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First of all, I'd love to say that I still struggle against anxiety, so I apologize beforehand if I grow unfriendly or awkward. I try to be nice at all times, but oftentimes the fear, the anxiousness, the worries, all develops into an uneasiness of mind I try to control for now. Thank you for understanding.


We all deserve peace. We all are equal human beings, who have equal rights in care, love, and basically other things, especially those fundamentals. No single human is a slave to someone else. No single human must die for some fool of a dreamer's wish.


That applies to knowledge, too. We all have the same rights to learn, and to help others. We all have the same rights to be helped in case we face troubles, and we all have the same obligation to help others should they be needing them, to the extent of our capabilities, it is. Even now, enrolling to Sociology Education undergraduate program in Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, I aim to be a teacher that can share my experiences and knowledge to everyone, with a sole hope that they would find it useful for their life.


Despite so, I myself has never been picky when it comes to helping. I do unpaid works with open arms. I love helping everyone in need, providing what I do can actually help them. Providing that I can do something within my boundaries, I will do the best I can manage.


There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that, because of what we share to someone else, the person successfully overcomes his or her challenges, obstacles, raise from the pits, and grow to be a better person everyday. Being a 'better' person for the person and for everyone who cares and loves the said person, and for everyone the person cares about.




Where have gone my manners? I've yet to introduce my name.


You can address me as 'Al', or 'Aldian' if you so prefer. My name, Aldian Hudaya, is a modification of an arabic word 'Al-Huda' that carries a meaning of the person who delivers guidance. The name itself is a manifestation of my grandparents' and my parents' hope, that I can be the person who can help anyone to achieve something within his life.


The hope manifested just too well, it seems.


I've started tinkering with RPG Maker years ago, but the scripting and programming of RPG Maker piqued my interest just recently. It dates back to January 2017, when I was frustrated because of RPG Maker VX Ace's various limitations, and the limitations of scripts available in the internet to satisfy my needs. I tried searching for alternatives to RPG Maker, but it was to no avail.


In the end, I decided that I should learn scripting this engine. With my programming background, Visual Basic .NET, C# and the functional programming language F#, grasping the fundamentals of Ruby went as quick, and at the time I write this, I've been tinkering with Yanfly's scripts as well as classes and modules defined in the engine to further enhance my understanding of this engine.


Afterwards, I hope that my knowledge and understanding can also enhance people's understanding, too, that they can program great games. In terms of RPG Maker, there is no greater joy than playing a game made by someone who, in the process of making, has a share of my help.


Putting RPG Maker aside, I have interests in foreign language (I can speak in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), English and Japanese by now, and is preparing to learn Germany or French), programming (mainly Visual Basic, C#, HTML, PHP, SQL, ASP.NET, Windows Batch Files and PowerShell, particularly programming logic, techniques, algorithms, syntax and theories), Sociology, Philosophy, Education (pedagogy and andragogy), Mathematics, Rythm Games, Horror Games, Vlogging, Music, RPG Games, Adventure Games and Writing, both fiction and non-fiction.


My favorite RPG of choice is Final Fantasy Tactics. I have the android version installed in my phone, too. I've grasped the battle mechanics written by Aerostar after studying and experimenting it for roughly two years. Next is Final Fantasy XII and Vanguard Bandits.


My RPG Maker engine of choice is VX Ace. MV just doesn't cooperate with my laptop really well, despite the various improvements. We obviously speak about its lagging issue, both at the editor and in the games.


Should you need my help, all you need to do is to just ask. I'll try my best to help, despite my business in university and daily life, as well as the lack of internet quota and the awfulness of internet speed in my place of living. Translations are also acceptable, too, paid or unpaid.


I suppose that's all for now. I hope we all can get along nicely and thank you for saving some time to read those junks of a text from the top to this word. You deserve a cookie :) 

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