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  1. So, I've hit yet another roadblock, and I've no clue how to go around it.

    I don't have the endurance to stress over these, so if this is something I'm forced to solve on my own, Ramsey v0.1.5 is as far as this goes, and will be the last RM project I do any level of serious work on. It's too much for me to try to create something that I cannot fit into a lacking skill set.

    Okay, so you're wondering what the issue is, and why I didn't post this in the RGSS boards.
    The latter reason is that I need to talk about this in an open fashion and I can't do that without reprimand in the RGSS board.

    The issue:
    So, I've used Moby's Sprite Bugfix that makes it so that sprites taller than 32 px aren't affected stupidly by Star Passability tiles.
    I've already made one fix that doesn't take screen tone into effect (made an extra viewport and switched around some viewport functions), but now I've run into one more.

    I have custom ceiling tiles that when placed, obscure the player. They're in Tileset E. This issue was not present before these tiles were implemented (and thus the event system used to hide the player and then make the player through before undoing those after going through a door or under a ceiling transition was removed once the tiles were implemented), and that issue is that event graphics taller than the player sprite, will get drawn over the player sprite, when the player IS STANDING IN FRONT OF THE EVENT. IT LOOKS BAD, AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A DAMN CHUMP.


    So, I asked dearest love @Kayzee for aid, and...naught. She gave an idea to make the events in question Below Characters which not only doesn't help, but gives them Through flags to boot. These door events may as well be guillotine events!



    So, am I going to get some help here!? Or, do I let Ramsey's deadbeat father kill her instead!?!?

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    Many things can change within a week or a month, let alone six years.


    Looking at the past can be fun but sometimes its pretty embarrassing, it was more like the latter for me when i dropped back here again after so long. I deleted or hidden most of my old stuff, for the better, trust me.


    I've said many things in varying degrees of stupid, but at least i've grown and know just how stupid this all was, im not perfect yet but i did improve. So yeah this post is a sort of catch-up for the few people that interacted with me in this community. Im not dead just life taking you places and also realising how stupid you once were. I also own an apology to certain people that actually expected things from me but never heard from me since, super late but sorry....


    I wont make any promises for anything because god knows if i can keep them, but lets just say things will be different from now on.

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    Hello everyone! I'm Absinthe Ingram and I am officially announcing my venture into survival horror - Dead Evolution.



    Dead Evolution is a survival horror RPG game. You play as Timothy Wong, a man looking to help make a cure for the zombie virus. Well, technically, there already was a cure released via an aerosol agent. It just made the zombies mutate. Some gained sentience, wandering the wasteland fully aware and yet unable to speak or remember their pasts; other gained new abilities, like screaming or running. As Timothy, you're searching for one of the sentient zombies to bring back to your home base... But there are complications, such as your communication device breaking, nearly running out of ammo, being unable to track the zombie right away, etc. that prevent this from being too easy. But the game doesn't end once you get back to the base - all of that was just the first half of the game. The second half involves more zombie killing, saving your child and a BFG. There are companions, but they can't help in combat outside of certain scripted circumstances.


    Think 7 Days To Die meets Days Gone meets Resident Evil.



    The guy you'll see the most of is Timothy Wong, a former high school science teacher-turned-combat scientist. He's good natured and kind, always looking out for others. In other words, the perfect candidate for the cure effort. He's mastered using guns and knives against the zombies. Outside of Timothy, there's not really another "major character". For NPCs though, there are several. There's Brandi Mitchell, a sweet lady with a heart of gold and a steel-cored baseball bat. There's Becky Nelson, who thinks backstabbing is super fun - literally and figuratively - along with pretending to be a damsel in distress. There's Mx Knight, a trader of sorts who will give you what you need at a small price - and if you chip in one extra sandwich or something, you'll get extra ammo absolutely free*! There's also the reinforcements team you can call in - Destiny and Arnold - who are useful, but definitely don't care about the cause. Destiny is there to drive like a maniac and Arnold just wants to kill things. There are survivor settlements in some locations, but aside from trading and resting, there isn't much you can do. There's also everyone down in the base, most notably Mr Waldon, Timothy's boss, and Timothy's 13-year-old child, but they don't come into play until the second half.



    The game is a throwback to survival horror. Puzzles, limited ammo and health items, save points, an emphasis on fear, etc. The game also combines survival horror with survival. Sure, ammo is limited, but you can also make it. Sure, health is limited, but you can also make it. I want the survival game part to add a faint glimmer of hope to the desolate situation. Also, there's a small thing at the beginning where you can customize Timothy a little to alter a few stats and unlock certain things earlier than normal (Was he a P.I after he was a teacher? Was he good at gym in high school? Did he live in a slum, a small town, a town, a city, or a big city?), as well as tune him a little more to your liking (What is his child's name and gender? What gender was his spouse?) Some things will always remain the same - he had a loving family, became a teacher, took another career to help even more people, married a wonderful person and adopted an amazing child - then, his job was rendered obsolete by the apocalypse. He joined the cure effort to continue to help. His spouse was ripped to shreds by zombies. Now he's making sure this cure gets made so hopefully his child gets a happy life.


    I might also do early access.



    Let me know in the comments! I'll answer anything!


    *Ignore the fact that you have to donate a sandwich to get the free ammo.

  2. Nothing really happened to it. I didn't abandon it or anything (I promise). Life just got in the way between grades, graduation, jobs, etc.

    With that being said, I'm not *currently* working on World of Chaos only because it's game size is large (content-wise), and I probably shouldn't attempt to release a huge game on my first time showing a game I created to the public. So World of Chaos has not been dusted but is currently on the backburner. What project am I working on? It's called Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles (RM XP), and it is a much MUCH smaller game. I can't give a definite date on when it'll be done since I'm still going through life stuff, but as soon as I can calculate an ETA, I'll let you guys know.

    Game takes place in a room between a grandfather and his grandchild. Grandfather is showinf his grandchild this book, and the story of the book is where the game takes place. Now, the story itself takes place in a realm where magic stems from Seroma (Afterlife). Seroma was created by a man named Calhadin,. The Azarian realm has 12 Davkins (AKA Kings/Queens) with Calhadin acting more as the guardian of the realm that watches over his creation, Seroma. The story starts with you waking up in some strange place you've never seen, and you have a short chat with a mysterious man before Calhadin intervenes and breaks you out of there. You end up helping to close a portal leading to the Azarian Realm, and from there, you are sent to the Davkins to tell your story. After that, the Davkins suggested you are of importance to either Calhadin or whoever is leading the invaders, thus, they decided you will help end this invasion and will aid in any way they can for when the expected final battle comes.

    What I have done so far:
    CTS Battle System

    16+ Custom Stats

    Status Screen overhaul

    Tutorial and Intro

    Message system

    On-map object interaction system

    3D on-map gameplay


    What I plan to do next

    Level up system

    Skill leveling system




    State animation tweak so that you see the name on the animtions
    Note: I have a script that cycles animations

    Main Quest

    Side Quests


    I will do the above in that order. The game should be done after I do all of that. After this game, I'm going back to working on World of Chaos. Therefore, expect to see Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles Progress blog series in the near future.

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         Meanwhile, back at the Red Army base, Red Leader shot at a target a few times at the shooting range.
    “What do you want me to tell you?” his A.I assistant, Cindy, retorted, “Your aim is perfect.”
    “I’m bored,” he sighed, “I just want something to do!”
    “You could go help retrieve your box,” she suggested, “That could be fun.” He reloaded several of the guns and sighed.
    “You’re right. Let’s go to Bosnia and hopefully not get shot out of the sky!”

         He ran out to the other plane, punched in the coordinates and set it to autopilot. He reclined the seat and kicked his feet up on the control panel with a yawn.
    “Wake me up when we get there or if I need to take control, Cindy,” he said, closing his eyes. When Cindy finally did wake him up, it was because they were headed directly towards a mountain. Tord yelped and quickly took control of the plane so he could avoid the mountain, looking down in time to see the Blue Army base… And a zombie tyrannosaurus rex. He grinned in anticipation as he landed near it. He watched it for a few minutes as it attacked the outside of the base.
    “So that’s where all of those zombie dinosaurs from that island went…” he mumbled to himself as he began sneaking towards it.

         Soon enough, he was on it and riding it inside the building and into the chamber with the other zombie tyrannosaurus rex. He felt like James Bond. Suave, intelligent, breaking all the typical codes of conduct, storming enemy lines on a sweet ride…
    “HEY!” he yelled, “OVER HERE, BIG ROTTING UGLY!” The other dinosaur whipped around to look at him, its massive tail throwing Patryck against the far wall. Tord smirked.
    “YOU!” Blue Leader yelled, pointing at him from behind the glass.
    “You bet!” he replied, “Don’t tell me you seriously didn’t think I wouldn’t show up! And in the flesh, which is more than can be said for you and your robot selves!” She scowled and ran off. Tord turned back to the problem in front of him – that is to say, the zombie T-Rex that he wasn’t riding – with a smirk across his face.
    “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” he said, charging his own massive dinosaur at it. Of course, zombies don’t mess with other zombies. It was a flaw that became more evident after he realized that the dinosaur he was on was actually going for his men. He quickly slid down its back and ran to the now wide open giant door.
    “Guys!” he called, “This way!” And once he was sure his men were following, he ran off.

         “Where’s the plane?” he asked.
    “It’s just down there!” Yuu said, pointing at the landing strip ahead of them. Patryck looked back.
    “I didn’t know this before,” he began, “But as it turns out, Tyrannosaurs can really haul a-”
    He was cut off by gunfire from ahead.
    “Oh come ON!” Yanov cried, sliding under the hail of bullets and firing back at the previously hidden guards with his own two pistols, “Can’t you give us a break?!” Paul pulled out some throwing knives and threw them at the opposing forces as he ran for the plane while Patryck and Yuu ran in different directions to cause a distraction.

         Tord stopped midstep and just grinned at a thought that occurred to him, that clearly hadn’t occurred to anyone in the Blue Army. There were more zombie dinosaurs. Zombies are never sufficiently contained either. He turned back around and calmly walked between the legs of the enormous undead T-Rexes and followed the trail of blaring red hazard lights down to the rest of the zombies. With a grin, he slammed his hand on the button to let them all out. Then, much like the Tyrannosaurs, he hauled a-

         When Paul got to the cockpit, he glared ahead at Blue Leader, who was calmly sitting on the control panel with a devious smirk. Yanov quickly joined him.
    “Can we just call it a day?” Paul asked, “This is encroaching on my smoke break.” Yanov stared at him.
    “THAT’S what you’re worried about?!” he exclaimed.
    “So says the guy who took a flamethrower to some guards over the fate of his portable gaming console,” Paul replied dryly. Blue Leader rolled her eyes.
    “Here you two are arguing when I’m the one holding all the cards,” she said, “And by “cards,” I mean-”

         Yuu and Patryck quickly ran into the cockpit.
    “Four against one,” Yuu said, “I think I like our odds.”
    “You four just lost against me less than an hour ago,” Blue Leader said.
    “You had guards!” Patryck said.
    “And you can make it five!” Tord grinned, carrying in the gunblade, “Now you can either get out of here and deal with the problem in your base, or I can figure out how to use this thing.”
    “My guards here are expendable,” she said, “I don’t care about them. I don’t care about this base. I don’t even care about Bosnia. I’d rather see you go down.”
    “I guess it’s time for an epic gunblade fight!” Tord grinned, “Cindy! Play my boss fight theme for me!” On cue, a sick beat and thumping rhythm took over the speakers as the weapon charged up a blast.

         Paul, Patryck, Yuu and Yanov watched as the robotic body for Blue Leader exploded into smithereens from one blast of the gunblade.
    “Really?” Tord said, half disappointed and half intrigued, “I was hoping for more of a fight. But I really do appreciate decent firepower.” Patryck took off, shooting the plane into the sky. Once they were safe, he punched the coordinates for the Red Army base and sighed, flopping into one of the seats and promptly sliding out of it.
    “So what’s in the box anyway?” Yanov asked curiously.
    “Oh, you know…” Tord said. Unfortunately, Cindy turned his epic boss theme up too loud, effectively covering up his explanation of what was in the box. Everyone was more or less annoyed about that, but they gave in, exhausted from everything that just happened.
    “I’m glad all of that is over,” Patryck groaned.
    “Me too,” Yuu agreed.

         When the five returned to the base, they made a group effort to carry the precious cargo to Tord’s quarters. Tord pried the lid off and they all peered inside. A grin spread across Tord’s face.
    “At last!” he said reaching in, “It’s finally here!”
    “That’s what we went through all of that for?” Paul grumbled.
    “I think it was worth it!” Yanov grinned, “It’s amazing!”
    “Definitely,” Yuu replied. Patryck just laid on the floor, asleep at this point.
    “Let’s go try it out!” Tord said.
    “Let’s not,” Paul replied, “It’s been a long day.”
    “Whatever, Paul!” Yanov said, opening the door, “I’m off to the training area with Tord!”
    “Me too!” Yuu agreed.

  4. Maindric
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    Godot 3.2 is an exciting new launch with many new features.  I did encounter a little issue with my current project when switching to Godot 3.2 that my solution may help people out.

    I wrote a finite state machine for use with my game.  In this state machine, a state calls on the player controller.  For some reason, the state machine is loaded before the onready commands are called in the player controller, causing any onready vars to not be prepared.  To fix this, and to add a little bit of lazy programming into the player controller, I implemented the following code:

    onready var kinematic_controller : KinematicBody2D = get_node("Character_Controller")
    var kinematic_controller : KinematicBody2D = null
    func get_kinematic_controller() -> KinematicBody2D:
    	if kinematic_controller == null:
    		kinematic_controller = get_node("Character_Controller")
    	return kinematic_controller

    This way, if for any reason the onready call to set a controller is not called, we can call it in the get function.  I got my game from a non-running state to running perfectly again.

  5. Yeah, you likely already know that Steam is laying a massive turd on me in the form of starting with a feature I never use because it doesn't work on my hardware and it is not interesting enough for me to even want to bother with. Here's the thing. As of this blog, the night before, Steam was running just fine. I rarely muck about with settings, though I do intend to change a few things if I ever migrate from Yahoo (yeah I hate that email client but getting set up on another is tedious as well as too many hoops to jump through).

    I never bother with Big Picture, though I did notice that Steam can be told to start in Big Picture mode. I always leave this off, but I do wonder if a Steam update forced this option on, and if there's a way to reverse that outside the client. If not, I am screwed. I have a lot of time and resources invested, and getting refunds for that just because I only get $440 a month via disability and have 2008 hardware that runs like garbage (it is garbage and I got ripped off but had no clue back then), is not going to happen.

    So, I'm asking for help, that I'm very unlikely to receive. You already know that I cannot accept digital payments, and are unwilling to aid me otherwise, so I'll take tips on fixing this stupid problem with Steam.




    "WhY dOn'T yOu JuSt GeT a JoB?"
    About the only job I could get is selling myself on the streets, as bad as it is for those like me with no job experience and no college degree...gee, thanks US government...

    Even if I could get a job, I'd likely find myself working some manual labor crap that would not pay me but bare bones, and cause me duress, stress, and strain that would completely annihilate my sanity, what's left of it, as well as my mental stability, which is a balancing act as is. I'd last a few weeks at such a job. Now, is that fair? No, not to me, not to the employer either. One can not just 'get a job'; the work has to fit the person, not the other way around. Segue to...


    My passions. I am a creative writer, a gamer, a game dev, among other things that don't equate to workable skills. Problem: there's no job market for me in this because my skills in game dev are mainly in using a damn engine and requiring help from others in my weak points, and creative writing is something I can't do consistently.

    Anyway, this is why I'm so angry. Above all, this impacts my passions massively. I do have the archived version of VX Ace, but that's just it. I don't want to rely on that solely. I can't, actually, since Degica is an asshole about archived RM engines, even if I have a legitimate version. Damn you, VALVE!!!!

    Well, if this is how this is going to pan out, this will likely be the end. There's a bridge not far from here...


    Edit, Addendum + Update:
    @Kayzee, dearest love, helped with using a single command line addition that I never would of thought of otherwise.
    I also put that up on the Help forums on Steam.
    Now Steam runs just fine, but the thing is... in my settings, Big Picture on startup is unticked. So, it makes one wonder if somehow, someway, there's some hidden away setting or flag that allowed Big Picture to start when starting Steam. Not that I have to worry about it now since I intend to not allow Steam to run it (I'll use that shortcut instead-no problem).

    Of course, all this, it still adds up to unfair and unearned stress that wasted my time and everyone else's too. For that, I apologize on Valve's behalf since they won't.

    They likely wouldn't care...grrrr...


  6. People disappear all the time. People reappear all the time. But disappearing and reappearing without much fanfare, the situations and circumstances often being all hush-hush, and with new, deadly looking wounds and scars, often after your supposed death, is something rarely heard of. In fact, outside of Revenant, Oregon, where I now live, I had never come across anything like it.


    I first noticed it when I moved here, and a man by the name of Jacob disappeared. No investigation was made. The higher ups at the company he worked for paid off the local law enforcement. The second weird thing was how a few days later, people saw him walking the streets at night. He supposedly showed up in a blurry security camera image outside of a morgue. Some people claimed they could made out a Y-incision on his bare chest and stomach, clearly from an autopsy, or a dissection, or a vivisection, or something to that effect. As soon as any of this was brought up though, it was drowned out by other things, and it seemed all too purposeful. It seemed too much like it was being covered up.


    This pattern kept popping up. People would go missing, or have all the evidence lead to their death, only for them to reappear at night, in graveyards, in morgues, in hospitals, on grainy CCTV footage, in blurry pictures. But all evidence that they reappeared would disappear.


    In one case I remember, one girl’s entire existence was completely erased. Most of the people have forgotten about her, and her family refuses to acknowledge she ever existed. Her name was Marina Northwood. I can’t even search for her on the internet, and she was a moderately known social media influencer. Every trace of her has been wiped clean, except for what people remember of her, and one blurry picture of her standing in a graveyard.


    Marina’s girlfriend, Eleanor, reportedly killed herself a year after her girlfriend’s disappearance. Police found the knife, and the blood and fingerprints were her own, but they never found a body. A few days later, somebody saw her in an alley between some houses, late one night. That person has since withdrawn the statement, but I refuse to believe that they lied. This wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly wasn’t the last.


    The next one I remember is a guy I want to say was named Tyrone, but I can’t remember exactly. His best friends confessed to getting into a drunken fight with him, and murdering him. The body was never found. The friends swore they never hid the body. In fact, one of them claimed that his dead friend got up, and attempted to smash his head open on a desk. He certainly had the injuries to prove it, but he later withdrew the statement.


    I normally wouldn’t go anywhere with this story, I would just keep it to myself, but I turned the news on tonight, and lo and behold, another disappearance. A young woman, Monica Brian, age 21. Her blood, hair, fingernails, a tooth, and some ripped up fabric were found near a dumpster in an alley. Her body was nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen or heard from her in three days.


    Has anyone else witnessed anything like this? Have you come into contact with anyone who has disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? Have you disappeared like this, only to reappear much later? If you know anything about this, please let me know. I have to know. I have to know what is going on here.

  7. That One NPC
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    The Andoran Concordat



    During the climax of the Great War, several Time Mages interfered in order to bring the conflict to a close. The death of Icen had drawn a line in the sand. It had gone too far. The world leaders from every nation involved in the war were abruptly teleported to High Rock Plateau in the country of Andora. It was here that the Andoran Concordat was forged. Over a period of three days, the Time Mages endured tireless debates as they convinced the leaders of each nation that this war could not, and would not be allowed to continue. In the end, it took threat of further force to subdue the bloodlust of the Odinkin Empire. Each nation signed the concordat, agreeing to an new era of peace. Borders were negotiated, and the conflict smoldered out over the following decades.







    In the era following the Andoran Concordat, the Odinkin Empire once again fell back into internal conflict. Over the next two mortal eras, their Empire evolved and shifted like the sands their new Empire sits upon today.


    According to legend, the Zenobian Desert was once a sea of lush, windswept green plains and dense, fertile forests. But somehow, somewhere along the line, it became an arid, destitute ocean of unforgiving dunes. Despite these harsh conditions, the ancient city of Zenobia has managed to not only flourish, but excel. Zenobia is a massive, technologically advanced, desert metropolis. An empire seeking to conquer and erase the old world. Using their far superior technology, they sweep the vast continent committing genocide, and establish new Zenobian cities atop the ruins and corpses. They have been crushing their fellow Odinkin nations, one after another, solidifying a new, glorious Empire of Odinspawn.


    The desert city is divided in two. The core of the city is awe inspiring. Buildings that tower into the sky. Wealth and luxury for every man and woman. Highly advanced technology ingrained into daily life. Outside the core, beyond the walls and defenses, the people of the slums suffer in poverty and oppression, living in crudely built structures under terrible conditions. They do not hold official citizenship, and are afforded none of the basic services such as fire prevention, law enforcement, or adequate medical care.


    Zenobia is ruled by the Ducrinus royal family. They have governed over Zenobian lands for centuries, and have become synonymous with Zenobian culture and politics. Hector Ducrinus is the aging, stricken Emperor. Disease has confined him to his bed chambers, and he clings to life support as his oldest son, Lucius, keeps the Empire running. Sarovoc, the youngest, is the President of Zenobia Prime, a technological and energy powerhouse that controls and supplies all of Zenobia's energy.




    Sarovoc Ducrinus

    (I've already been informed that it rings similarly to Sephiroth. It was not the intention, and I hadn't realized until I was informed. It's a name I've been using for characters in games for some time. My go-to warrior or mage build name. Zenobia is inspired by Midgar. I've never denied that. Final Fantasy VII is a big part of what this story pays homage to, but it retains an identity of its own.)


    Sarovoc is a cold, calculated and cruel man. A product of Hector's signature brand of upbringing, and the brutal training of Hogo Marks, Hector's specialist instructor. He loathes both his father, and brother for their cruelty toward him. He desires the throne more than anything, and there is nothing he will not do to sit upon it as rightful Emperor of Zenobia. His first move is to remove his father from the board, unplugging his life support. He attempts to frame his brother, and leaks information surrounding the incident to the Zenobian press. This creates enough of a disturbance to allow Sarovoc to assassinate Lucius, blaming a rogue sycophant looking to avenge Hector.


    Sarovoc becomes the Emperor Zenobia.

  8. That One NPC
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    So most of you know I am a Loose Leaf junkie. If you don't know what Loose Leafs are, it's a lesser known and used type of tall sprite. For years there was an online generator to customize your own LLs, but the site is no longer working. Fortunately, some brave soul extracted the resources into png files for the entire community. I have my own copy of the pngs, and I've been editing away like a good little addict, expanding the power of the Loose Leaf generator.


    I'm back with a fresh round of edits to share. The Odyssey continues.


    Head feathers.



    Harness 1



    Harness 2



    Tank Top



    Suit Jacket



    Chain mail Top



    Chain mail Bottom













    Small Male (Remember to adjust items after adding the layers. It's surprisingly easy to make them, just takes a bit more work)



    Small Female (Remember to adjust items after adding the layers. It's surprisingly easy to make them, just takes a bit more work)



    (The small sprites have been shortened by 4 pixels each. 2 pixels have been removed from the torso, and 2 from the legs.)



    I also have some grids I use just to make sure everything is tight and right frame-wise first time.


    Grid Single



    Grid Full




    Enjoy! And whatever you do, don't credit me. This isn't my work, I just do edits.


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    Verdiløs Games
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    Everyone knows that different colours mean different things. Even if you know of something as simple as Pokemon, you have certain colours associated with certain things. In magic, this holds true and is actually very important. Today, I would like to explain the colours and associations in regards to magic.


    Colours are used in various ceremonies, holidays, altars, spells, and more. Some choose to wear certain colours to help whatever they are working on, or to help them feel a certain way, or accomplish a certain goal. They have always had certain connotations and, without realizing it, many subconsciously go along with it without realizing why. Putting on red lipstick to up one's sex appeal, for instance, or painting a room yellow (or filling it with yellow decor) to feel happier.


    The truth is, everything has energy. Colours have energies that people have picked up on and have thus grown to associate them with. Many people even pick a favourite colour based solely or partially on how that colour makes them feel, and not simply on how it looks!




    RED: Red is a high-energy colour. It's frequently associated with strong emotions (love, lust, anger, eating too much hot sauce, etc.). In magic, it's frequently used in regards to much the same types of things. Love, conflict, anger, etc. However, if you're having a problem with too much hot sauce, eat a banana, drink some milk, and tone down how much you use next time.
         Planet: Mars
         Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio
         Chakra: Root
         Element: Fire


    ORANGE: Orange is primarily used for creativity, courage, justice, joy, opportunity, and even legal matters.
         Planet: Sun
         Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius
         Chakra: Sacral
         Element: Fire


    YELLOW: Doesn't this colour just make you happy inside? Yellow is used for happiness, optimism, intellect and energy - particularly a more masculine energy. Also, if you need help with physical travel, this is your colour.
         Planet: Mercury
         Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
         Chakra: Solar-Plexus
         Element: Air


    GREEN: Wealth, abundance, prosperity, growth, fertility, and energy - particularly a more feminine energy.
         Planet: Venus, Mercury
         Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer
         Chakra: Heart
         Element: Earth


    BLUE: Communication, intuition, the subconscious, emotions, winning court cases and intellect.
         Planet: Jupiter, Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Uranus
         Zodiac: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
         Chakra: Throat
         Element: Water


    PINK: Romantic love, self care, emotional healing, friendship, and self love. It's similar to red, but a lot calmer.
         Planet: Venus
         Zodiac: Libra
         Chakra: N/A
         Element: N/A


    PURPLE: Spirituality, psychic abilities, hidden knowledge, and wisdom.
         Planet: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter
         Zodiac: Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn
         Chakra: Crown
         Element: N/A


    BLACK: Protection, combating negativity, banishing negativity, and binding. It has an association with death and endings, but it is not an evil colour in the least. In fact, there is no such thing as an evil colour.
         Planet: Saturn
         Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio
         Chakra: N/A
         Element: N/A


    WHITE: Purity and peace. Here's the thing though - this can be used as a placeholder or any other colour!
         Planet: Moon
         Zodiac: Pisces
         Chakra: Crown
         Element: N/A


    SILVER: Dreams, intuition, lunar energy, and femininity.
         Planet: Moon
         Zodiac: N/A
         Chakra: N/A
         Element: N/A


    GOLD: Power, ego, courage, success, popularity, fame, solar energy, and masculinity.
         Planet: Sun
         Zodiac: N/A
         Chakra: N/A
         Element: N/A

  9. As I said in a status update, today I added a second actor who was intended for puzzles and special dungeons. I wanted to talk a bit more about my ideas behind them and how they will work, but didn't want to ramble on my status for 50 pages like I often end up doing so... Hey, I haven't made a blog post thing in a while, here is a good excuse to!


    I have said before, but Dwimmerdelve is based a lot on the Mystery Dungeon series of Japanese roguelikes or other games in the same style. While I do plan to do my own little twists on the formula, I want to implement as many features from the series as I can. I think at this point most of the basic stuff has already been done, but I still have a ways to go. Anyway, a common feature of the series is to have a little puzzle/tutorial mode with hand designed puzzle maps, and special dungeons that the player basically need to complete from a fresh character (if the whole game isn't that way already). Both require the ability to "reset" the character. Now originally I had the game do this anyway after every death anyway except for any items the player kept in storage, which is the way Shiren the Wanderer handles things. But I decided that although all your carried items should still be lost and all the player's progress toward your next level, it was better to allow the player to keep their current level and skills and make level 1 challenge modes/dungeons for those who want a more classic hardcore experience.


    So I needed to think about how best to let the player keep their progress mostly safe even if their character is reset. I found it the easiest (for now anyway) to just have a second actor who more or less is an identical copy of the first who's status can be discarded and reset at the start of a run. I did come up with a kind of neat idea for how that would work in lore actually. I decided to make puzzles and such take place in a special dream world under my control, hence why the player can't bring anything and the player's character reverts to their 'natural' state. It's not really their body, but a 'dream pawn'. As a bonus it also gave me a more direct way to play with the player! After all, I abducted them to play, but I mostly ended up standing around in my house in game not doing much. Not anymore! Now I can play in their dreams! Even added a little cutscene that shows me casting a sleepy spell on them, and they wake up in bed after.


    That also gave me idea of calling the special level 1 dungeons "Nightmare Dungeons". I haven't made any yet, though I have a bunch of old bonus dungeon maps I made ages ago before I really started working on my game properly that might make some good ones. One of them was eventually changed into a normal dungeon, but some of them are a bit too weird to really fit in anywhere. Such as one being a sort of half lava cave half swamp and another being a sort of bathhouse with elevated walkways. Not sure if I should go with my original idea for them though. The way I designed them originally was they were all parts of one big dungeon, and one of the dungeon maps was a kind of 'hub' map with like 5 different exit teleporter places of different colors, each which would take you to a different map next floor, which would have an exit back to the hub. Each map had a completely different look and feel, but one thing they all shared was wrapping borders which could be disorienting unless you were looking at the minimap (wonder if I could make the minimap kinda scroll centered around the player and wrap around too, but eh, maybe later).


    Anyway, still have lots to do before i quite have everything working the way I want it too, but the basic idea seems to work pretty well!

  10. 20190527100538_1.thumb.jpg.41c9ce9b59d9dceba3e3181485f63aa6.jpg


    Yeah yeah, I know, I'm only slightly a little bit late to the party with this one. But in the wake of the imminent coming of Borderlands 3, I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and finish up this series once and for all. As you guys may or may not know, Borderlands 2 was my favorite "looter shooter" game with lots of ingenuity, care, and cleverly disguised memes that makes the experience worth it. But does the Pre-Sequel live up to one of the most iconic games of this generation? Let's take a look and find out below.




    Contrary to popular belief, I actually enjoyed the story much more than Borderlands 2. As this is NOT going to be a spoiler-free playthrough, it is highly advised that you go ahead and skip this section. HERE IT IS IN BIG BRIGHT BOLD LETTERS TO GIVE YOU YOUR WARNING OTHERWISE DON'T BLAME ME FOR WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.


    The story follows...soon to be "Handsome" Jack before he became the head of the Hyperion corporation. But it is told through a sort of flashback sequence through the narrative of Athena's eyes, one of the characters that you get to play in the game. Contrary to Borderlands 2, in the Pre-Sequel, you can play as one of three of Jack's different henchman. The fourth is a sodding CL4P-TP unit, who actually comes with his own perk. More of that is explained later on in the gameplay section of the game. The story starts with Jack and the 4 characters aboard the Space Station "Helios", which is the large artifact that orbits around Pandora's surface. The story gets right into it, straight away, with a faction called The Lost Legion attacking the Space Station and trying to overthrow Hyperion in a coup fashion. The mastermind behind all this is Colonel Zarpedon (yes, that is her actual fucking name), who orchestrated the coup. Jack is forced to stay behind on Helios ultimately while the four henchman, Nisha, Wilhelm, Athena, and.....dipshit....are sealed into an escape pod aboard the Helios, and are sent crashing down into Pandora's moon, named Elpis.


    Since Zarpedon now has control of the Helios, the Eye in the Sky, she now uses the power of Helios to torment and terrify the people of Elpis and Pandora alike, sending multiple laser beams from the Eye of Helios to destroy multiple settlements on both planets under the guise of doing something good for the better of everyone else. One death to save millions of others. This actually becomes a plot point later on in the story.


    Eventually, Jack comes up with the malicious plan of creating an entire robot army to overthrow Zarpedon and take back the Helios Space Station. You befriend a robot AI named Felicity, which you later sacrifice to create the Constructor Bot AI. And even though she is glitched (in more ways than one) to hell and back, seeing Felicity be sacrificed really set something straight in my mind: Jack would really stop at nothing to make sure he has complete and dominant control over Elpis and Pandora alike. This is when you start to see the signs, and this is what really pulled me into liking the story, as it specifically tells as to how Handsome Jack, the, in my opinion most well crafted villain that I've met in a first person game, became the way he is.


    Jack, after taking down Colonel Zarpedon, leads you down to the Eye of Helios aboard the Space Station, where it is said that he used the Eye of the previous Vault Guardian (the one you fight in Borderlands 1) to power the entirety of the beam array, which is what was giving it all that power and destruction. He then hints that he is going to find another Vault, and enlists the aid of two additional vault hunters who we are very familiar with: Roland and Lilith. Under the service of Mad Moxxi, Roland, Lilith, and Moxxi all betray Jack by siphoning the power of the Eye of Helios, and destroy it outright.


    This is when Jack snaps.


    He then gets the idea to open a grand Eridian Vault, that was mined up on the surface of Elpis (which is the coolest dungeon in the game). Eventually, you fight through massive hordes of Eridian defenders, much like in the first game, to go and defeat the Sentinel that occupies the Eridian vault.




    Now under the pretense that he wants to wipe out the Vault Hunters once and for all, he uses the power of the Eridian Sentinel to dig deep into Pandora's surface, and unlock a much more menacing beast: The Warrior. Who just so happens to be the final boss of Borderlands 2. After his debut, however, Lilith comes through the Eridian portal (shown above) and brands Jack with the Vault symbol, by giving him a good ol' fashioned bitchslap. This demoralizes him and forces Jack to play his final card. At this point in the story, Jack has gone completely insane, going down a path of destruction and torment.


    The best part of the story is Jack himself. Which I know is an odd thing to say, but it really is the best part of this entire game, as it ties up a lot of things about Borderlands 2 and what made him so menacing. Now it all starts to make sense. Because when I first loaded up Borderlands 2 after playing Borderlands 1 I was like "Who is this fuck"? And now it makes sense.


    However, there were some inconsistencies in the story primarily, and I'm just going to throw them out here for people to ponder over. Where the fuck is Angel? It was mentioned that Jack had a daughter, but between the events of Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2, we are given no indication that Angel was Jack's daughter right until the end of Borderlands 2. I know I'm spoiling Borderlands 2 here but it kind of ties in with the big complaint that I have with this game's story: There is no mention of Angel anywhere. And given the fact that he was so desperate on unlocking the power of The Warrior in Borderlands 2, and used Angel to power the Eridian Key to unlock the Vault, I honestly felt like Angel's inclusion in this story was a missed opportunity. It would have showed the audience just how maniacal and depraved Handsome Jack became to be, and it would have hit home to see him go down that path.




    After the final scene, Athena leaves the madman behind, claiming that he wasn't the hero he once was. Rightfully so, considering the above caption. This is when Jack returns to the Space Station Helios, and takes his claim as the leader of the Hyperion corporation, with Jack becoming "the new face of Hyperion". Which sets in motion the events that happen in Borderlands 2.


    It all ties in together really well, even though there were some missed opportunities to show off Jack's conniving attitude, maliciousness, and just in general douchebaggery. 


    Overall: 7.5/10.




    Alright. So, we all know that Borderlands 2 paved the way to becoming a vast, rich-quality looter shooter with horde-style combat and makes the experience much more fantastic. The Pre-Sequel does not live this down, and in fact, introduces a whole new array of weapon combination and strategies.


    In the Pre-Sequel, the all too familiar Slag element is replaced with Cryo, which is a welcome edition as Slag weapons upset the balance of Borderlands 2 in my opinion. It was impossible to play through True Vault Hunter mode without the use of a Slag weapon. Here, since Slag was taken out of the game and replaced with an entirely new element all together, it made the game balance that much more fun to play. Plus, you didn't have to center your build around using Slag weaponry or making the most use out of your Slag weapons by speccing straight into Weapon Swap Speed. Yes, looking at you Axton. 


    Weapons are still fun and amazing, and there are lots and lots of different weapons for you to play around with and customize. In fact, there are multiple different styles of weapons that you can choose from, with each manufacturer of weapons having a different perk. For those that don't know, there is Jakobs, Vladof, Maliwan, Tediore, Hyperion, Dahl, and Torgue. Jakobs weapons are old fashioned: high recoil but insane damage, and are actually one of my greatest guilty pleasures as a Nisha player. Vladof weapons are ALL rapid fire, full auto bullet hoses. Maliwan makes only purely elemental weaponry. Tediore weapons are the most annoying and honestly the worst archetype of weapons in my opinion. When you run out of ammo in a Tediore weapon, you throw the weapon like a grenade shortly thereafter, which causes damage to the enemy. This gimmick is honestly horrible and deals very little damage for what you actually put into the weapon. Of course, because of this, they have the highest reload speeds, but the weapons themselves still suck and don't do nearly enough damage to be worth using. Hyperion weapons come with stabilizers built in, meaning that the more you fire, the more accurate they become. Aside from Sniper Rifles, which suck, the stabilizers actually make Hyperion the most damaging and most pristine weapon choice for people who like spraying, but not praying. Hyperion SMGs and Shotguns are honestly overpowered just because of the sheer accuracy they can accrue. Dahl weapons have burst fire when zoomed in, which keeps recoil low but damage output high. Unfortunately, the problem with Dahl weapons, like Tediore weapons, is that their base damage is subpar, and you won't know the contents of how many bullets you'll be firing until you zoom in and fire. Ever had a Sniper Rifle shoot 7 bullets at once in burst fire? It's kind of stupid, and not in a good way. Finally, Torgue weapons are the second most awful weapons. They only make Explosive weaponry, but the problem with Torgue weapons is simply they aren't hitscan, like most of the weapons in the game. They fire slowly, are clunky to handle, and are just downright awful. But they have some of the greatest weapon names in existence.




    Aside from gunplay, there are four different characters that you can play as: Athena, Wilhelm, Nisha, and CL4P-TP. Athena is built around using her melee weapon, which isn't very fun in a game filled with guns. Wilhelm has a drone that can either protect and heal you, or dish out damage to enemies. Nisha is a Lawbringer, a caricature of old sheriffs back in the day, and she was honestly the most fun to play as. Her ultimate ability is basically Soldier 76's aimbot, which makes her that much more stupid. Finally, CL4P-TP has some random abilities tied into his ultimate, but his perk is that he does not need an oxygen mask when traveling on the surface of the moon.


    Which, while I'm here talking about it, is a good point to bring up. Since you are on the surface of the moon in this game, you need an oxygen mask if you want to survive for any length of time. A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, were turned off by this fact, calling O2 management "a chore, unfun and incredibly stupid". Honestly, it's not all that bad, as O2 is plentiful EVERYWHERE. There were some sections where you get into a large fight and you didn't have enough time to run to an oxygen vent, which made me annoyed only slightly, but I never outright died as a result from not being able to breathe.


    There's a new archetype of weapon that wasn't available in Borderlands 2, and that's lasergun/railguns. These were a welcome addition to the game and I like them a lot, but I feel there were too many of them that littered the loot pool in lieu of other weapons. In the example above, there are 3 different lasergun/railgun weapons, 3 different rocket launchers (which I never use because they're awful), 1 shotgun, and 1 peeeeestol. It was pretty much like that with all of the other weapon vending machines in the game. It becomes excruciatingly annoying during the ending of the game where you are fighting the Lost Legion, and ALL they drop is laserguns/railguns. And they're white trash weapons. 




    The difficulty was...a little bit ramped up this time around. On Borderlands 2 it was a little bit more tame, but this time, the difficulty was a little bit more unforgiving in some sections, and there were just moments of pure bullshit and fuckery that made me lose interest in the game for a little bit at a time. But the game was better balanced as a result. Remember when I talked about Slag weapons before and how it made the game near impossible to play without one? Now that that was taken out of the game, it made enemies much easier to kill and you didn't spend 30 minutes trying to fight a single trash mob. It's much more balanced in the player's favor this time around.


    The single greatest change from Borderlands 2, however? There are more weapon machines around and they are plenty more accessible. ALSO THE LEVEL OF THE WEAPONS SCALES WITH YOU. So for example, if you were Level 25, the weapon vending machines will sell you Level 24-25 weapons where if you were earlier in the game at Level 11, the vending machine will sell Level 10-11 weapons. This is a great addition and I hope it is added to Borderlands 3. The single thing that pissed me off the most about Borderlands 2 was that weapons didn't scale with you, and I'm glad that was remedied.


    All in all, it's still the same Borderlands experience with a few new gimmicks.


    Overall: 8.5/10.




    Mostly the same as it was from Borderlands 2. The atmosphere of the moon's surface was amazing, even though my ears started hurting at the sounds of all my enemies dying as I mowed them down with Showdown. The soundtrack was barely there, which is sad. I would have loved to hear more of the game's soundtrack other than just the final Eridian palace. The controls were fine, used KB+M to play the game. Everything felt as perfect as it should have been. Graphics are amazing and they recently added a new package that upscales everything to 4k. So if you are a graphics geek, unlike myself, then that would definitely be something that would interest you.


    This was kind of a short section as the game's quality is honestly an 8, but Randy Bitchford's quality is a 1. So it balances out.


    Overall: 8/10.




    Just like in Borderlands 2, there is True Vault Hunter mode. This is essentially an even more ramped up version of the game with stronger enemies but better loot. This gives you an extra incentive to play through the game again just to see all the ridiculous loot you can get your grubby little hands on. You can also make a new character at any time and play through the game using that character, so if you are getting bored of playing as Nisha, you can swap to an Athena build, Wilhelm build, or CL4P-TP build. Nothing has really changed in regards to the replayability factor from Borderlands 2: No one playthrough is ever going to be the same. And if it is, you've got some serious black magic tricks I want to get my hands on.


    Overall: 7.5/10.


    Now, it's time for the final wrap-up. In this section, I'll detail if this game is truly one for you, and if you should decide to play it or not.


    Would I recommend this game?:


    I think there's no question here that the Pre-Sequel lives just as much to the expectations as Borderlands 2 did. It's still as good of a game as Borderlands 2 was, but made everything a bit more accessible and perfect. For the asking price of $40, I would say its well worth it.


    Overall: 7.8/10. Great!

  11. It's been a while typing here. I thought to write something different and write up thoughts about various things. To start the series, I thought to write my experience on the Solid State Hybrid Drives almost a month after I purchased it.


    A quick summary of what they are: SSHDs are hard drives that come with a small SSD working as a cache. The cache's job is to store anything that is frequently loaded. The firmware takes the task to duplicate the files that are frequently used to the cache (with some Operating Systems (such as Windows 8.1 (and newer) and Linux distros that have a package like bcache installed) can give hints to the firmware of what to cache). For most tasks, it's just a hard drive.


    I bought the 2TB Seagate Firecuda at the start of September. The things I did was to install a clean copy of Windows 10 and all of my tools (which are GIMP, Visual Studio 2017, WiX Toolset, RPG Maker MV, Game Character Hub, Nimble Writer, and LibreOffice) and a few games to play when I'm bored. I haven't tested a lot of games since the stock hard drive was puny in size (500GB) but I have enough to see how it goes. Installation on my laptop was pretty easy: unscrew a few bolts and use a plastic prying tool. All I needed was to take out the SATA connector and the hard drive and swap the drive. Bon Appetit! Weirdly, the installation went pretty quick (I used a burned DVD disc to install Windows since I didn't have a USB drive ready) and most of my tools were installed by the time I went to bed (I finished setting up the laptop within two days, believe it or not. I think I became an expert in installing OSes. xD). 


    After a few restarts (since the firmware was caching system files on each boot), Windows is pretty quick to respond (mainly since it learned what it loaded). Boot times were quick, there was almost no delay and the system didn't lock up. It's almost like having an SSD installed. Of course, other tasks such as File History making backups takes as much time as a standard hard drive does, but compared to the stock one (which was an older generation Seagate Laptop Slim HDD) it was faster. Microsoft Edge (I use it since it syncs up with my Windows Phone) works better than on the older hard drive as well. In fact, most of the basic tasks are done faster. The only annoyance is that the Disk Defrag takes a long time. I have a habit to have the laptop defrag every time I leave it for a long time.


    Over to software and game development. Most of my tools didn't see much of performance improvements. Except for Visual Studio. That saw quite the improvement. It loaded within a minute (rather than five minutes) and the lockups have been reduced. It still locks up at times (Resharper says hello) but for the most part it a lot more usable. Build times have improved as well. Normally, building the Northbridge Platform and pack the game into an MSI file (with a GUI on the package) it would take about 3-5 minutes. On the SSHD, it almost halves the time. That is mostly thanks to the hard drive's design (the model I have is one of the first to use a new manufacturing process and it has two disk platters) but part of the build tool's files have been cached as well.


    In games (not just RPG Maker), things are a bit confusing. I don't play games as often as I used to since I am focusing on developing my game (and other projects) alongside studying for Computer Science at a university. But I have caught some interesting cases:


    - Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1 (the GOG version to be exact) started up almost instantly (as in, as soon as I clicked on Play on the Galaxy client). After that, it took the same time to load levels (compared to the old HDD). I never noticed the "Now Loading" message on the old one, I didn't see that either. My laptop ain't exactly a potato, but it ain't a powerhouse either. I even started the game multiple times and it still didn't improve the load times. I guess being a PlayStation Vita game before being ported to the PC may have a relation as to how the assets are loaded. *shrugs*


    - Burnout Paradise saw the same effect with Neptunia. It did make the music flow a bit better. It could be due to Remastered employing Denuvo Anti-Tamper. Metal Gear Rising saw fewer improvements. Ditto for Phantom Dust, but the version of the game I played was a UWP port of an Xbox game so old games have pretty quick load times on new systems.


    So, my thoughts are pretty positive so far. It won't be a replacement for an SSD, but if you don't have space or connectors for an extra drive, SSHD is pretty good. The hard drive portion is good as well and the firmware working with the OS is pretty helpful. Granted, I didn't do sophisticated benchmarks to give an objective review, but I knew what I was getting performance wise. The only weird quirk I noticed was that the hard drive can get warm at times. I don't know exactly why. Possibly due to the laptop's subpar cooling. I think I'll do this again after six months of use, see how it stacks up.


    That is all for now. See you in the next post.

  12. Death


    I haven’t heard from Dian in a long time since I gave him that book, I’m getting worried. I went to the cabin to check on the painters, as I was approaching it, three large men were leaving it, Sares personnel. After they left, I entered the cabin, and the once colorful room, was now gray… and red. I could never imagine that, the painters were laying on the ground covered in blood, one of the bodies was pointing at a picture, I picked it up and behind it was a note, the note read:


    “Dian is still alive, he is at Ulfigs, hidden”


        I was relieved that Dian was still alive, and after reading the note, I went home, but before i could leave the cabin, I heard something inside, in a small compartiment was a kid, he was probably twelve years old, he didn’t say a word, he just wrote a note and handed it to me:


    “Dian is my brother, and I am a new painter”


    I asked him his name and he did not reply. I told him to follow me, and then went home. When we arrived home, there was something written on the wall:


    “UF, LO, FU, IR, GT, SH”



    The little boy looked at those letters for a moment and wrote something in a piece of paper, handed it to me and walked away, and signed me to follow him.

  13. Once again a slightly more philosophical article devoid of maths. Seeing as I am starting my masters thesis in a week, now is the time for this.


    What purpose does healing serve in a traditional RPG?


    Summarised to it's bare core, it is an attrition mechanic. The one stick by which all others are measured. Enemies deal damage, we deal spend MP to negate this damage, when this MP runs out, we die  or retreat out of the dungeon. The same counts for boss battles. The boss damages us, and if everything is going well, we spend 1 or 2 characters' MP and negate the boss' damage, thereby perpetuating a steady state where damage from the boss equals our healing output, and putting upon us on a deadline : defeat this boss before the healing MP runs out. 


    Even in MMO's, the only measure for  "Will we defeat this boss" is : does the healer outpace or match the boss' damage output. Execution is a big part of it in these games ( Being a healer in WoW is not easy), but it is a case of execution , not of choice.


    But then , what is introduced ? Healing items, a way to trade gold for health. The same games that are stingy on MP items are also the ones to shower you in healing items. But MP healing ? No, that is insanely expensive or non-purchasable. 


    I despise this linearity. The solution I pose is a heavy usage of debuffs/status effects. Do I heal the poison or the HP damage done by the poison ? Is healing HP or dispelling the Defence debuff better ? Those are choices. Especially if there are follow-up attacks or combos ( Feeding frenzy deals extra damage to bleeding targets, Haste accelerates poison damage ...).


    This does require that status effects are an equal and immediate danger as HP damage. In many RPGs this is not the case.


    Poison that deals 10 % HP damage ? Boring. Now 25 % , that gets peoples attention. I really liked Persona 5 over this. Harsh statuses you could not ignore, but also where not a death sentence. Sure, Despair decimated your MP and killed you in 3 turns, but you could react to it.Bonus point for having them also open you up to bonus damage from nuclear or psychic damage if inflicted with a mental or physical or mental ailment. It generates play beyond "spam highest damage/cheapest spell " every turn. I really believe the 300 % damage boosts to this damage shouldn't have been locked to the ultra hard mode, but that's how it is.


    First a look from the players' point of view. If I can cast fire and deal 50 damage, or poison that deals 10 hp/round, why even give me the choice of casting poison, especially if the poison only has an X % chance of hitting, and the fire is nearly a guarantee. Blindness ? Useless. SIlence ? Please.


    The solution I pose: have all status debuffs also deal damage, while also having enemies deal a truckload of damage. If I have to choose between "Fire" that deals 50 damage, and poison that deals 30 HP and has a 75 ~100% chance of inflicting poison that will deal 20 hp/turn, that is a choice. Next on the list : move healing from attrition to the tactical space in even random encounters. Having 100 HP and an enemy dealing 5 damage leaves healing in the boring attrition realm. Now having 100 HP and having the enemy deal 40~60 damage per hit, now that actually moves healing into the tactical space, something usually reserved for boss battles. Can I kill these enemies before I die ? Let's see.


    Now, boss battles. If I can just blind the boss, doesn't that take away most of the challenge ? Here I propose a different solution. Have a anti-boss version of each status effect. Blind on a trash mob gives 75 % miss chance, but on a boss, it gives 25 % miss chance. Still significant, but not an autowin. Preserve the utility of debuffers even during boss battles, they already get benched enough. Have the anti-boss version of silence give a 25 % failure chance to spells instead of a 100 % prevention of spellcasting. Shorten the duration from 3~5 to 1~2 rounds. Just make all skills inflict both, and have regular mobs be immune to the anti-boss version, and vice versa. Poison on bosses can be 2~5 % HP, confuse only works 20% of the time, and so on... 


    This also pertains to boss attack patterns. Have your boss throw something around besides pure damage. Maybe he throws a defense debuff and a medium damaging move ( Small point : bosses should have multiple turns as standard, because he is stuck fighting a team that gets 4-5 actions/turn) the round before he sweeps the board. That generates play. Do we heal , remove the debuff or just guard with the entire team ? Can I ignore silence on my mage or not ? But don't have the boss just throw these around randomly.  Have them be part of his attack pattern.


    That is the hard and fast rule: generate play, generate choices.


    My long and winding point up to now is simple to summarise :


    1. Make healing something more than Damage in vs healing out. Use status effects and debuffs. Even Bosses should throw antidotes sometimes.

    2. Make enemy moves require counters, but offer multiple options on how to counter. No single item or skill should be the sole solution.


    Check in next time for a numerical analysis.


  14. Hey everyone! In this blog post, I want to illustrate what's become my favourite thing to set up. Mild spoilers ahead.


    So, in the game, it starts out with three different levels where you control one of the three main characters - Matt, Tom and Edd. While I had a lot of fun setting up Matt's level, Tom's has quickly become my favourite, mechanics-wise. In Tom's level, you're in a factory of some kind, where you find Tord (who leaves pretty quickly) and all but one (human) member of the Red Army. Throughout the level, you find some information about what's being produced and learn a bit about the absent guy. Using what you find out about all of this, you can use a comm unit to get the three out of the building and shut down its production. You can even do multiple dialogue options to learn more information before you ultimately get them out of there. The catch? Well, there are two.


    One of them is paying attention. He may be whistling away and checking on machines, but if he sees you, he'll hunt you down. If you lose him, that's great and all, but he's patrolling around and making sure you can't hide much of anywhere for long. If you get caught and escape three times, he'll alert the other two, who will patrol around as well.


    If you don't have all the information, they'll catch on and begin patrolling - or worse, alert the guys not at the factory that one of the comm unit has been stolen. Cue everyone finding you like tracking missiles.


    Now, this isn't the only way to do this. You can lock them all in a room. You can singlehandedly take them out with a fire extinguisher. You can do both. It's up to you. There's one catch for all of them, though. This place is rigged to the brim with security cameras. Whatever method you do here cannot be used later in the game. These three will remember. Everyone else will study it. The robots will have protocols put in place so they don't fall for it.


    All in all, this has been one of my favourite things to make for this game. Let me know what you think!

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    A few years back, a friend (then more of acquaintance to me) saw my early comics and stories, and mentioned something about Webazines. I hadn’t heard of one, or had memory of the name/word so he kindly explained what he was talking about for me.

    I have created a channel on youtube, for the purpose of telling stories in a webazine format, with sounds, oration, art, and music. I have planned 34 episodes for this year, so I can take a rest to work on more works. Not every year will be as often or as many episodes.

    For 2018, my schedule makes it so every episode is released on every Monday. I am using my collection of Fairy Tales, which I created for a world building exercise of a planet which is within my universe/collection of manuscripts.

    The first 5 episodes are already on the channel. Story Time With Wookie. So far there are no hangups for creating the content, but I try to keep subscribers updated if I can’t meet my deadlines for the channel.

    The process is basically, edit the manuscript, no matter the draft its in (especially these works, as they are my earlier ones and I can’t say I was as skillful an author as I am now, just happens). Record the audio for the story (basically reading the manuscript). I have started doing each paragraph in takes which I had not been doing earlier. It has helped a lot with consistency and reducing mishaps in reading. Then I spend the rest of the day I record, drawing the story art, going as long as I am able til I need to sleep. The next day I compile it in Vegas Pro 14 which I received from a humble bundle and haven’t regretted the cost yet. Generally I have enough time to find a listener for feedback before I release it on the channel.

    The format has gone through changes. For instance, the first episode has no Title nor credits. It was just oration and pictures. Thanks to some kind viewers from around servers on discord and twitch, was given some suggestions for the content, which greatly helped in the end. Not all of the 34 stories were ever critiqued, I only showed maybe 11 of them to anyone for edits/critiques. So it’s a bit of a process for some of them, which I imagine will be fun either way.

    Some of them were however shared on places like FWO (Fantasy Writers .Org) which is a great community that works on reciprocation. One particular individual gave me a promotion on their blog and I was so thankful, it is the reason I believe, that any of my writings made sales at all.

    This also means, I am no longer distributing works through Ebook or Carbon Copy. For whatever reason, my last ebook I wanted to publish, my self publisher gave me a hassle and I had no idea how to resolve the issues they brought up. So I closed my accounts, deleted my content from their servers and started the channel on youtube. There are still some stories on the writer’s forum. I haven’t posted all of them, but basically you just need a free account if you really want to see the written words.

    I plan on doing some more complex type works in the future. 2019 is likely going to be featuring 3 mini series, and perhaps a four story collection. It’s a toss up with the collection and another shorter collection. But my plans for the art are a lot different from the 640p works I am doing for this year.

    To give you an idea for what I mean, voltan-mach4.png.9dc8337a49e8ccfd7196ef73b9c10615.png

    This is the latest character I have introduced into my universe, and the style of the art I want for his story.

    This means I will be going a lot slower on the episodes. likely the season will go as long as the 2018 one is planned for, just with more time for the works. That’s just one scene of a paragraph and it took 4 days to get to that point, and I’m still not 100% satisfied with it. I’ll find out if it’s possible with a monthly release. If anything I could do 10 scenes in a month’s time of work, it’s likely to be only 7 or 8 scenes, as I will need more time for other things.

    Aside from the issues with my self publisher, I have made the decision to publish all current and future works on youtube for a few reasons. One is mostly the way the domain works for content and revenue. People would not have to purchase any of my works, and still enjoy them, and I have the opportunity to earn based off views and subscribers, so that’s something I consider a lot more fair to content creators and fans.

    There are some issues with hosting it on youtube that I could see arise. For instance, I wouldn’t want the younger audience the ability to consume my more mature audience type of works. Of coarse I can warn about it and use age restriction for them. But I just imagine some parent’s account subscribed and a child watching thinking its safe for them. I have no intentions of drawing the really demented scenes, especially any that could be traumatizing to victims of sexual assault.

    I currently don’t have plans to use my art created for older works. Basically anything drawn before winter of 2017 is not going to be used in the episodes. There is going to be what I hope are major improvements in my art.

    I did recently purchase some books on traditional animation, so I have plans for some animated features in the distant future. I really don’t want to recycle the stories for that sort of thing, so it will be a new story or set of stories.

    I hope you enjoy the works should you decide to surf-in and check the stuff out. So far it’s a very fun process with much enjoyment for me as an author and artist and musician.

  16. **log taken from the gamejolt page**


    hi i forgot to update the devlog while working on things

    major updates

    • fixed timothy’s sprite flicker glitch after reworking and condensing some common events
    • the phone is longer required to change classes, and instead it can be done directly from the esc menu (the phone will probably be removed)
    • the Photographer class is functioning but needs more skills and work
    • the first recruitable party member is in the works
    • new damage sounds WOAH
    • the book at timothy’s desk used for saving is now a desktop computer


    • reducing the size of the apartment to feel more like a college dorm
    • adding a form of ‘quick class help’ to get more info on timothy’s current class (menu option, button press, etc)
    • making a more interesting title screen


    • a composer has gotten in contact with me and has expressed interest on working on insomnioid’s soundtrack yay
  17. Deer, it's me Perang Cemen, I'm here because some or lot's people get troubled with IMBA, IMBA mean Imbalance, IMBA what I mean is bug, example: when Mira join you at Kaelo her Agi was so low, you know why? because Cecila cast freeze spell  at her and the only way to make her Agi return to normal by meet with Cecila  again at Zukaru, the problem is what if you can't find her and skip it, Mira will stuck in her low Agi and you will be in trouble since you may need her help, there also side quest that make Lexar MaxHp drop to 1 and return to normal after quest done, the same problem is what if you can't finish the side quest and skip it? Lexar MaxHp will stuck in 1 and you're done for, that's why I create a patch to remove those include some quest and story.


    I know it sound's silly but at first I didn't think that someone would be so stupid to take side quest but didn't finish it ASAP, instead of clear it ASAP they just go to main story and then stuck or you can say can't go back to clear the side quest, the problem is when the side quest lower your stats and you go with that and trapped in a main story where you must fight boss or something like that, this will be a big problem, so I... remove those side quest, and anything related to lowering stats or these IMBA.


    I'm Really sorry if you have download it before 30/04/2018 since you may need this patch to make your lowered stats return to normal.

    (You don't have to download it if you wish to play full version, it will be automatic fixed, but if you want try Mira at Demo, very recommended to download it)


    Thank you for your attention


    ~Perang Cemen

  18. First of all: I'm not dead, just extremely lazy to post here. It's just something that always happens with me and blogs. I like blogging but I am too lazy to keep one updated. Anyway, time for an update on the game. I have introduced a set of changes that I am going to describe below.



    I had a small set of skills for each character. As I was developing the game and creating enemies and dungeons, I quickly realised that they weren't enough so I decided to further expand the skillset for each playable character. Everyone will have three skill types: one with the main skills, those which defines them as being from one job or another. A second skill type with secondary skills and finally a third one that includes exclusive skills gained through "job quests", which I explained in a previous post. For example:

    Araken now has:
    -"Feints", which are dodges, either just a regular "dodge next attack received" or a more complex "dodge then counterattack" or a "block then counterattack".
    -"Hunter techniques", which are his main skills. Attacks targeting one or more foes that cause states, applies buffs and debuffs. Every skill is quick, consumes low TP but deal average damage.
    -"Bolts", which include both his normal crossbow skills (special attacks that deal damage and inflict a state) and his elemental bolt skills that he gains through job quests.



    I have introduced, thanks to Ramza's shield block plugin, a new stat: Block. The plugin offers two characteristics: block chance and block rate. The first one refers to the % of blocking an incoming attack and the latter refers to the % of damage reduced. Additionally, I have added small chances to dodge attacks to represent in gameplay terms the ability to parry/deflect attacks, which is different from blocking. Tinkering with the plugin's notetags I have managed to adjust the new parameter to all characters that have shields:

    -Araken wears shielded bracelets, a specialty of the people from the Northwest. They are useful for protecting, blocking and deflecting attacks from the enemy, whichever weapon they use. As for gameplay, shielded bracelets have less block rate than a proper shield but good block chance. Furthermore, all bracelets provide a small dodge chance.

    -Narissa wears round shields or bucklers made out of wood, iron, steel and other materials. Some are blessed or provide unique buffs. All of her bucklers offer average block chance and block rate, with one of them being specially made for working with spells only. Bucklers do not provide dodge chance, as Narissa only uses her shield to block.

    -Asher uses targes, small round shields that are employed in battle more to parry attacks but not so for blocking. In terms of gameplay, targes have a high dodge rate, low block rate and good block chance. Targes have a good chance of dodging, to represent their unique parrying nature.

    -Heidek uses greatshields, big and heavy shields that protects the user but reduces his agility. In-game, greatshields have the highest block rate and block chance, but Heidek won't be able to dodge attacks.



    Introducing damage formulas! Not only for skills, but also for weapons. Thanks to Hime's Weapon Damage pluging, different weapons have different formulas that are included into the damage formulas of skills. Furthermore, some skills have unique formulas and magic attacks have also their own formulas.



    Thanks to SumRndmDde Translation Engine plugin, I will be able to translate the game from Spanish (original language) to English and have a multilanguage game. It will be hard work, but worth it.


  19. ShinNessTen
    Latest Entry

    *reads last blog entry


    oh my... that's a lot.


    Anyway, I'll keep it short this time. I'll be recreating all 3 of my not-so-great-hits TOD the Grim Reaper, TOD the Grim Reaper 2 and TOD the Grim Reaper 3 into actually fully developed big Projects.

    I'll aim for the first Game to come out this year, if my Composer is fast enough. 


    I had the same things in mind for the first 2 Games:

    -They are (still) going to be liniar

    -Because of the liniarity, I made up for it in some unique and twisted ways. I.e. You can miss your Party Members, but they will still join you regardless later on. You can miss out on great Treasures that will make it easier for you to go from area to area. Areas change dramatically after the Boss is defeated and opens up new paths for some other secrets.

    -Literally had 7 modes (of which 3 are basically just copy pasted) in mind for additional Challenges once you beat the Game, since they are so short and mind as well.


    In addition to Normal and Hard mode, the new modes are going to be

    - Lvl 1 (Normal)

    - Lvl 1 (Hard)

    - Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 1 hour

    - Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes

    - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes on Lvl. 1

    - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 30 minutes on lvl. 1

    - Ultimate Mode


    All are pretty self explanatory, except for Ultimate which I won't spoil the surprise for. (Which is probably the only thing I won't spoil from the Games)


    Since TOD 3 is another thing entirely, It won't have these fancy things at all, since it's multiple path based and this could just be an enourmous amounts of work, considering I'm planning to make sometihng even better than all these modes combined.

    But yeah, TOD 3 is basically just going to be another choose your own adventure with twists and turns and yadda. And it's also going to be the regular formula of "There's towns in this game you can chill out in!".



    if this is my definition of "I'll keep it short", then I will be hopeless in the future... :(

  20. For those that aren't aware I've been inactive on the forum for a while. I'll hopefully be getting the ball rolling again with some cool stuff.

    Got to get back into game dev after a long hiatus.


    Also, keep an eye out for a shop I'm opening in the forums.  Soon, no ETA.

  21. Read through a previous blog post from around this time last year and feel like doing a followup of that socially conscious type stuff.


    So, life's still pretty messy right now, eh?

    We keep seeing everything Brexit and Trump touch getting worse, yet we don't stop them. Granted, props to the yank's courts and some politicians for taking firm stands against Trump at times; they deserve a lot of respect for standing up against someone as downright dangerous as that dotard :3

    I guess its weird for me to see people dig their heels in rather than just concede making mistakes. Remember when people considered recognising errors and learning from them to be a positive trait?


    For people who aren't keeping score with Brexit it currently looks like this:

    -We pay a tremendous divorce bill that will likely range between £40-£60 billion. Would you like me to write that out with zeros?

    Remember that a huge campaign point to leave was all the extra money we'd save by not contributing to the EU.

    -We will continue to be aligned with the European Courts.

    ...But we'll have sovereignity* ofc (no, not that rad card game). Even, if this wasn't the case, sovereignty would have minimal impact on a layperson; it just means some other asshole rules over you...and its not like we've got any particularly competent people in office atm. And that applies to both major partys.

    *You will not have sovereignty. No substitions or refunds.

    -We're begging for access the single market and customs union.

    And ofc we would. Unfortunately, see above. The overwhelming majority of EU policy is for the purpose of harmonious trade. Wont oblige? Then you don't get access to the single market. And all that legislative nonsense about worker's rights. Well, why do you workers want that anyways? You've got just enough sovereignity so that companies can eliminate H&S standards for marginal profit (but hey, its not like you can put a price on human life otherwise).

    -Immigration has been reduced. Or, the 'no-one wants to live here anymore effect'.

    Aww ****. Now who's going to toil the fields while I play xbox? Don't be surprised when the same legal migrants we belittled and shoved out are given a golden handshake in five years to return. Guess who foots that bill.

    -Inflation is ballooning.

    Y'know how before Brexit people were saying, 'Mannn, the acceleration in inequality is really problematic.' Yeah, that's not better now.


    Sorry, I don't want this to be too Brexit-centric (although, obviously I'm more informed on UK politics). One of the most interesting aspects of it though is the refusal by both major parties for a second referendum. I kind of agree since the alternative is to regularly revote on this topic in case the consensus ever generally does favour leaving again. My main issue though is that 52-48 is not a clear enough result and we should have set a threshold figure, say 70%, to warrant this would-be massive change; if there was a genuine majority politicians wouldn't have to pussyfoot around issues to avoid damaging re-election prospects.


    Sorry again, its really hard not to get dragged into this ¬.¬ So, we're still seeing a raise in the political far-right. Jeez, we still might lose Merkel. She's really the last, best hope for humanity right now. One of the more amusing things about this is the British general populace's inability to recognise what the far-right is. Recently, its a become a catch-all insult used by airheads if someone says something they disagree with. Same as snowflake. As a literary man it saddens me to see language become the casualty of politics.


    Actually, one more fascinating thing about Brexit. A lot of people who voted for it admonish Trump; "Trump is racist, Trump's an isolationist, Trump only puts his own interests first.". Its phenomenal to me that they can say this with a straight face.


    Climate change is still, well, changing the climate. We're actually seeing some improvement in that regard when it comes to infrastructure, but the attitude of the general populace is still the issue. What's crazy is we're really seeing effects, even here in mild-weathered Britain. When grids go down businesses lose money. Those wildfires in the states aren't free for governments to put out. No-one benefits, people almost universally recognise it as 'man-made' climate change yet we continue to behave this way. Its unfathomable to me. Amusingly, someone actually tried to scold me at work this year for turning the lights off in rooms that weren't in use (naturally I reminded them they were not my line manager and that other's shouldn't have to suffer because they're too lazy to raise their arm when entering an exitting a room; Mama Nature's a milf folks, lets help her maintain her youthful exuberance).


    Automation scares were a big deal a this year; Heck, 'they took his jooob' was practically a campaign slogan for Trump back in '16. Here's the funny thing about automation and any form of universal basic income; they'll almost definitely never happen (or, at least, in such a watered down form as to be unrecognisable). And its largely because of the people these systems would benefit. Now I'm not talking about the truly down-and-outs like the homeless, the beggars or the otherwise unemployed; they have zero to lose. Its the working classes and smaller merchant classes. And yes, these people would overwhelmingly gain from such social advances but they would lose something, and that something is purely cerebral; they would lose the perceived meaning of the labour (and all the associated struggles of just getting by) that they've performed 'til now. Perhaps more importantly they would lose a level of distinction; out-earning others provides a sense of accomplishment; from this we can gather that some level of inequality is actually desirable by some (to an extent, myself included I suppose).


    My observations have been that the outright racism that sparked last year's entry has largely cooled down. In fact, everything kind of has. Maybe its the emptier bellies lowering motivation. Maybe the reduced immigration figures means we see less supposedly objectionable people. My view is that people are pretty regularly engaging in complete disassociation with the world; we read about Kimmyboy in Korea, how we're Putin up with the Ruskies, and that Trump's always got something funny to say. And then we just go about our day. I suppose its kind of necessary; its out of our hands anyways right? But it feels like people are really sincerely trying to find happiness now, to force it, because who knows when the bomb is going to drop.

    Well, I've been at this a while now and more will probably follow in the comments so now here's Tom with the weather...

  22. Let's talk about the apocalypse! It's kind of a scary thing that a lot of people are way too worried about, but if you're into action-fantasy entertainment, you probably know about all the creative things that people have done with the idea. It's an artistic and stylistic way of wiping the Earthy slate clean and present the world we know and love -- or knew and loved, I guess? -- in a different light. The muscle-bound, anarchic power struggles of Fist of the North Star. The desperate and seemingly futile wars for survival of Mad Max. There's something inherently fascinating about the end of the world, and what surviving the end would do to people and culture.



    ... oh!


    Welcome to the other end of the spectrum. Say hello to Girls' Last Tour, which I can only describe as a post apocalyptic slice of life??? It follows the journey of two girls, Chito and Yuuri, as they explore dead landscapes and abandoned cities in search of food and fuel. That's it. That's the plot. Occasionally, they'll see something interesting in the distance and decide to head in that direction. The show is less about the journey and more about the bizarrely philosophical conversations between these girls.



    Chito is an analytic, tactically-minded girl. She's knowledgeable of the old world, but has little to no understanding of it. She seems to prefer quiet, but will always humor Yuuri's boundless curiosity with the best answer she can muster. Her expression doesn't change much throughout the show, and her look in general is plain and uninteresting, which work well to reflect her thoughtful, introverted nature.



    Compare that to Yuuri. The way her eyes are drawn suggest a carefree, possibly vacant personality. And, indeed, she is a little stupid. Unlike Chito, she is illiterate, and struggles with understanding simple concepts that, to us, would be common knowledge. However, it's this same lack of knowledge that makes her curious, and her curiosity is what drives almost every conversation and discovery in the show.


    These two work well with each other. Chito is smart, but physically weak. Yuuri is stupid, but isn't afraid to take risks. Putting their strengths and weaknesses together, you come to understand that these two need each other, because without one, the other would be unable to survive on her own.




    The world these girls explore is a character in itself. It's long dead, indifferent, and, as the show progresses, it becomes more and more bizarre, almost abstract. It gives the viewer a sense of unease and confusion; just what happened to this world? Why is the city built like this? It creates a stark and terrifying backdrop to the cute and philosophical explorations of the foreground, and adds a feeling of urgency to the adventure. Danger is real. Food is limited. There is no destination. There is no hope. And the city doesn't care.




    It's cute, charming, and funny, and it's easy to forget just how bleak and terrifying the setting really is. The world is dead, and there's no fixing that. It's a strange and surreal environment for such a light-hearted adventure, to be sure; when we think about the end of the world, do we usually stop to consider the world we'll leave behind? What if society never rebuilds? What if what's left of humanity doesn't know how to rebuild? It's scary to think about the world we understand and, frankly, take for granted being stripped down to a search for essentials, where humanity is given a time limit based on how much food is left. Pop culture has made us see the post apocalypse as an anarchic fight for survival, jam packed with explosions and gunfire, and it's partly in subverting expectations that Girls' Last Tour really gets it's message across: cherish what you have, because nothing lasts forever.




    In a less literal way, Girls' Last Tour is also a show about growing up in a world that truly doesn't make sense. I can relate to this, personally: it's been a struggle for me to learn and understand how to simply live on my own, let alone understand how our societies, governments, and laws got to be so confusing. If you've ever struggled with life, be it little things like paying bills, or big things like finding a job without a college education or finding your place in a demanding and unforgiving world, it's easy to put yourself in the shoes of these girls: truly understanding how the world around you works is a herculean task, but in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't really matter. What matters is the moment. If you know enough to get by, and you can find joy in little things, even simple, aimless conversation with a loved one, you can be happy. There's beauty in the world, no matter how bleak it might seem.


    At just twelve total episodes, Girls' Last Tour is easily digestible, and it gets its' message across without taking too much of your time. Honestly, this meager blog entry hardly does this show the justice it deserves. This show had my full attention from episode one, and it didn't let me down. It takes it's time, has no action whatsoever, and consists almost entirely of conversation between just two characters. If you're okay with that, then this is definitely worth a watch. Also, the show gets gay at the end, and I'm a sucker for cute gay things.


    This is why I like the thing! Girls' Last Tour.