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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my lair! profile!

Hufflepuff and proud!


So... You're probably reading this to learn about me. Well, I'm a superhero/sci-fi/horror/paranormal/video game nerd who writes, draws, sings, cosplays and is finally living out her life-long dream of making video games. ^_^ I started writing when I was in second grade and have been perfecting my own, unique art style since I was 8. I'm a huge Vocaloid fan and am working on making my own UTAUloid. I can sing a few Vocaloid songs in English, I can do some dances to Vocaloid songs and I can sing one of the Korean Vocaloid songs flawlessly. I'm in the process of learning Japanese, but that's more for my book series than anything else. While I do enjoy anime, I was interested in learning Japanese before I really got into it.


Anime I Recommend:

Soul Eater

Death Note

Black Butler

Attack on Titan

Elfen Lied (not for the faint of heart)


Sailor Moon

Steins; Gate


Video Game Series Recommendations:

Devil May Cry


Resident Evil

Half Life (can't wait for 3!)

Don't Starve


General Game Recommendations:


RLH: Hunt or be Hunted


Slime Rancher


Most quotable quotes:

"I know I'm not the sanest cookie in the basket, but I'm not THAT crazy!"


"I think everybody hates taxes. I mean, America's a country partially because of taxes... And now, America has more taxes."


"Okay, to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing. I just sit here, do the thing and hope nothing explodes."


"Sometimes, my English is good. Then, there are times when I turn into terrible anime fansubs."


"When attempting to insult people, please note that spelling the words correctly helps quite a bit."


"When life gives you green beans, put them in chili."


Random Character Quotes:

"When life gives you lemons, eat them and watch the faces of your enemies as they watch you eat lemons with a straight face." ~ Jonas Sokolov


​"Well, congratulations are in order. I've officially met World's Biggest Idiot. Are you happy with yourself and your life choices, zadrota? (idiot?)" ~ Jonas Sokolov


"On a scale of one to ten, with one being completely relaxed and content and ten being "I want to decapitate you with my bare hands," I'm at about... One. Hundred. And ten." ~ Jonas Sokolov


"Do I need to throw a lamp at you? 'Coz you need to lighten up." ~ Violet Bishop

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    Writing, drawing, making games, playing games, singing, songwriting and reading. Oh! And cosplay!

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