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About this blog

This is only about gaming, whether that be RPG Maker Game related, outside of RM, or even games requiring no video screen (i.e. Cards,Dice,Parlour,etcetera.)

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ramsey Entry 00F: Ramsey v.1.0

Yes; next version will be 1.0.

I will have the intro chapter and the first chapter finished.

What to expect:

Chapter 0: Introduction: Backstory and Lore
Chapter 1: Ramsey's Demons: Deadbeat Dad; Alley Rats
Game Menu and Menu UI

ETA: Soon (TM)




Entry 00D: RPG Maker MZ

Well, there's not a whole lot I can say as of now, but from what I have seen, MZ looks very promising, and I love seeing coders dropping their code projects here (if only graphic artists would do so as well lolz), but until I get a fair chance to try it for myself (is there a demo version?), I cannot really commentate on it.

I mean, four mapping layers plus the 'auto' option does make it sound like mapping will be very dynamic potentially, which that alone has caught my interest enough to wanna see more, but though I own MV, the cost is still far too high and way more than I ever have in my Steam Wallet. So, I will wait...

It may be five, six years before I see MZ, if ever, but, that's how being underprivileged goes.




Entry 00C: Ramsey and More Problems

So, I've hit yet another roadblock, and I've no clue how to go around it.

I don't have the endurance to stress over these, so if this is something I'm forced to solve on my own, Ramsey v0.1.5 is as far as this goes, and will be the last RM project I do any level of serious work on. It's too much for me to try to create something that I cannot fit into a lacking skill set.

Okay, so you're wondering what the issue is, and why I didn't post this in the RGSS boards.
The latter reason is that I need to talk about this in an open fashion and I can't do that without reprimand in the RGSS board.

The issue:
So, I've used Moby's Sprite Bugfix that makes it so that sprites taller than 32 px aren't affected stupidly by Star Passability tiles.
I've already made one fix that doesn't take screen tone into effect (made an extra viewport and switched around some viewport functions), but now I've run into one more.

I have custom ceiling tiles that when placed, obscure the player. They're in Tileset E. This issue was not present before these tiles were implemented (and thus the event system used to hide the player and then make the player through before undoing those after going through a door or under a ceiling transition was removed once the tiles were implemented), and that issue is that event graphics taller than the player sprite, will get drawn over the player sprite, when the player IS STANDING IN FRONT OF THE EVENT. IT LOOKS BAD, AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A DAMN CHUMP.


So, I asked dearest love @Kayzee for aid, and...naught. She gave an idea to make the events in question Below Characters which not only doesn't help, but gives them Through flags to boot. These door events may as well be guillotine events!

So, am I going to get some help here!? Or, do I let Ramsey's deadbeat father kill her instead!?!?




Entry 00B: Ramsey and a problem I just discovered

Okay, so I've mostly been working on mapping, and getting art assets taken care of, among other things, but I've come to realize that somewhere down the line...

Saving is no longer working, and that's going to be a huge problem for v.1.0. Right now, saving isn't needed to enjoy the demo, but I intend to have the first chapter of the game story done by the first non-demo version, and in that regard, I need saving to work properly. Thing is, I don't know why it doesn't work. So, I will need help with this, and hopefully, @Kayzee can find time between sessions of that new Switch game (that I'll likely never play due to my wealth privilege level being lower), to aid me. If not...hmmm...

Well, I'll cross that bridge when I get there I guess. I'm still waiting on one thing from one artist, who finally has their laptop all setup, and that's great.

I actually am curious about setting system functions like saving to game switches, if that breaks them. I mean, I set the menu command to a switch is all; it won't appear if the switch is off but I wouldn't of thought that would disable the functionality. Hmmm...

Eh. I've a lot on my mind and it is difficult to focus on gamedev, and fuck, even on gaming. I barely can do much of anything without being distracted by this or that, and it's too damn much! I need help here, but I'm most certainly not getting it! Yeah! I need help here!!!! (and asking for it from people offline gets me a 'fuck-you-but-I-won't-actually-say-it' response)

I love the story I have come up with and I want to deliver it; so can I get some damn help here!? Is that too much to ask!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??




Entry 00A: Ramsey, 2/29/2020 (COUNT ON IT)

(clamps hands over ears to silence the cheers, the jeers and the horns)   ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!!   lolz

Anyway, there's not much to say more than yes, those of you who were hoping I'd finally release a demo, are gonna get your wish.   However, there are caveats to note:
I'm still working on a lot of things, and right now, I don't really have a lot of critical things in place, so the first demo release is not going to be feature-filled.

What can be expected:
A short demo, mostly text by the main character and/or the narrator.
Half an hour of gameplay tops A good amount of potential bugs and glitches, mayhaps even Interpreter crashes (need your help in testing!) Some 'easter eggs' Plenty of Ramsey's vulgarities No censorship No saving (kinda pointless as there's only one major event) Mack's/Looseleaf sprite graphics combined with MV hair (it works well honestly) and MV-style face sets Political/Religious references and mockery plus a strong LGBT+ representation (now and going forward!)   What's being worked on: The battle system and battler graphics (I have not found graphics for things like police, military, and so on-do they even exist?), no battles yet
Inventory items, shops and the mercantile system (as of now the third of the three is pretty broken) Clothing/face bits for all twenty-four possible playable characters (only a few have their basic clothing all done with some others having placeholders) Story is still being fleshed out (I have a lot already written down)
Icon graphics (a lot are done but there's much left to do)
Title screen art (gonna need help with this-somehow)
Sorcery system and passive skills (I have a few of the latter done as well as one Destruction element of the former done)
Relationship system possibilities (mostly just a proof of concept as of now)
Custom Map UI (as in a scene that shows a map screen and where certain things are on it) A soft game menu screen that allows the player to leave the game but still technically be playing the game (I have the visuals made but they're not refined yet)
  What's planned:
Multiple endings (I have one 'true' ending in mind) Multiple, replayable game story chapters akin to how Half Minute Hero does it
Character building that caters to the player NSFW/Mature scenes (I'd love to have these as visual scenes but for now they will be text only)
A way to force game/chapter restarts (Hard Game Overs) in the case of something truly horrific happening (I don't know if it is possible though) Cameos from other games and media (I already have a couple of these partially finished)

Supporters and those whom have aided me thus far:
My team (KBGaming): Aylee, Celica, Claire, Fiena, and Rachael
Dearest love @Kayzee, whom has been great with RGSS3 stuffs
@Rikifive, whom has also aided me in RGSS3 stuffs
@AutumnAbsinthe, fellow femme fair who loves horror and memes as much as anyone @Verdiløs Games, whom hasn't been around in a bit, is hopefully recovering well.   You, among many others, have aided and supported me. Merci beaucoup. I hope you enjoy my vision.




Entry 009: Ramsey, not Ramsay

(Spoiler includes potentially NSFW stuffs)   Right now, I'm still pulling together various bits, but I am pretty sure I'll have a demo out soon.

I'm gonna spoil a couple of things.

This game will contain soundscares. Right now, I just have a few soundscares in place, but they'll be fairly common in the game and a small part of the story.   I also intend to have scenes where you're being chased, or are traveling, and I intend to have those in Mode 7, if possible. I don't have all that worked out just yet, but I am getting there.   I am still trying to figure out if I'll be able to have art-depictions of various cutscenes or if those will all be text, but either way, I hope to produce an enjoyable experience.    




Entry 008: Ramsey

Yes, that's the name of the game, and the main character.   I already have some art done, but it's demo art. The actual in-game facesets and sprites will be handled by Neon Black's Character Customization script, which I have a fairly decent handle on, but I'm not going to be doing anything with that until after I get far along in game development. I figured out a way to make the female character sprite for Looseleaf have a flat chest, and I am also using MV's angled faces. Oh, and I'm also using MV's hair for the sprites. I have to shrink the hair and move it around, but it works.

"Why is her name Ramsey? Jon Benet Ramsey??"

Ramsey is partially based on a short story I read long ago, about a grifter by the same name, who is feminine, a runaway, and a victim of rampant child abuse. If I were to go much further into detail, someone like @Rikifive would likely tell me to edit this, so I won't. I forget who wrote it, but I got the distinct feeling that the author had some relatable feelings.

One of the main differences is that the short story was told from the eyes of a grifter back in the 1800's, whilst Ramsey, my game, is set in a non-linear timeline, akin to games like The Elder Scrolls that have no relation to the timelines of Earth as told by government.

Ramsey is like myself, an Anarchist, which also contrasts (in part) the short story character, though if only because she never talks about it, but every chance she got, she'd urinate on the back walls of any religious establishment, and I intend to have Ramsey act similarly (off-camera of course since I'm not that skilled at pixel art lolz), since both iterations of Ramsey are only interested in religion as far as watching it all burn.

Another difference between the short story character and my iteration, is that Ramsey the grifter was a massive alcoholic, whereas my iteration hates alcohol (ties into parental abuse), and would rather get stoned off of some 'dank weeeed'. Actually, both iterations of Ramsey tie their usage of drugs into parental abuse, but Ramsey the grifter was made to like alcohol from a young age, whereas my iteration refused and often got abused as a result.

Something both iterations do share in common is their love of stealing, though my iteration of Ramsey prefers stealing from the undeserving rather than from just anyone, and also hates seeing thieves take from those that are struggling, even offering to help get their stolen belongings back.

I won't spoil the story much more, but I will say that the biggest contrast between the two is that Ramsey the grifter ran away because she killed her last remaining parent, and even left her hometown, whereas my iteration of Ramsey went through two near-death experiences at her last remaining parent's hands, and decided she'd had enough. She made sure that her idiot of a parent couldn't follow her by injuring them, and took off with what she could, though unlike Ramsey the grifter, she made a promise to go back and face her parent once she knew how to do so without resorting to violence. If only she knew just how bad it would be.

I'll also be detailing out how my iteration of Ramsey came to be who she is, rather than having the player figure it out with tidbits of info like how the author of Ramsey the Grifter had done. Since the first part of the game is story driven and far less about combat, it'll be easier to tell the story that way.

Stats that are different from standard RPGs
Equipment that changes character appearance (in part)
NSFW - Maturity Level 4/7 (sexual references, written depictions of various acts, kinks, psychological f*ckery, debaucherous acts, anti-government/anti-religious acts, uncensored language, references to LGBT+ issues/lifestyles, references to 'pop culture' and to other games and mediums, graphic game over screens)
Multicurrency system, Merchant system, Crafting system, Relationship system
Sorcery and Technician skill sets Death/GameOver only in some situations; loss in most combat situations only results in currency loss if that

Completion to demo stage - 4%




Entry 007: Two Things (always better in pairs unless you're playing Batons and Bowls)

So, yes, I have a new game project that I am going to finish at some point. No ETA on playable demo yet. The premise behind my current game project is a continuation of the story of the first Final Fantasy game. There won't really be any elements present from the first game other than some of the mechanics (i.e. sorcery shops and menu music), the characters are going to be custom designed by the player (face and sprite graphics are changed by what the character wears or doesn't wear as well as some settings the player chooses), the music and sounds are not going to consist in any fashion of Final Fantasy music or sound, only the story, and if you haven't played the first Final Fantasy game at all, then there's a good chance you won't even know you're playing a game whose story continues on that of the first game's story.   The only thing present from the first game are the enemy sprites, though they are faithful recreations from the first game.   This is a sideview battle system, and with everything I have in the game, it's going to be resource heavy (it is for me but it does run).   Currently, I have all the spells finished and their shop items (using TsukiHime's Shop Manager here) finished so that the spells can be purchased. All the spells also are separated into three types: Destruction Restoration Alteration There are three spell caster classes, Magus, Cleric and Auril, the third is also able to learn some enemy skills and has the most Alteration experience. Also, the Auril is able to learn all three types of spells readily, though Destruction and Restoration spells are not learned at the same rate. All three spell caster classes can learn all three spell types, though the Magus will have to have a secondary class (using Yanfly's Class System) to learn Restoration spells, as well as to learn all Destruction and Alteration spells.   I have the healing items finished, the main ones used in most situations anyway. Their formulas are done though I'll be changing their icons once I get that situated.   I have the main characters fleshed out and am working on hidden characters that are unlocked via specific situations. One of them is a tie-in character to a side project that I have kinda-sorta started.   Other than that, not much else to say.   The other thing is that I started work on a ROM hack of Final Fantasy (NES), turning it into an open-world-ish experience, by allowing one to walk anywhere (almost), and by having ship ports in many more places but also on every continent. I also made other changes because being able to go anywhere means that one could face stronger enemies before they're ready to, so every enemy drops triple the amount of gold they normally drop, so that supplies will be easier to purchase, and I changed the starting amount from 400 to 20,000. I changed the way classes gain spell points and have it to where most classes can learn spells at some point, and also changed some spells to be usable by mages and clerics alike due to their properties being on the side of Alteration spells (things like status ailment spells that don't deal damage or resistance spells, etcetera), which both 'white' and 'black' magic have in their arsenal. Spells like Fast (Haste), and Tmpr (Temper), are learnable by any class that can learn spells to name a couple.   I didn't change the cost of any items, nor any other stats of enemies (with exceptions to a few whose resistances I did change due to logic among other minor changes), but I did change bonus to hit percentages, and elemental weakness damage. The Harm spells (remains Restoration spells) affect more than just undead, and that's about it. Oh, you can land the airship on any walkable tile, and that includes the mountain tiles which I've adjusted to be a desert background for in-battle.   That's all I've got for now.




coding problems Entry 006: Demo for game project 99% ready (CANCELED)

Below lies the original blog that has lost relevance.   Due to the way I was treated on a different and now completely untrustworthy forum, I've come to grips with the fact that as much as I love creating, I'm no artist, no game dev, and most certainly not able to continue on. I'd ask for help but there's no point so from now on, unless by some miracle of Eden and Yggdrasil that comes in the form of a deep apology and pledge to never harm me again and to aid me in whatever I need, I'll simply be a gamer. Hello, depression, hello, darkness, goodbye, fairness, honesty, and light....  




Entry 005: New Project (not saying the name yet)

I've made some progress with this new project, and I intend to finish it.   I have the playable characters planned out, and a story arc as well.   I will be using the standard VX Ace style sprites, and forward facing face graphics the generator provides. Of course, most of my custom graphics will be made in GCH: PE (which has been updated to 3.5 as of the day of this post), but there will be plenty of variety.   I currently have issues with some things, but I'll get them worked out.   I also am working on a button configuration script that will allow one to customize what buttons function as confirm, cancel, menu and dash, as well as debug functions so that those that wish to test with a gamepad can do so comfortably.   That's pretty much it for now. Obligatory shout out to the best ever codex manager, @Kayzee; you rock, girl!




Entry 004: Throes of Damnation (indefinite shelving)

(all typed on mobile - I know, yuck - so help me out already dammit)    There isn't much to say about this project other than that due to a couple of reasons (one being more prevalent than the other), Throes of Damnation is being indefinitely shelved.    The first reason is obvious; I no longer have a working computer, and the possibility that all my files are gone and/or corrupted, leaves a strong possibility that the project may be gone altogether, but until I know more, I have to presume that I might not have any of my files, but definitely no access.    The second reason, which is more prevalent, and even if I still had a working computer, would be enough for the indefinite shelving, is due to my heavy use of a tileset that I borrowed from Luxaren Allure (I did get permission to use it), which is now no longer an option due to the artist disallowing any use of her work by anyone else. Ultimately, that's fine, but it really puts a stopper on the project because I have never seen a tileset quite like that one (because it quite simply doesn't exist).    If I can mitigate these issues, especially the lack of a dark, demonic and empty-feeling tileset, then I will continue Throes of Damnation. Until then, the project is shelved.    Shame, really; I haven't seen another RM game that uses a Duel Monsters like battle system... 




gamedev Entry 003: Throes of Damnation (small update)

I've been dealing with a lot of garbage as of late, so progress has slowed to a trickle.   I'm actually still figuring out story and locations related to story. That part has been difficult to do.   Also, I keep running into bugs with syntax, a lot of times in battle due to some sort of conflict or NoMethodError nonsense or a number of other things. Some of it I've been able to correct, some I've had to disable scripts to avoid, and some I've come across due to Game_Interpreter being stupid, that of which I've decided to avert by doing some really shoddy backhacking.   I've also been testing out some of the modifiers I've made to existing scripts, and I recently made a fix to one of my own.   I made a scriptlet that changes the Dash button. I made it so that one could bind it to a switch, or to a variable (I've not written that out as of yet but I know how to write it). However, if one uses Yanfly's System Options, my scriptlet breaks Autodash, if one changes the Dash button (it works fine if left unchanged).   So, I figured out exactly what runs Autodash, and incorporated it into a scriptlet. Took me about ten minutes. It works.   Well, other than scripting...I've progressed very little elsewhere. I'm trying to cobble together all the possible summons, but to be honest, I kinda wanna go further into the game and see where that goes before designing those further. However, until those are done, I won't be able to redo the skills for each one.   I have a few NPC characters done, and I've also resized some small battlers so that they can look like they're not meant to be on a Game Boy Advance screen.   I'm getting there; unfortunately my excursion with MV was a big distraction, and it did kind of take from my creative energies towards this project. Well, anyway, until next time, true believers...




Entry 002: Throes of Damnation (updates and such)

If you've NOT read the first post, you can do so here. In fact, I recommend that you do because I'm NOT going to recap the first post.   Anyway, since then, I've made some progress, got more resources, and I have Unity from RPG Maker NET (if you have an account here, I'd like to know your moniker so I can mention you properly), for a tileset that she has allowed me to use (and I will as soon as I get to that point in map creation).   Progress I've made: *One full emotion set for the female character *Working transfer events *A few working cards (with restrictions working as well) *Weapon Damage Formulas are working (though the random damage tends to fall either high or low for some odd reason) *Found a bunch of different Game Over screens (however I've run into another issue which I'll get to in a bit) *Found a decent Windowskin (thanks to @Amysaurus for letting me use the one she made for MV - still not sure if it will be the one I use for game release but it does well for what is needed) *Settled on default Battle, Victory, Game Over themes (for now but those may change) *Decided to use actor slots for monster summons (currently, the monsters are using RTP faces but that will change though to be honest the first one I created actually fits well with the RTP face I chose so when the time comes I'll be sticking with that idea for the creation of a new face) *Figured out the way to make a restrict evaluation work with Yanfly's Skill Restriction so that I can have it read specific conditions (still working out some of the kinks but I've got the syntax down) *I've created two of the four demo maps (three floors, two rooms in one odd demonic like castle), and have fleshed out walking paths to my liking *I've made all the dueling disks (there's only ten different disks and there's very little difference among them other than number of card slots and a few other minor things) *I've altered the TP (known as CP or Charge Points-see first post for full info) so that the Duel Disk equipped changes how much one can have max (right now I've no decided on the max nor progression of CP and all Duel Disks have a cap of 40) *I have a partial storyline written down, but I've not progressed far enough to implement it as of yet *I corrected a small error with the layering of clothing for the female character in GCH: PE (skirt/shoes was not showing up before and it made her look like she was simply walking around in white stockings and a purple blouse) *I've decided on the number of cards that will be available to collect (there will be one hundred and ten in total-though ten of the cards will mainly be Easter Egg type candy and have little other useful function) *Adding to above- @lonequeso I don't know about using Tom Cruise but I can see about recreating his face for the Hell of it   Issues I'm facing: *Game Over screens (right now I've decided on @Tsukihime's Game Over screen script but when I use the script call associated with the script I get an invalid Game Interpreter error (just Ruby being uncooperative and throwing a fit like usual - @Kayzee could be of some help here but I'll let her enjoy her Nintendo Switch) *RPG Maker MV Kids DLC being locked behind multiple paywalls (yeah, I'm going to need this to be able to use that DLC in GCH: PE) *Running low on Steam Wallet funds (I bought the Casino Tiles for VX Ace at full price when I should of waited for the sale and saved $6-but I had no way of knowing) *Having an issue deciding where to drop my demo that won't be a long and arduous process (you all can forget Steam because I don't have $100 nor is there any justification to spend that kind of money on a game that I'll be releasing for free) *I'm having other Ruby syntax issues that are just a minor burden that I'll eventually figure out   That's all everyone.




Entry 001: Throes of Damnation

I've decided to start on a smaller side project, and I plan to pursue this to its' finish.   As for the title, I do believe it is going to remain the same, though it may change, but I'd like to keep the tone of the game as much of a match to the title as possible.   Not going to spoil many details here, as a good portion of them are still being hammered out, but basically, the character you play (you can choose between male and female though the choices are not going to be directly indicative of the character's gender) is dead, or so the character believes, with ample reason.   The main idea of the game is to survive harsh battles using mainly your wits and what the depths of the Void (as the character will describe it by sight sound and feel) provides, namely a weapon of some kind, as well as Soul Cards that are inserted into a pseudo Duel Disk. These Soul Cards are designed much like Duel Monster cards, in that, once used up, must be discarded (in this case, unequipped).   EDIT: The usage of these cards may or may not be limited, as invoking these limits is not easily done.   One will have the three following things to worry about in battle: VP-Vitality Points This is how damage one can endure before the battle ends, favoring one's opponent/s. Mana This is what is used when using Spell Cards, Spawning Trap Cards, and for SOME of the Force Cards. CP-Charge Points This is what is used when using MOST of the Force Cards, and when Summoning Monster Cards.   At the end of any given battle, win OR lose, you're fully healed, though there will be cases that a loss will be grounds for a Game Over. Usually, these will be attached to a cutscene (actually all Game Over sequences will be attached to a cutscene but not all cutscenes will be related to losing a battle).   Speaking of battles, there are both random encounters and event battles, but only event battles will have potential Game Over cutscenes. Also, take note that one can flee any given battle situation, unless the event battle calls for some special scene.   In-Depth Functions: Direct Attack-The player can invoke a direct attack with their weapon, but only against their opponent/s (if the player's opponent/s summon defenses, the player must quell those first before a Direct Attack is usable). Also, summoned Monsters can also use a Direct Attack in addition to their abilities with the same restriction applying. Summoned Monsters-If the player has at least one Monster summoned, the player cannot be attacked directly. The inverse is applied when an opponent summons a Monster. Spell Cards-Unlike Duel Monsters, these are equipped and the associated spell is instantly usable. However, there will be a limit to how many times the Spell is usable. Trap Cards-Basically the same functionality, only difference being that the effect may remain, but the card is usable only once. Force Cards-These cards are designed to enhance the player's own abilities, including attack power, and so on. They may also provide skills that can be used, but usually are meant for further enhancement of the player and/or any of the player's summoned monsters. There are some Force Cards that will have an effect on opponent/s and/or opponent's Monsters as well. Monster Cards-Basically, like summoning friends to battle to assist you. They will always be your shield.   Vitality Points-This will start out very low, and increase as you become more experienced with battles. Mana-This will also start out very low, and increases as you become more experienced in battles. Charge Points-This starts out at a low amount each battle, and increases as the battle goes on. It also increases whenever you use a skill that costs Mana or a Direct Attack. The maximum amount of Charge Points allowed will depend on the Duel Disk you have equipped.   Plans for graphics, and so on... No RTP wherever avoidable, and I have plenty of decent music already from the DLC I got through the Humble Bundle sale (thanks to @Plague Docteur who bought the Steam keys for me-I won't forget your beautiful deed!) I also have plenty of graphics because of said sale, so I intend to use those as well. I have no intentions of using the default sprites, since the main characters are made with Second Story parts (bought that DLC myself but thanks to @Kayzee for getting me GCH: PE), I'll be making the sprites for all characters with these, well, short of anything requiring tentacles or wings or whatever else.

Well, anyway...onto the icky parts. What I need help with.   Card Slots: Mainly, what needs to happen is this. The amount of card slots will be determined by the Duel Disk used. If the player has no Duel Disk equipped, this becomes zero. I have a script tool made by  Ninjamida that allows one to add and remove equip slots, however, the method used to invoke these removals would require I use common events to determine which slots to add and remove and it would ultimately be very messy.   EDIT: I found one of Fomar's scripts that allows me to do this in a very clean manner.

Weapon Formulas: I'm using Kread-Ex' Weapon Formulas script so I can emulate weapon damage ranges like how one would find in games like Adventure Quest. Currently, I'm having issues as I continue to get a zero damage result.

Formula Example from the notebox:
(a.atk * 3) + ((1 + rand(3)) - 1) - b.def * 1.5
</formula> <formula_variance: 0>   This appears to be valid, but am not getting a valid result for damage.   EDIT: Damage Formulas are working (unrelated issue causing a miss).   Monster summons and disabling direct attacks against the player/opponent if monsters are summoned:   I'm actually not sure if there are scripts out there for this, but it would certainly be easier than trying to invoke states that carry a 0% TGR because sadly, a 0% TGR actually does NOT deter attacks.   Edit: I've decided to use actor slots for the monster summons. Still looking for the player protection though. I'd use @Tsukihime's Untargetable States, but that would prevent a summoned monster from healing the summoner too.   Well, that's about all. I'll update this as things come up. I actually have the creators of Labyrinthine Dreams (another game I bought myself) to thank for part of my inspiration. It is a game I do recommend, though to be honest, it is not meant for the hardcore gamer.



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