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About this blog

A developer journal for my RPG Maker MV project "Crystal Crown". The name of the game is probably not definitive, but I like it anyways.

Expect a lot of ramblings about my conworld.

Entries in this blog


First of all: I'm not dead, just extremely lazy to post here. It's just something that always happens with me and blogs. I like blogging but I am too lazy to keep one updated. Anyway, time for an update on the game. I have introduced a set of changes that I am going to describe below.



I had a small set of skills for each character. As I was developing the game and creating enemies and dungeons, I quickly realised that they weren't enough so I decided to further expand the skillset for each playable character. Everyone will have three skill types: one with the main skills, those which defines them as being from one job or another. A second skill type with secondary skills and finally a third one that includes exclusive skills gained through "job quests", which I explained in a previous post. For example:

Araken now has:
-"Feints", which are dodges, either just a regular "dodge next attack received" or a more complex "dodge then counterattack" or a "block then counterattack".
-"Hunter techniques", which are his main skills. Attacks targeting one or more foes that cause states, applies buffs and debuffs. Every skill is quick, consumes low TP but deal average damage.
-"Bolts", which include both his normal crossbow skills (special attacks that deal damage and inflict a state) and his elemental bolt skills that he gains through job quests.



I have introduced, thanks to Ramza's shield block plugin, a new stat: Block. The plugin offers two characteristics: block chance and block rate. The first one refers to the % of blocking an incoming attack and the latter refers to the % of damage reduced. Additionally, I have added small chances to dodge attacks to represent in gameplay terms the ability to parry/deflect attacks, which is different from blocking. Tinkering with the plugin's notetags I have managed to adjust the new parameter to all characters that have shields:

-Araken wears shielded bracelets, a specialty of the people from the Northwest. They are useful for protecting, blocking and deflecting attacks from the enemy, whichever weapon they use. As for gameplay, shielded bracelets have less block rate than a proper shield but good block chance. Furthermore, all bracelets provide a small dodge chance.

-Narissa wears round shields or bucklers made out of wood, iron, steel and other materials. Some are blessed or provide unique buffs. All of her bucklers offer average block chance and block rate, with one of them being specially made for working with spells only. Bucklers do not provide dodge chance, as Narissa only uses her shield to block.

-Asher uses targes, small round shields that are employed in battle more to parry attacks but not so for blocking. In terms of gameplay, targes have a high dodge rate, low block rate and good block chance. Targes have a good chance of dodging, to represent their unique parrying nature.

-Heidek uses greatshields, big and heavy shields that protects the user but reduces his agility. In-game, greatshields have the highest block rate and block chance, but Heidek won't be able to dodge attacks.



Introducing damage formulas! Not only for skills, but also for weapons. Thanks to Hime's Weapon Damage pluging, different weapons have different formulas that are included into the damage formulas of skills. Furthermore, some skills have unique formulas and magic attacks have also their own formulas.



Thanks to SumRndmDde Translation Engine plugin, I will be able to translate the game from Spanish (original language) to English and have a multilanguage game. It will be hard work, but worth it.





Each character has a class or job that not only defines their skills and combat style, but it is an important and defining part of the character behind. For example, Araken is a monster hunter. This means that he has a set of skills to reflect that: quick strikes, counter attacks, crossbow bolts with different effects, etc. However, being a monster hunter is part of who he is, it shaped his personality, has given him an objective, something to do and to accomplish in life.


Classes are not just "I am a warrior because it says so in the menu." Classes are jobs, in the literal meaning of the word, not just the gaming term. Asher is a thief because he was raised and trained to be one. Sherr is a Druid because he was choosen to be one, something he accepted and welcomed with a smile in his face and hope in his heart. Karsten is a Judge-Knight because of family tradition and because he has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. In general, classes equal to a job, an occupation the character has and likes. The character has devoted their life to that class/job, training hard to be better at what they do.


Each character has a "class headquarters", where they can improve their weapons and armors, buy class-related items and accesories and complete quests and minor tasks. Of course, there will be a lot of NPCs to talk to and ways to learn more about the world and the lore. These "class headquarters" leads to the next element analysed in this section: job quests.


Job Quests: New skills and weapons


Each character belong to a class and has a corresponding "class headquarters" where you can freely travel. There is a set of skills for each character that are only unlockable through "job quests", a series of plot-related, lore heavy and character developing quests that have an increasing difficulty and offer great rewards in the form of the aforementioned skills and also new weapons.


New skills


Completing a job quest grants a new skill related that expands the role of the character in battle:

-As a Priestess of Light, Narissa will learn "Prayers", a type of buffing skills which are very useful in battle. Complete all quests to get a powerful and permanent passive skill.

-As an Expert Thief/Thief, Asher/Sherr will learn "Bombs", a type of throwing skills with different and explosive effects. Complete all quests to get "fragmentation" versions of the bombs hat target all foes.

-As a Mage, Rashana will learn "Erudition", a type of soul based magic that consumes HP and PM in exchange of dealing a lot of damage. Complete all quests to get a useful permanent passive skill.

-As a Judge-Knight, Karsten will learn "Shouts", a type of buffing skills that have an positive and negative effect on the character (e.g. raise max HP for 4 turns but lose 15% HP when it ends). Complete all skills to get a unique accesory.

-As an Engineer, Laani will learn "Gunslinger", that grants bullets with different effects. Complete all quests to gain a new weapon.

-As a Monster Hunter, Araken will learn "Elemental Bolts", which is self-explanatory. Complete each quest to receive new crossbows and all quests to receive his final crossbow.

-As a Druid, Sherr will learn "Alchemy", a skill used to brew potions. Completing each quest unlocks new recipes and completing all will grant a recipe for permanent stat bonus potions.

-As a Velaker (Scythe wealding blade dancer), Xander will learn "Shadow Magic", a dangerous but powerful magic. Complete all to receive his final scythe.

-As a Paladin, Heidek will learn "Divine Protection", a new set of protective skills that affect the allies but not the user. Complete all quests to receive his final shield.


New weapons


In "Crystal Crown" you can't buy weapons nor will you find weapons normally in dungeons or dropped by monsters. The only way to get a new weapon is to complete tasks and quests for your "job headquarters". Each character has 5 weapons: first one is considered "regular", second is "normal", third is "average", fourth is "rare" and the last is "legendary". For example:


Araken uses swords. Regular, usual, longswords. Nothing too impressive, but he is comfortable using them. Now, say that you want a new weapon for him. Just go to the Order of Monster Hunters Headquarters and complete "Hunting Missions" to achieve "Hunter points". When you ahve enough, you can claim a new weapon.


However, this is not always the case: some characters will be asked to complete a series of quests either with the rest of the group participating or by themselves. Thieves will be asked to steal valueable relics from nobles and merchants. The Paladin will be tasked with heathen-dealing missions (in which you decide what to do, follow orders or not), etc. Sometimes you are asked to recover an ancient artifact as part of a "Job Quest", which will grant you a new weapon/armor/accesory.


The important thing here is that the player will need to advance each character in their classes/jobs to get them new weapons.


*Exception: Laani, the engineer, crafts her own weapons, but only after finding certain tools or after improving a weapon she alrwady own sufficiently. She will determine what she needs in order to craft a new weapon and then you will have to search for the materials and tools.




"Ok", you say, "I have a new weapon but is not that powerful. How am I going to defeat monsters with only five weapons?"


The answer is: by improving them. Weapons can be improved at blacksmiths and artificers (also called "crystalsmiths") up to +10 or up to +5, depending on the weapon. There are many forging materials to do so and they can be collected from mines, caves, dungeons and finally monsters, which will drop parts of them (horns, hide, etc) that can be later brought to a city to be processed into forging materials. Some weapons have a heavy lore background, explained during the quest involved in its recovery or after being rewarded with it. Other weapons are related to the background and story of a character.

Armors can also be improved, by the way. Some classes can wear various types of armor, but some others can only wear one type. There is head, shield, body, gloves and leg armor, in addition to necklace, ring, bracelet and earring slots. Accessories offer the usual elemental and state resistances, stat improvement, etc. I am working on a "full set bonus" for certain accesories and/or armors in the form of a passive buff or something like that.




There are several scattered across the world: in some towns, in each major city and in each "job headquarters". There are tiers for them, with the most basic ones being "Apprentice blacksmiths", who will only improve the first weapons of each characters. On the other side of the spectrum, "Master blacksmiths" can improve any weapon, except the final weapon of each character, which can only be improved by the blacksmith of the "job headquarters".


There is an exception: Laani, the engineer, her weapons (and only them) can only be improved by herself, providing that she has adequate tools and forging materials. Additionaly, some engineer equipment can only be improved by other engineers.


Crystalsmiths or artificers


There a few, settled in some of the major cities and key locations. As with blacksmiths, there are tiers, with only the crystalsmiths from the Garkon Tower Education and Research Facilities being able to improve legendary equipment.



Dev corner


I used customised Yanfly's "Item Synthesis" to create the menus for alchemy, as well as weapon and armor improving. With the recipe system the plugin offers I created several crafting menus for armor/weapon improvement, potion brewing, item creation, etc. The fact that you can open up the synthesis menu for just one recipe is also very helpful and honestly, it has been a life saver for an otherwise complicated but rewarding system I have set up.


I also use Yanfly's "Item Core" to add lore snippets on the info windows on the weapon/armor/item menus, sort of like Dark Souls do. I think it gives more meaning and life to the world, lore and item.





Overworld maps - Provinces and Regions


In "The Crystal Crown" there won't be a single overworld map with every dungeon, city, town and minor locations. Instead, there will be many, many overworld maps (each slightly different than the others so as to represent change in environment, like jungle, desert, mountain, snowy, etc) that will depict Regions and Provinces.


LORE explanation:

The action takes place in a enormous continent dominated almost entirely by the Ark-Empire ("Ark" meaning 'power, might'). The Empire is divided into 21 Provinces, each one governed by one of the 21 Great Houses. Each Province is further divided into several Regions, governed by a House that pledged loyalty to a Great House and the Crown.

Archduke is the title of the Lord of a Great House.
Great Duke is the title of the Lord of a House.

Dukes are the title of the Lord of a Clan.



Of the 21 Provinces, the player will only be able to travel and explore around 12 in total, including main quest, secondary quests and extra stuff. I will explain this further via images, spoilered so as to not screw up with the formatting.


This is the Golden Province, the first place you visit in the game:





The Golden Province is divided further into 4 Regions:


Krastornaban Region, where the capital, Krastornaban, is located:





Nainmaqar Region (Nainmaqar means 'Bright Forest')





Gentle River Region (The river is named that way because is navigable)





Hazer Region





As you can see, there are, in reality, four overworld maps linked to one another to form one Province. The player will be able to travel freely through these Regions, entering towns, ruins, dungeons and places of interest. Some locations will only be unlocked via main quest, secondary quest or world events. This is how overworld maps will work in "The Crystal Crown".


TBD: I have yet to create a way for the player to open a map that shows the full province and marks the location of the player within it. Maybe with X, Y coordinates, layers and several images? I don't know.



The Crystal Crown [WIP]


"The Crystal Crown" is a RPG game that I am currently developing with RPG Maker MV. It is set in the conworld I've been working on since I was 15.

Something I'd like to point out from the beginning is that the game will be in Spanish, as that is my mother language.

Anyway, below I will explain some quick facts about the game. Later, I will continue with the plot and characters:


  • It will be a mix of a classic SNES RPG with elements such as Bethesda-like dialogs and NPCs and Souls-like item/weapons/armor descriptions.
  • The latter means that items/weapons/armors will contain some lore brackground of the world.
  • Quests won't be your typical fetch quests or things like "I lost my necklace, please go find it."
  • Quests will be complex. Some wiill have several ways to complete them, each one of it affecting the world in a noticiable way.
  • NPCs will have dialogs similar to those found in Bethesda games. I will talk more about them later on.
  • Stats. Max level: 50. Max HP: 999. Max PM: 500. Max STR, DEF etc: 99.
  • Stats names: Attack => Strength. Magic Attack => Magic. Defense => Resistance. Magic Defense => Spirit.
  • There are 9 main characters, each one with their unique Job, weapons and equipment.
  • One of the characters can be either a Druid or a Thief. The player will ultimately decide the fate of said character and if they chose Druid, another character will join as the Thief. On the other hand, if the player decides that they want the character to be a Thief, that other character will not join the party and will simply remain an important NPC.
  • There is, for now, one optional character. Whether he joins the group or not will be, again, decision of the player. I won't spoil much, but this character will be an antagonist through the game.
  • There will be Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Artificers. They will be able to improve weapons and equipment, create crystals and brew potions.
  • Characters won't be able to craft anything themselves, with the exception of the Druid, who will be able to brew potions using Alchemy.
  • The world is big and there will be a lot to explore: cities, towns, dungeons, ancient temples, forgotten ruins... inside you will find monsters, puzzles and of course, treasures.
  • There is not a single overworld map. Instead, there are several Provinces divided in a number of Regions. Each one will feature towns, places to explore and quest areas.
  • Jobs will have impact on each character. There are a set of skills only obtainable through "Job Quests", which will also grant weapons and other equipment. Players are encouraged to complete all "Job Quests". They're somewhat optional but everyone wants powerful weapons and skills, right?
  • Each character has 5 weapons, which can be improved with forge materials that can be collected through the world (mining, drops from monsters, etc). The first three weapons can be improved up to +10 and the other two up to +5.
  • The plot is not lineal: the are several branches and ways to complete the main quests. The player will have to take care of their decisions.
  • There will be romance. I'm still working on this.
  • Careful with your characters: some decisions can put their lifes in danger.


This is all for now, I will explain in deth some of these features later on. Okay, let's go with the plot and the characters.




Historical background


The Ark-Empire is going under heavy changes. Several technological discoveries such as electricity as a power source and to light the cities, machines of different purposes, etc. changed many day-to-day aspects of the Aezin society. As a consecuence, many social achievements were gained in the last years: labour unions, worker safety laws, and several other laws protecting the lower classes. All these tech and social changes affected society and a new era began: one where the old clashes with the new.





The Imperial House's power is weakening and the Great Houses are very aware of it. The Novga, the power to control and command dragons has almost completely vanished and with it, any claim over the Dragon Throne, as only the Heir of the Novga can be crowned as Emperor of the Ark-Empire. The Houses are starting to forge alliances and the shadow of a civil war is growing dire...


In the middle of all this, a conspiracy is born. A small group of four nobles of the now four pillars of society (the latter being the newest one): Justice, Faith, Magic and Technology are plotting agaisnt the Imperial House. They want an ancient artifact. Something that has slipped history, a creation of a madman, but a powerful tool that could throw the balance of power. The Crystal Crown, a strange device that is supposed to mimic the power of the Novga.

Several individuals, sides and of course, our protagonists, will be looking for it. Who is right and who is wrong? What is the Novga exactly? Is the Crystal Crown real? No one knows, but no one will relinquish the artifact.




The game is divided in several chapters. The first one is named "The Hunter".




All characters have their own life, story and past, which is all resolved and dealt with in their "companion quests". If the player does not want to complete them or even start them, they can miss armor, items, weapons and of course, cutscenes, dialogs and the possibility of getting a good end with the character. Similar to what the Fallout 3 and New Vegas did with companions, at the end of the game there will be a series of cutscenes with all the characters and their fates. If the player has completed their quests and keep a positive affinity with them, they will get the best ending. Of course, if you treat a character badly, do not complete his/her quest and so on, you will get a bad ending and even a death ending. To sum up: there are 4+1 possible endings for each character: Best Ending, Good Ending, Sad Ending, Bad Ending; Death Ending.


Main characters




Age: 26.
Height: 1'78 m.

Weight: 74 kg.

Born in: The capital of the Empire, Avanovark.

Family: Does not know if his parents are alive.

Job: Monster Hunter.



Araken was left in a orphanage with he was 5 years old. He does not remember his parents and no one saw them when he was found. Life in the orphanage was not easy, but he made some good friends there, two of them being his best pals: a girl named Shira and a boy that he completely forgot about many years later. When he was ten, something horrible happened. A terrible fire swallowed up the orphanage and everyone died, save him, who was at the moment in another place.

      Alone and sad, he wandered the streets for weeks not knowing what to do, what to think... until the Thieves Guild found him. They took care of him, feed him and put them to work as a pickpocket. The thieves were kind to Araken, as they always are with the common people and the poor. He stayed with them two years, during which he learned to wield the sword, shoot with a crossbow and defend himself with a shield-bracelet. However, at the age of twelve, he was found by some guards when he risked everything to rob inside a nobleman's house. All he wanted to do is advance in his life, stop being a thief and achieve something else, with more personal meaning to him: he wanted to be a soldier of the Imperial Army.

      Justice put him behind bars, in a prison for young criminals. There, some thugs picked on him. He responded and they started to beat him. Then, suddenly, the rage, the sadness and everything Araken held within him burst out in a fit of fury which ended up with one of the thugs dead and him covered in blood. Later on, when he was conscious of what he did, he thought it was his end. However, a mysterous man appeared, paid the fine for Araken's crimes, came to him and simply said: "Let's go home." That was The Master, the leader of the Imperial Order of Monster Hunters, Araken's new home for the rest of his life.


      Seven years of though training and learning were enough to convince Araken that he indeed found "home". The Hunters were very different from the thieves. The latter acted as a family and worked together, but the former acted each one on their own, and sometimes Hunters are more like mercenaries than anything. The Master has told Araken that this is necessary due to the nature of the job, but for Araken, that didn't justify their arrogant attitudes. Despite this, Araken had nowhere to go, and there was nothing else that he could do. The Master could have payed fines, but the crimes he committed were still there and he was just a criminal in society's eyes. An useful one, but a criminal still.

      And so, with twenty six years, Araken lives a simpel life. He hunts monsters, travels around the Empire, rinse and repeat. It is a lonely and dangerous life, but he has come in terms with it. In fact, he likes being a Monster Hunter. Not so the Order, but he tolerates it due to his deep admiration and respect for The Master. He would do anything for him, despite the rumors and badmouthing against The Master.



Narissa Fislen-Hador


Age: 24.

Height: 1'62 m.

Weight: 58 kg.

Born in: The City of Ebikaor.

Family: House Fislen from his father's branch. House Hador, from his mother branch. Both Houses are related to the Great House Zarken.

Job: Priestess of Light.



      Narissa was born in the oldest city of the continent: Ekibaor, which predates the Empire by a long time. Ruled by the wealthy, old and powerful House Zarken, there are many small and medium Houses related to it. Narissa loves her family and respects their traditions. She likes House Zarken and considers them as just and lawful, features that are increasingly rarer these days. However, she does not want to be noticed by everyone as a "noblewoman", as it comes with many prejudices. But it is difficult: her long, straight blonde hair, her emerald green eyes and pale skin are, under the eyes of anyone, an unmistakebly sign of nobility. Those characteristics are typical of nobles related to House Zarken, and come with prejucides: that they are shallow, arrogant, mischeavous. Always scheaming something against the Imperial Crown. They are perceived as untrustful, but as they are very powerful and wealthy, no one dares to lift a finger against them. In short: Hosue Zarken and all Houses related to them are hated or at least disliked.


      Narissa grew up in a wealthy family and was used to have whatever she wanted. It wasn't until her parents told her that they wanted Narissa to be an abbess that she started to do things on her own. An abbess is married in sacred wedlock to an abbot, and both* take care of a designated Temple of Light* where they hold masses, attend the infirm and take care of people's faith in general. This is role usually reserved for middle to low nobility or to common people of importance. However, Narissa wasn't ready nor wanted to marry someone in such a manner.


      One day, a traveling Priestess of Light passed through town. It was Leare of Nashir, a famous Priestess. Narissa saw her attending the weak, the ill, pardoning petty criminals, assisting the women in labour. She also saw her driving away dark energies, tormented spirits and the darkness lying within some of the imprisoned criminals. It was then that she knew what she wanted to be, her role in the Sacred Plan: to be a Priestess of Light. Though her parents refused at first, they finally accepted her decision. Thus, she parted ways with Leare of Nashir to the Sacred City to become a full fledged Priestess of Light.


      At the beginning of the game she is a newly ordained Priestess, sent with the Legion of the Sun to Darshen. It was a royal order that came from high in the schelon of power. Leare was not happy with it, but she could not do anything. She warned Narissa to take care from the Legion, specially from their captain, Heidek. She promised to be careful and went with the Legion.



*Think of these as churches.

*Think of them as priests/pastors.



Heidek Galart-Kurel

Age: 32.

Height: 1'88 m.

Weight: 82 kg.

Born in: The Sacred City, Maban.

Family: House Galart from his father's family branch. House Kurel from his mother's family branch.

Job: Paladin.



      Heidek was born in a wealthy and deeply religious family. As the only child and heir, he was put under a lot of pressure from a very early age. House Galart is famous for their devotion to the Faith and their long line of Paladins that reaches the very first foundations of the Sacred Order. When he was only 10 years old, he started the highly secret training for becoming a Paladin.       When he stepped into the Inner Sanctum of the Great Chapel of Sunlight, he knew it was going to be something that would change him forever, but he accepted it nonetheless.

Heidek became a Paladin at the age of 16, and served the Faith as soldier for many years. He obeyed orders without questioning, doing everything he was asked to do, slaying the enemies marked by the Deacons of the High Clergy. He did exactly as was expected from a Paladin. However, Heidek became less and less happy and felt more and more alienated.

      At the age of 26, after ten years of faithful servitude, he was sent to the southwest of the Empire, the often called "Isolated Province". It was an area mainly untouched by the Empire which simply bended the knee and swore fealty to the Crown. High Deacon Afarez wanted Heidek to destroy a dangerous cult deep within the Shadow Woods, a vast wooded region in the Province. It was supposed to be an occultist cult that worshipped evil spirits of the Dark.

      Alone and sad, Heidek travelled by himself to a remote small village in the woods. However, instead of finding a dangerous cult, he found out that they were only part of an ancient cult to the Primevals, Spirit-Gods that where widly worshipped through the whole continent. The people of the village, cowered in fear and ran to the woods at the sole sight of a member of the Order of Paladins in their home. That moment was crucial to Heidek: he realized that he was being manipulated into committing crimes. He killed, detained and destroyed so much and for what? He didn't even knew what was he doing until then.


      Heidek returned to the Sacred City reporting of a succesful mission but lied at every word he uttered to High Deacon Afarez. Heidek decided that he would no longer follow orders blindly. He would follow his own path, but first, he would take revenge on those that brainwashed him and others like him.


Sherr Hirek


Age: 20.

Height: 1'72 m.

Weight: 63 kg.

Born in: Saran, a town near the capital of the Empire.

Family: ?????? (Not revealed due to minor spoilers)

Job: Druid or Thief. (Player will decide whether he will be one or the other)



      Sherr lived all his life whithin the ranks of the Thieves Guild. His family has always said to him that he was born to be not only a great thief, but also a great leader for the guild. However, he never was so sure about that. Although he loved his family and the members of the guild were very welcoming and kind to each other, he always felt something lacking, a hole in his heart that could never fill. He however did everything that was asked to him and did as was expected of him. But deep within himself, Sherr wanted to travel, roam free and discover what the world could offer to him.

      The Guild ordered Sherr to go to a certain city in the center of the Empire to aid the hideout of the guild, which was having some problems. One day, Sherr was careless and was caught by two corrupt guards, which blackmailed him into stealing for them. Sherr couldn't do anything but accept the deal, but after sometime he decided to run away and leave everything behind: the guild, his family, the corruption of the world. The guards thought he was double-crossing them so they tracked Sherr down and shot him with their crossbows.

      Left for dead and alone in some woods, Sherr was sure to have met his end, until a certain someone came in and rescued him, granting Sherr a new life with her people.



Asher Hirek


Age: 22.

Height: 1'75 m.

Weight: 66 kg.

Born in: Saran, a town near the capital of the Empire.

Family: ?????? (Not revealed due to minor spoilers)

Job: Expert thief.



      Asher defines himself as "A thief that loves his job, and a lover who knows his tricks." As elder brother of Sherr and member of the Thieves Guild, Asher is a devoted thief that has accomplished several great heists and lived for the next. He loves the thrill of the infiltration, the sparkling valuables and the sound of coin. But above everything he loves the Guild and his family, and expects one day not only to be the next leader of the thieves, but also to fulfill the true purpose of the Hirek family.


      When Sherr was sent out to a certain city, Asher had a bad feeling about it. But when Sherr failed to report a couple times he did not wait for orders: he went straight to that city to find out what could had happened to his little brother.


Karsten Zirak-Nakir


Age: 42.

Height: 1'91 m.

Weight: 95 kg.

Born in: Drakar, a major city in the North-East.

Family: House Zirak from his father's family branch, Clan Nakir from his mother's family branch.

Job: Knight-Judge.



     A stalwart defender of Justice and Law and a concerned father, Karsten is a Knight-Judge, a special figure in the Empire whose task is to travel through the Provinces and Regions acting as a mixture of police and judge. Knight-Judges have almost unlimited jurisdiction, being even able to arrest nobles.


     Karsten comes from a long line of Knight-Judges, always loyal and faithful to the Crown, but specially to Justice. Karsten has a strong sense of what is wrong and what is right, and is a firm believer on respecting and obeying the law as the only way society can hold itself and not delve into a chaotic state. A family man and father of two, he loves his wife and family and will do anything to protect them.


     He gets involved with the protagonists when his uncle asks him by letter to watch over and protect Araken and Narissa. He accepted the request with some discretion, but as he travels and gets through some of the events, he will be convinced that they are doing the right thing.


Xander (not his real name)


Age: 19.

Height: 1'78 m.

Weight: 62 kg.

Born in: ?????? (No longer remembers, but I won't reveal it due to minor character spoilers)

Family: ?????? (No longer remembers, but I won't reveal it due to minor character spoilers).

Job: Velaker (like sword dancers but with a scythe).



     The Velakerem* were created as a secret group pledged to protect the Imperial Family, the Emperor and the Heir of the Novga. The almost unknown and elusive Shadow Sages command the Velaker, warriors trained in the arts of shadow manipulation and the scythe. They come from very different social stratum: orphans, condemned nobles, the poor... the forgotten and rejected of the society. They are trained both in mind and body to be Velakerem and after the Shadow Sages are done with them, they pledge inmortal fealty to the Crown.


     Xander is a young Velaker tasked by Shadow Sage Rudor with an important secret task: recover an artifact that could endanger the Imperial Family and their claim to the Dragon Throne.

Although he immmediatly accepts and later joins the group of protagonists, Xander will slowly begin to realize who he really is and what he is doing. He will understand himself and will discover the true nature of the Shadow Sages.


     *Note: Suffix vocal+m forms the plural.


Rashana Parmak


Age: 28.

Height: 1'67 m.

Weight: 57 kg.

Born in: Gaban, a city close to Garkon Tower Facilities.

Family: Commoner.

Job: Energy Manipulator, "EMA" or as it is commonly known: Mage.



    Rashana was born in a commoner family loosely related to a Clan famous to have had great mages in it. She is obsessed with power and with becoming the best and most powerful mage the world has ever knew, and she would go to the extent of doing whatever it takes to do so. She is developing her career as Mage in the prestigious Garkon Tower Academy, the best place to learn magic not only in the Empire, but in the whole world. Despite being quite good with magic, her experiments are labelled by some colleagues as "irresponsable", "too dangerous", "an insult to nature" and "why no one is stopping this mad woman".


    Rashana simply doesn't care about what anyone has to say about her or her experiments. She will be the best mage ever.


Laani Shiref


Age: 27.

Height: 1'71 m.

Weight: 66 kg.

Born in: Lashlan, a city in the As'hak Province, in the South.

Family: Commoner.

Job: Engineer.



    Most people in the Empire would tell you that the people inhabitating the South Provinces are savages living in a savage land. They were somewhat civilized when the mighty dragons and knights of the north conquered them and made them kneel before the Emperor, but a savage remains one forever. The reality is, of course, very different. Laani is living proof of that, being a talented engineer that has very much welcomed everything the northeners taught her people.

    A castaway from her own people for "tinkering with northern evil machines", she lives by herself in an oasis. She misses her family, but the years of isolation has made her stronger than ever was before. From time to time she trades with merchants from the north, travels through the desertic provinces in search of parts and sometimes goes beyond the south into the proper territories of the Empire, always seeking machines, parts and new things to tinker with.

    Laani loves machines and technology but above all she loves guns. All kinds of guns. She wields a pistol modified by herself and often experiments in creating new guns.


Secondary characters


Lairen Saalei (not his true name)

     A monster hunter that holds a grudge against Araken for a reason to be revealed. He is ruthless and cold. Lairen wields powers beyond his comprehension.


The Master

     The leader of the Imperial Order of Monster Hunters and a former one himself. A rather mysterious man with a reputation of being honorable and reliable, but whose former life and deeds are only known by the oldest members of the Order and those very close to him. Araken reveres this man more than himself.


The Mother

     A strange woman living in the woods. She formed the group simply named "Worshippers of Avanias", who devote their lives to venerate Nature and the Primordials. She seems to be much more than meets the eye...


Lahn Ixar


     A father whose main concern are his son and his former family. He will do anything to recover his long lost honor.







This is the first town you visit, Darshen.




This is a village in the woods where The Mother and the Worshippers of Avanias live.




This is the first city you visit in the game, Krastornaban.





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