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The Reimagining

*reads last blog entry   oh my... that's a lot.   Anyway, I'll keep it short this time. I'll be recreating all 3 of my not-so-great-hits TOD the Grim Reaper, TOD the Grim Reaper 2 and TOD the Grim Reaper 3 into actually fully developed big Projects. I'll aim for the first Game to come out this year, if my Composer is fast enough.    I had the same things in mind for the first 2 Games: -They are (still) going to be liniar -Because of the liniarity, I made up for it in some unique and twisted ways. I.e. You can miss your Party Members, but they will still join you regardless later on. You can miss out on great Treasures that will make it easier for you to go from area to area. Areas change dramatically after the Boss is defeated and opens up new paths for some other secrets. -Literally had 7 modes (of which 3 are basically just copy pasted) in mind for additional Challenges once you beat the Game, since they are so short and mind as well.   In addition to Normal and Hard mode, the new modes are going to be - Lvl 1 (Normal) - Lvl 1 (Hard) - Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 1 hour - Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Normal) aka. Speedrun this under 45 minutes on Lvl. 1 - Lvl 1 Time Attack (Hard) aka. Speedrun this under 30 minutes on lvl. 1 - Ultimate Mode   All are pretty self explanatory, except for Ultimate which I won't spoil the surprise for. (Which is probably the only thing I won't spoil from the Games)   Since TOD 3 is another thing entirely, It won't have these fancy things at all, since it's multiple path based and this could just be an enourmous amounts of work, considering I'm planning to make sometihng even better than all these modes combined. But yeah, TOD 3 is basically just going to be another choose your own adventure with twists and turns and yadda. And it's also going to be the regular formula of "There's towns in this game you can chill out in!".   ^^^^^^^^ if this is my definition of "I'll keep it short", then I will be hopeless in the future...

Features of TtgR3 + some Backstory

So today I'm gonna talk about how TOD 3 is gonna be 10x more fun than the first 2 Games.   But before we begin, I know I harp on the first 2 Games like they are trash and not worth playing, but there's is a legitimate reason as to why these 2 Games are the way they are. And as much as I tell myself that they could be improved upon, they aren't really that bad! It's just something you can do a 1st time Playthrough of and never play it again. But the reason, why they are so lackluster is actually a little complicated and has a lot to do with the 3rd Game as well.   tl;dr. Basically symbolism and laziness.   !Spoilers... kinda for the whole TOD series ahead!     Now you know!   So what exactly will TOD 3 do in terms of variety? Alright... check this shit out:   -Negotiation/Interactions with the Monsters This probably will mostly determine your future in this Playthrough, so you'll be doing this a lot maybe... probably... or not. Monsters will have Traits of their own and you can decipher the Traits with your Scan Ability. You will also have access to the Talk Skill which let's you choose to interact with certain Monsters and try to do what they wish from you. Once you talk to them, you will be given choices on what to do. If the Choice is met with the Trait of the Monster (I.e. if the Monster Trait is Honest, tell the truth, or if it's Funny, tell a Joke, etc.), you two may get along and you will either receive prices, money, information, etc. There aren't JUST good traits though... there also will be bad and Neutral traits for Monsters as well. The bad traits are handled differently. You will have to fight the bad trait monsters, but of course not until you kill them, but until you hit them with certain skills. (I.e. if they have the trait Fearless, hit them with their weakness or if their trait is pessimistic, hit them with something they absorb, etc.) Neutral ones will be rare and will have HIGH rewards. They are regarded as very wise and will be difficult to convince. Their Traits will have special ways to convince them.   Here are the Traits for each Group:   GOOD Traits (Indicated by Blue Names) Honest = Tell the Truth Kind = Show Care Funny = Show your Funny Bone Optimistic = Show you see potential in the Future   BAD Traits (Indicated by Red Names) Fearless = Hit their weakspot Confident = Hit them with whatever Pessimistic = Hit them with what they absorb Wild = Survive the Battle until he's had enough   NEUTRAL Traits (Indicated by Green Names) Persuasive = ??? Ambitious = ??? Informed = ??? Authoritative = ???   -Keywords Remember Final Fantasy 2? No... not for the SNES but for the Famicom. Remember how that had a neat Keyword Mechanic and how almost every NPC reacted to the Keywords (To be Fair, most of their responses were "?" lol) I will implement that and have every NPC tell you something about every Keyword. You will receive a bunch of stuff if you say certain Keywords to certain NPCs.   -Mini Games lol for those that just wanna fuck around. (I saw a Touhou sort of Script for VX... i might throw that in, just for lolz)   -Side Stories Remember your Friends? That one Robot dude, that Abomination with just one eye and a Silent Puppet? Yeah... they were kinda there in the first 2 Games. I'll give them proper Stories in the 3rd, but only if you want to. This will be completely Optional for each route, but you will receive something for it, don't worry. I'll also not forget about the NPCs, i'll give each one a lil' bit of Backstory and Character.   -5 Endings. 5? Why not 3? Ok, so i kinda hated how Undertale handled the 3 different Routes with their endings. Like, let's say if you kill EVERY monster and like hit Metatton not hard enough you will get the neutral ending... that made sense...   There will be more variation in the endings you approach. -True Pacifist Ending Never killing anything. -Pacifist Ending Never killing anything, but also not really helping out anyone. -Neutral Ending Kill some Monsters. -Mad Ending Killing a bit too much... -Death Ending Killing everyone.   Is this going to be too much for me? Is this just a promise I will never keep? Am i a madman who has way too much Time? You tell me, i don't really know. Either way, i will inform you once i'm done with the Game.   Cheers, fam! ~Shin




TOD The ("Nobody cares") grim ("Shut up!") Reaper ("Boo!") Series ("Thumbs down") Update... ("Boo!")

If you've been wondering what happened to me and my Soul Effect Project that i published a million years ago... well i kinda gave up on it and worked on a little game Series called TOD the Grim Reaper.   Basically i gave each game (except for the 3rd Game) 1 Week to get finished and published. The Results, as you would figure, went catastrophic and nobody liked the games... (except the game i gave a little bit more of dev time... that game got some likes)   Now i wanted to basically clean up the mess i've created by re-working the games until they became either good or acceptable at the very least. The first game got done and is ready to get downloaded... some say it's still shitty, but i say it significantly improved on the gameplay. What about the Story, you say? What Story?   Anyway, now i'm at the second Game and if you didn't know, the second Game is basically a copy paste of the first. My Goal for the second Game is to make it not so samey. So i made a diverged path and an alternate ending. It's soon to be finished.   NOW, for the third game, that people say is my best game yet! (Soul Effect doesn't count, because it's not finished) I want a HUUUUGE revamp of this game in particular... or maybe not. I basically want to add Conversations/Interactions with enemies a la Persona 2/Undertale style. For that, i'll be needing a good Writer and maybe some more other people, i dunno.   I know it's too much to ask, because TOD is a not so beloved series, but... I really want to make this game shine positively! And for that, i need to not make it shitty.   Hope you understand.   Anyway, what's this all about again? A blog to write things on? This can only go well, i assume...   ~Shin the Grim Soul Effect Cheater



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