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I've been trying to look for good specs for a new gaming tower PC later on. I'm not much of a computer person, so I need a little advice x3 Updated 25 Dec · 10 comments

About Me

♥Good Morning!~♥ ♥Good Afternoon!~♥ ♥Good Evening!~♥ or ♥Good Nighty Night!~♥ ^-^
The Border Girls welcome you to Gensokyo with a little dance!
♥~The Happy Dance of the Border Girls; YukaReimu!~♥
Anywho, Hullo hullo everyone~ I'm LadyMinerva, your local Touhou Resident and Shrine Maiden of the forums~
What can you tell about yourself Minerva?
I'm a free-caring girl who loves to get good grades... xD Alrighty, I love to write, cook, draw on my tablet, read, and play games from time to time. I often take work and school very seriously, but that doesn't mean I can't have any fun now and then hm? I'm a nice person in general, I really care for people who are really close to me, but I never let my guard down if there's any evil, no no :3 I'm only rude if necessary (if you're rude to me xD)
I'm a girl with simple thoughts; Touhou, Anime, games, and Study study~ I love Touhou so much, I'm generally into bullet Hell shooter games like DonDonPachi and of course, the Touhou project series~
But that's not all, I'm into MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2, Tera, Soul and Blade, Ragnarok Online,  and Sword Art Online. (Although I play Gw2 much more often than the other MMOs :3)
I'm addicted to Mario games and you can't stop me from getting them no matter how much you try xD I prefer platforming games in general though other than the Mario series. I have a 3DS so now I can get onto more adventures!~
But still, I tend to open myself to many other other games too so if you have any that you would like to recommend, please do *_* Since the final year of University is coming to a close, I must have something I must play for the entire Summer xD
If you have Gw2 or if you like to add me for the 3DS here is my Info~ Keep in mind that I bought the 3DS recently so I might not have the games for now, but if you want to play with me someday, recommend the game for and I'll see what I can do~
Guild Wars 2 contact: Minerva.7958 My main character is Minerva Belle (Thief class) xD
3DS Friend Code: 4313-4006-1501 Let's play together~ xD
Currently under construction... Steam Profile!~ https://steamcommunity.com/id/StrawberryBose/
Do you have any other ways to contact you?
I do actually, I have Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, but they are kept only for family and personal friends, so the only way to reach me is Skype (currently under construction) Google Hangout, Youtube, and the very one and only VX Ace forums~ If you wanna chat with me, then give me a call~ I won't bite xD I'm always there to listen to you :3 You'll find some of my contact info from below :3 But I recommend a PM so that nothing personal is out here xD
But most of the time, I stay here in the forums just chatting normally with anyone, The forums are full of awesome people like Kotori-chan, Tsarmina, Wingflame, Knighterius, AlliedG, Raymi100, Sky Usanin, Chaosian, RavenBlueIndigo, and many many other friendly members~ As long as you're nice and friendly, with much more respect, I'll be happy to chat with you xD
Why are you here in the forums?
Click on this banner to see more of our project!~
I'm here for any reasons you have, to be with the community, to hopefully get along with everyone, and to meet and make many friendly people :) I've started game development with RPG Maker for about 4 years now, but being a perfectionist I am, I don't have anything out during that time... So I just sit around and think in my thought bubble.
But fear not! After 4 years, Me and Kotori-chan (http://www.rpgmakerv...52-kotori-chan/) have something in treat for anyone who loves to play RPG Maker games. It is currently a work in progress but we are currently developing  a Touhou fan-made project. We're really taking our project seriously now that we have learned a lot over those years so it'll be a while before we can get anything out actually :3 If you wish to see more, click on the banner above and you'll be like wow! awesome! I can't wait! ...Hopefully xD
Anywho, that'll be the end of my profile but as a reward for reading it.... here's a video of YukaReimu dancing and playing music for you Yaaayyyy~ 
Thank you for viewing my profile~ Have a nice day or night~♥ ^-^♥

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