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Aftermath: Gears of Hope > Possible Setting Change Part 2

Posted 13 February 2017

A few days ago, I made a blog post about an idea I had about moving the setting of Aftermath: Gears of Hope from a high school to a college. Overwhelmingly, people wanted it kept at a high school level mainly because, from what I understand, my reasoning for not wanting to attract too young of an audience really isn't a big enough reason to make such a l...

Aftermath: Gears of Hope > Possible Setting Change

Posted 10 February 2017

So, I've been doing some thinking and research. As it turns out, a game taking place in a high school setting or other setting primarily occupied by younger age groups is highly likely to attract people of that particular age group, regardless of the intended age group. While there are exceptions, they are few and far between. Often times, a game develope...

Aftermath: Gears of Hope > Progress Update and Announcement

Posted 03 January 2017

Hello, everyone! I wanted to give you a progress update about Aftermath: Gears of Hope!

Not much has been made since the last time I updated, mainly because I'm waiting on some assets. However, I've done some mapping for club rooms, Peterson Manor, the school and a few other places I can't mention, due to importance to the story. However, I can assure yo...

Aftermath: Gears of Hope > Aftermath Fanmade Works

Posted 31 December 2016

All edits are in purple Comic Sans.

I've been talking to some people in regards to fan stuff, such as fanfiction, fan games, people doing "voiced" versions of games, fancomics, fanart, genderbends and other stuff along those lines. Many people aren't fond of these things, whereas others are huge fans of them. As a creator, I would like to give my opini...

PurplePhantom's Haunted Corner > Poetry by Purple Phantom

Posted 11 November 2016

So, uhm... I write poetry, sometimes. If you wanna, you can read it. Please read it with an open mind, however. Not all of it can viewed at a single depth. Some of it has multiple meanings. Also, none of these are directed towards anyone and the only one actually about me is Natural Makeup. (Yes, I know about some grammatical errors and poor word usage, b...