Tsukihime's Scene Interpreter Issue?

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Via default Ace behavior, if I have a menu item call a common event upon use, the game returns to the Map scene to run it and it runs as intended.


However, if this script is installed (Tsukihime's Scene Interpreter), when the common event runs after being called from the item menu, it stops running if it processes any WAIT command, including anything waiting for completion. This breaks a lot of systems.


If the script is used as intended -- to run common events within scenes -- the common events work normally. But it seems that if the scene changes during the common event, this problem arises. By default, I suppose a common event called from an item begins in the Item scene before the game changes to the Map scene.


I have no idea why this is happening nor how to fix it. I did test this all in a blank, new project. If I should post this onto the specific script's topic then I will do that.


Thank you!


EDIT: I'm terribly sorry, I found that my script was outdated and this problem was fixed. If this topic can be removed, do so by all means. Apologies.

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