game progresses, requiring players to think about turn order, status effects and more! Just because you took down a dragon doesn't mean you can defeat a slime without thinking!

- No level-ups: Gone are the grinding and powering up, the party customizes through equipment and skills. Defeating monsters nets the party gold, which is spent on useful items and skills.

- Dynamic battle events: Even fighting the same mobs will be a different experience! Chiss' lumbago strikes, Hiracille gets summoned away, Uug forgets where he keeps his club and more! Players must adapt to the current situation to bring about victory! Battle events can be good or bad, and occur at the beginning of battle.



Hiddenone: actor3_4 sv_actor
Ravenblackbird: sv_battler general_m


battle bgm: LUC: LSR Debut Battle Loops


SOUL: Ultimate Title Screen

Yanfly: Most plugins




*Coming soon
Developer's comments:


My first real foray into the RPG maker world, I wanted to use this game to get a feel of the mechanics of RPG maker as well as each of the skills required to make a game. This is going to be a relatively small project, with maybe 3-5 hours or so of gameplay, might extend it if reception is good. I can't draw or compose for life, so RTP stuff will be heavy here (warning for those who can't stand RTP haha).


The project is actually built around the idea of no leveling, as when I was fiddling around, I couldn't get the balance right (still learning the ropes). I was thinking how to make a battle system like that fun, and actually had some inspiration from games like Pokemon. In the competitive scene in Pokemon, everyone is lvl 100, and what decides the match is the team build and decisions made during the battle. Hopefully I'll be able to make my own spin on this for a fun battle system that doesn't require grinding!


Suggestions and critiques to the mechanics and story are welcome, so feel free to fire away!


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