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A personal blog for a game that I am making called Recollection

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I still have a lot of work to do, but I think it's a good time to show off some story bits of chapter 0. ...Or, in this case, the whole thing. It's not entirely finished yet and there are still some bugs that need to be squashed. However, I'm quite happy with how it turned out regardless. I seem to enjoy making cutscenes look the best they can thanks to Galv's Camera plugin. The gameplay is every basic and I haven't gotten around to making any actions sequences, yet. This is mostly just to show off some bits of the beginning story. I might also try to get my topic back up again since I have some new stuff lined up, but I want to wait a bit longer just to make sure.


Anyway, here's Chapter 0!




Not quite dead yet.

I really need to stop putting things off and actually really getting to work. But, what can you do when life loves getting in your way of everything.


Anyway, lots to talk about regarding progress. I've got some good news, though! I had just recently finished making all of the maps for Chapter 1! That means I can finally get around to eventing and hopefully pushing my first demo out the door. I'm also in the works of getting some art assets done. As of now, I'm only working on the title screen of my game. I would like to wait before I release my demo when I get my art stuff done first. I don't know how long that will be, but I'll feel better once I actually get it done.


So uh... Screen shots and some videos!


First, some screen shots:

























And now some videos. One showing off the new title screen that's a work in progress and one showing off some bit of fast travel.






I'm actually pretty excited this time around that work is getting done once again. Without having to worry about maps (at least for now) I can finally focus on the actual game itself. I don't have a time frame on when I plan on showcasing some more stuff or when I plan on releasing the actual first full demo. For now, this is what I have.


I got curious last night and decided to check my Google Drive. Lo' and behold, I find a couple of interesting files saved onto it. It was the VX Ace version of Recollection and a debug version I have given out to some people for bug testing! I thought I had lost that forever... Glad I had it on there because that was the only other place I didn't look when I lost my VX Ace stuff.


Anyway... I know today is April Fools day and last year I "published" a game that really wasn't a game. It was something stupid I slapped together within 15 minutes. But today I decided to mess around a bit with it in VX Ace (wow it's so different after using MV for so long) and decided that I'm going to go ahead and let you all play it. Please be aware that this is default as default gets! There's nothing really special with it and it will be very buggy and you might run into a few issues and it's is extremely unfinished!


"So, why are you even posting it even if it's not finished?"


Well... I feel that I wanted to show you guys what I have. I have been trying to meet deadlines to push out a demo for you all to try, but life is cruel and it kept pushing it further and further back. Not only that, I wanted to show how far I've came with it and how proud I am for actually getting a simple thought in my head to an actual, somewhat, playable game. With all that said, I am now officially pushing out the unfinished VX Ace demo version of Recollection! I would suggest reading the READMEs in the folder before playing. Though, this is VX Ace we are talking about so there really isn't much to tell you.


Anyways, here are the links:


RTP Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_-1RuKtCwMYRFZ0bGhsekJNQW8


Non-RTP Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_-1RuKtCwMYMmt6VktIV1Nzc2c


Happy first of April and hope you all enjoy! Feedback would be great, but don't expect any bug fixes if you happen to find any since the MV version will address a lot of them if any are reported.




I just noticed something I left in these extractors. Apparently I had a backup folder in these and I updated the download links so that it doesn't include them.


Edit 2:


I know I said I wouldn't do bug fixes, but it turns out that while playing through the game myself I actually changed some settings in the database that made it impossible for the player to equip any of the starter weapons. Looks like the joke's on me this April Fools day. >.<


Urf... It has been since August since my last post anywhere? Eh, not too worried about it. I've actually been meaning to come back for a while, but I keep putting it off. Also doesn't help that the motivation wasn't there to keep me going. Ever since moving to RPG Maker MV, things have been going down hill. Lots of progress was lost and many bugs occurred while converting my VX Ace project to MV. It was infuriating and a big motivation killer. It also didn't help I started having eye problems making it difficult to continue working and to fix bugs. And seeing that the thread I have where I would keep most of my updates there (if I had any) got locked, I'm just gonna keep my stuff here in my blog. I just find it easier that way because I can be a little more personal with it. Though the idea of having a development site to keep my updates would be nice and I might end up going that way. I really REALLY want to get back into making my game again, despite using all of these default assets... But I'll worry about personal stuff later.


So... What have I been doing? Besides playing endless hours of Final Fantasy 14 and swapping between Breath of the Wild and River City Ransom Underground, I've been mapping. In fact, I decided to go cold turkey and completely start all over with a clean slate. Most, if not, all of these maps I have been remade. Some may look familiar while others are completely new. With what I have been given with, I have been playing around with the idea of making my own tile sets. Granted, they all look like utter garbage, but the practice and understanding of how to make them is all that matters. My ideas for areas are still up in the air, but once I fully understand on how to make my own tile sets, the default tiles are going right in the trash where they belong. Nah, I jest. The default tiles look nice, but having my own would be better.


Anyways, enough of the pity party. Let's actually show off some maps! I've decided to do a video instead of taking pictures. I figured it would be easier since the option to save a picture directly in MV messes up the entire thing. ...Unless they fixed it. But, yeah, here is the video of the first town (or city...?) named Talkia.



Yeah... It is a bit boxy. I wanted to go for a more... Mountain-y look? Can't think of the word for it, so I decided to go back with the box style I had for my town that had multi ledges.


You will notice that near the south part of the town (where the adventure field would be) is where most of the shops are. I decided to do that because I know the player will be coming back to town to possibly restock, get new gear and replenish their team's health. The top section of the town is where the residents of Talkia live. That's where most, if not, all of the town's quests can be found. I have yet to decide if I should make individual houses for everyone. Or just make one and copy-pasta them with just different residents. I guess I should explain what each establishment is and what you can do there.


My Home / My Room


This is the place where you going to save your game for most of the time if you are not out in the field. It'll also have a storage safe where you can put in extra goodies that you may have obtained. Sadly, you can only hold so much in your backpack, so putting stuff away in your room would be a wise decision.


Mom's House


It's just your mom's house. She may have you do something for a reward. Also during your adventures, you may obtain some cooking materials that your mom can use. And since she is your mother, she'll make the best food she can for her little baby. And depending on the kind of food she makes with the given material you can get some nice food that can give you some benefits. Nothing like home cooking, am I right?


Zack's House


The home of one of your friends. He doesn't have much, but maybe if you rummage through his garbage, you might find something of interest.


Talkia Elementary School F1 and F2 / Teacher's Lounge


Time to go to school! This is where the player can go and be taught some moves that cannot be learned through normal battle. These usually would pertain to weapon skills or abilities that cannot be learned through reading books. However, certain conditions need to be met before being taught on how to do something.


Superior Eastern Inn


Heh... Hehehe, see what I did there? ...No? Well... This is a jab at my current work place called Best Western Inn (a hotel chain) and thought it would be great to add it in. Unlike other games, you cannot recover your stamina. However, you can rest to advance the day further once a certain condition has been met. As of now, they don't rent to locals. Sorry about that.


Talkia Town Hall


Was once just the library, but this time around it's the town hall for the town of Talkia. Here, this is where you can buy books to teach your team certain skills and abilities. You can also access a much larger storage area if you are running out of space at your house. ...For a cost. Also, the local post man and even the mayor may also give you a few things to do to help out the town for some nice rewards.


Sports Shop


This is your basic weapon and armor shop. No... No swords and heavy armor. We're talking about bike helmets, football shoulder pads and baseball bats! You know... Things you would find in a sports shop. There's also a vending machine where you can buy some shakes for temporary stat boosts during battle.


Pawn Shop


I forgot to mention... You can only sell items at the Pawn Shop. You can't just go into a super market and try to sell things you no longer want because that's not how it works, silly! However, not only can you sell unwanted items for some cash, you could also attempt to buy some really expensive weapons and armor. And yes, I'm talking about swords and stuff. I cannot guarantee the swords and armor are real or replicas... But I can tell you that they hit harder than a hockey stick.


Convenience Store


This is your normal item shop. Except here, you can buy tasty treats like candy bars and potato chips! Outside of the store you can find vending machines that'll help recover stamina. This is also the place you work at too... Even when you're not at work, coming into this place still feels you with dread of dealing with the rush of customers. Thankfully, it's your day off.


Talkia Diner


Was once known as the Stop 'N Go Joint, the Talkia Diner offers healing items that heal more than just your standard candy bar or deli sandwich. They are a bit on the pricey side, but it's better than shoving 5 packs of peanuts down your throat. They may also give you some extra benefits in battles, so take advantage if you have the money to spend!


Talkia Clinic


Yes, I know it says Pharmacy... I forgot to change it before recording. Anyways, this is the game's "Inn" where your team can recover their heal and get rid of any bad states. They can also buy some status healing items like bandages, antidotes and even medical kits to help revive fallen team mates. They may also have vitamins to help make your team stronger during battles.


Bus Stop


This will be your fast travel option once it becomes available. However, you need to visit and talk to the attendants there in order to travel to other bus stops. So, as of now, your hoofing it to the next area till you get to the next bus stop.


That's pretty much all that I have to show off. Yeah, I know some of the maps need some polish and will most likely be remade again. But, progress is being made, albeit very slowly. To be honest, I'm glad I started from scratch again. It's given more the motivation I needed. I cannot tell you how many hours I would spend trying to debug a mechanic and end up giving up to do something other than working on my game. I hope this time I can actually finish something, even with the default assets.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I'm not sure where to post this for proper critique on the forums, so I'll post it here instead.


Anyway, been putting some time into RPGMaker VX Ace after finding some time to from my busy life. I think the last post I made was back in March... I haven't shown much game play because I still want to round out some of it and try some other scripts and ideas. But, there's not a lot I can do about it at this time until further into development. What I would like is a bit of critique on the intro story. Is there any grammar mistakes? Is the pacing good? Is there anything I can change/remove? Any type of critique would help. I'm not really a big fan when it comes to intros since they are the hardest thing for me to come up with... So, any and all help would be nice.


Well, here is some footage of it. Let me know what you think!



I've been busy as of late, but I managed to get some screenshots to share of my recent works. I would like to keep myself from making a topic in the Show Room until I feel like I've gotten more work done that would deem worthy for the show room.


Before posting screen shots, I would like to go on about some planned features I have:


No random battles - This has been a pet peeve of mine and I would like to have the player feel free to battle whatever monster they want without being forced into battle every five steps. As of right now, there are monster sprites displayed on the map that can be ran into to initiate a battle.


Passive and agressive monsters - Passive monsters will not pursue you, but will give you a fight. Agressive monsters will chase you if you get into their line of sight. As of right now, they will always chase the player no matter where they are on the map. This will be changed in the future so that they have to see you before they give chase.


Learning skills through books/tutors - Most RPGs usually have it that you gain a skill by leveling. But, I've decided to go the Phantasy Star Online route of learning skills by using books you can obtain through either battle, buying them, or by tutors. I am currently working on getting the tutors so that they give skills to players who meet certain conditions.


Character journals and quest logs - Depending on the events currently taking place, characters will write their thoughts in a journal to let the player know what is going on at the moment. Each journal will be unique to each character, but will contain the same information for the player to know. A temporary quest log has been implemented which will give a vauge discription of what they should be doing and where to go. I will work on actually putting in a real quest log so that players won't get lost or forget the objective.


Animated sideview battles and a cutom made battle system (I hope) - As of right now I am using Yanfly's battle system along with his/her scripts. I do plan on making my own battle system scripts to give my game a little bit of personal flavor. The idea for the battle system I want is a mix of Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi, which may seem a bit impossible... But, that's something I would like to have in my game. I am looking into Theolized's Sideview Battle System, as well. But, I don't have the time to make the sprites for it, but it seems like my ideal battle system for the moment.


Custom sprites and "animated" character busts for messages - I do plan on making my own character sprites when I get the chance to make them. I also plan on making the text boxes a little animated with character busts. They won't be fully animated, though... They will be along the quality (not really, but to an extent) of Kid Icarus: Uprise's character busts when they are talking to one another. You'll see what I mean when I get furture into development.


Character choices that may/will affected the story and other characters. Possible multiple endings - Not sure if people like the idea of character choices affecting story lines, but would like to have it in there for a sense of "realism" and consequences for the player's choice. I don't plan on making them punishing, but I would like to have the ability to give the player something to think about when making desisions in the game. Depending on what they choose will affect the story in some way.


Teleporting/bus/plane system - Traveling is hard, so I want to give the player a quick and easy way to travel around. After beating a boss, you can activate a teleport tablet (or in this case, a Wind Portal) that will send you to any other active Wind Portals. Players can also ride buses or planes in major cities that also connect to other major cities that have buses or planes.


I have more mechanics planned, but these are the only ones I could remember right now. Anyway, enough of that, time for some Work In Progress screenshots!






















I hope to get more done to show everyone. Anyway, that is all!


I've already expressed my story idea in a thread in the Developer's Corner, so if you are interested in checking that out, here is this link to it:




Anyways, it's time to look into the story a little more of what it'll really be about. In my thread, I've expressed the use of memories as being the main drive for the story. As most stories go with memories, they usually cater them to the protagonist with no memory of their past or some event that has happened in the past. Well, take everything you knew about those and throw them out the window because that is not what this story is about. You won't get any “mysterious hero†action in this story. Expect this time, the memories themselves will get the spotlight! Hah, never saw that one coming, now did you?! Hold onto your hats, because this may be a bit of a wild ride. Wouldn't hurt to get a drink and a snack either.


Memories are a touchy subject to talk about because no one has ever really talked about them in any particular story (at least I haven't as of yet) where they are the main drive of any story. And it's not just about one person, but several people throughout the story that have either similar problems in their past lives or something completely isolated that some may not understand. It's a little complex, but I'll try to keep it in simple terms while I explain my story and how it will work.


Everyone has memories of certain things in their lives. Whether they are fun memories that people love to reminisce about, or may it be bad memories where they are so haunting that they would not wish that on their worst memories. And like most bad things, we tend to try to forget they ever happened. But, have you ever thought about what happens when they are forgotten? Think of tearing pages out of a book. It's like they were never written! A lot of people try to forget their bad memories because they don't want to relive that part of their lives. So, it's best to forget about them and go on with their lives like normal. However, these forgotten memories also have a soul and want to do everything they can to be remembered because they are part of that person's life. But why should they be remembered if only they will bring back pain and suffering? Are they afraid to come with terms with their past lives or was it something so traumatizing that even trying to remember would cause a person to spiral into insanity or worse? But you want to know what happens when a forgotten memory refuses to be forgotten? They become corrupted and try to force their way into the host's mind. But, they don't get that way themselves... Someone or something is causing them to act violently and try to force themselves to be remembered. Maybe it's guilt? Maybe it could be regret or possibly anger? We won't know for sure, which is why we need to choose carefully when it comes to remembering things.


Okay, that was a mouth full, but hopefully you get the picture. But, don't worry, that's not anything related to real life or anything, but you can take it any way you want. It's something to think about at least.


So, you're probably asking, “Who are the 'heroes' of the story?†Okay, maybe you weren't asking that, but I guess I'll cover that right now.


In this story, the heroes are known as: Preservers of Memories. They are pretty much the protectors and saviors of forgotten memories and will do anything in their power to be remembered. However, if you have read the previous paragraph, some of the memories are becoming corrupted. Now they have to make the hardest decisions of their lives: try to restore the corrupted memories or erase it to prevent harm to the host who forgotten it.


That may be a bit of a spoiler, but I want to have at least some tense situations and drama when it comes to memories, the hosts, and the preservers. This story is going to be a mixture of all sorts of emotions. Most of these scenes that I am writing do have something to do with my personal life as well as some made up ones to move the story along. Some may also be a bit exaggerated, but this is pretty much a fantasy in its own right. Even though I am a pretty happy and cheery guy, I've struggled with some personal issues and I usually write them down or act them out as if my characters themselves were going through the same issues I was having. They may not be as dramatic, but it certainly changed me as a person as a whole.


So, yes, it's going to be rather bittersweet and maybe a bit grim. But, don't worry! There will be some happy bits in there because not everything is going to be sad and mopy. There are also going to be some character driven scenes which will explain the characters better, how they became to be and what they were like.


Before I end this off, let me share some fun facts about my story before it got to this point in time:


My story actually started off as an Animal Crossing fan-fiction. When I was first writing it, it was extremely cheesy and none of it made sense what-so-ever. But, it was my first time writing something and I wanted to make it funny with a bit of seriousness to it. It's been years since I've written it and it has found itself under the T section of my filing cabinet. (Take a wild guess what the T section is for) The story wasn't anything special, but it helped me build up a primes for what may have come in the future. At the time, I was drawing characters and writing stories for them. I've went through a whole lot of different stories, even right down to a “collect said mcguffins before this evil guy does to save the world†to almost a completely ripped off story of Captain Planet, except less “go green†stuff. It's weird... I don't think I have anything that I had written way back then saved so I can show you how god awful they were. Thinking about it now kinda makes me cringe a bit. But hey, I've gotten better with time so my writing has improved quite a lot! But, I still have a bit of trouble with grammar... I never really went through an actual English class during my entire school life because they found me to be “distracted†when it came to English... So, I learned by reading other stories and watching how their writing styles work and such.


Okay, I better end this before I tell you my whole life story. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight of my story. Also, a shout-out to those people on my thread who gave me their inputs! Production is slow because of work and other distractions (I'm looking at you, Dream of Mirror Online), but I'll have some things to show you all later on! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Here is a free cookie and a glass of milk to dunk it in! =D




Oh boy, my first blog post... I think I know how these work, but I've never really had the time to keep up journals and such. Ah well... I guess it's time to give it a shot nonetheless.


Anyway, this blog will be basically about the project for a game that I am working on. The game is called Recollection and it's being built in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. If you are interested I'll be making blog updates where I will be posting screenshots of certain areas of the game that I have made, character drawings, game ideas and mechanics as well as story ideas and all other sorts of stuff.


That is pretty much it for now. Hopefully you all will look forward to what I have! I'm basically doing most of this by myself, so expect some beginner mistakes as I try to wrap my mind around all of this. Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

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