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Submitting Your Games





When submitting a completed game, head to Completed Games.

When submitting a game, that is still in progress and has or doesn't have a playable demo, head to Games in Progress.


However before you submit, make sure you read the following rules and guidelines to ensure your thread meets the requirements, otherwise it will not be approved.






r9Quzru.png Story / Goals | At least in short, what this game generally is about?


r9Quzru.png At Least 3 Screenshots | Add 3 or more screenshots of your game for better presentation.


r9Quzru.png Download / Link to Store | Required only in COMPLETED GAMES, otherwise it is optional.


 OPTIONAL Credits / Trailer / Genre / Features / Character Bios / Price / Filesize / System Requirements / etc.







1) You are allowed to link to an offsite blog/site for your game, as long as the game topic here meets the requirements.


2) You can post commercial (paid) games, but please state that in the thread.


3) Games that contain content inappropriate for younger audiences will be required to display a visible warning banner at the top of their post. You can make your own or you can use the one provided below.



Highlight and copy&paste to your post.





Your game was not approved - What happens?


HCAXZFs.png If your game will not meet the requirements, it won't be approved and your project will not be visible to anyone else besides you and the staff members.


HCAXZFs.png In that case, moderators will reply to your topic asking you to update your thread with missing information.


HCAXZFs.png To update your thread, edit the first post in it:


Click the "Edit" button located in the bottom left corner of your post:



When done, report your post stating, that you've corrected it. It is not necessary, but it will bring this to our attention, making the process possibly faster.


Alternatively, send a message to moderator, for example to the one who replied to your thread.


beEWGks.pngWARNING: If no changes are made for a longer time, your thread will be moved to archives. You'll have to contact a staff member to bring it back.





Q: The required tags with engines in the list do not cover the program I use. Am I allowed to post my project made in/with something else?

Yes, you are. If pre-defined required tags do not cover the software you used, please select the 'other' tag. Also feel free to drop a suggestion in the Feedback Forum, so that we'll consider adding the software you use to the list.





As simple as this, not much is required.

Good luck!

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