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About this blog

In this blog you will follow the path of the citizens of Nira, or at least the ones who escaped or the ones who wrote their story.

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Casey's Journal N.6



I haven’t heard from Dian in a long time since I gave him that book, I’m getting worried. I went to the cabin to check on the painters, as I was approaching it, three large men were leaving it, Sares personnel. After they left, I entered the cabin, and the once colorful room, was now gray… and red. I could never imagine that, the painters were laying on the ground covered in blood, one of the bodies was pointing at a picture, I picked it up and behind it was a note, the note read:


“Dian is still alive, he is at Ulfigs, hidden”


    I was relieved that Dian was still alive, and after reading the note, I went home, but before i could leave the cabin, I heard something inside, in a small compartiment was a kid, he was probably twelve years old, he didn’t say a word, he just wrote a note and handed it to me:


“Dian is my brother, and I am a new painter”


I asked him his name and he did not reply. I told him to follow me, and then went home. When we arrived home, there was something written on the wall:


“UF, LO, FU, IR, GT, SH”



The little boy looked at those letters for a moment and wrote something in a piece of paper, handed it to me and walked away, and signed me to follow him.



The Painters



“The Painters are people who didn’t had part in our society” said Dian, “We get selected based on our personality, but art is not considered necessary, so they just send artistic people to work on the fields, that’s why there’s no color in this city. Let me ask you something Casey, have you ever seen a poetry book on the Third Tower?”, “No” that was the answer, “What about an art book? Does art have history in Nira?”, “No…”, “Because art doesn’t exist in Nira, the Third Tower have scientific texts and nothing else, that is why it is so hard to people to break free of this illusion that is Nira, they don’t have creativity, The Painters are trying to escape Nira, but we need help from someone that has access to the blueprints from the Third Tower, that’s why we brought you here”, “I will get them, if you can distract Sares for some time”.




The next day I went to work like always, but this time I had a plan, I did not needed to bring the blueprints, I just needed to look at them, the plan was simple, I knock the blueprint out of the shelf, look and memorize it, and describe it to The Painters so we can escape, but we did not expect the visit of Ceros in the Third Tower. I thought he was going to check the Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr, but instead he reached for the shelf and took the exact blueprint we needed, in his way out he knocked some books out of the shelf, as I was going to put those books back, I saw a interesting book, “Encryption”, I picked the book and read the first page, “This is a book meant for the successors of The Four, it contains the language used on all encrypted messages over Nira”, even my eidetic memory could not memorize that, it was too much for me to process, so i took the book back to the cabin and gave it to Dian.






    A week after Dian showed up at my house, I started to watch the city around me, I had new eyes, the city that once looked perfect was now a dull place. I had a free day from work, so I went to Low Nira, when I got there, I noticed something I had never seen before, a giant wall surrounding the whole city, people working in black clothes under the hot summer sun, kids inside of their homes studying, even though their roles were assigned from the day they were born. The city I once looked with wonder is now… dull. There are no other words to express it, after that visit to Low Nira, and the realisation that anything you did in that city did not mattered, I went to Mid Nira.

    I got there, my vision of this city could not change anymore, everything was colorless, black, white, gray, in a distance, I saw something weird, something different, I could see orange spread out, it described a path, it was late, maybe 22 or 23 hours, I followed the path until there was no colors to follow, they lead to a door, I knocked on the door and when someone answered, i blacked out.




    I woke up the next day in a weird place, a cabin, there were 5 people there, the first one I saw was Dian, “Shit, I screwed up, this is the part where he kills me!”, that was my first thought, but then i remembered the dropped note. He said “Are you alright? I needed to do that, Sares would send others after you if i didn’t do that.”, to what I replied “Do what? I don’t remember anything”, “I knocked you out, and sorry for the spook the other day, Sares need to think I am working for him”, I looked around and saw the most beautiful thing, “Colors!”, there were so many drawings and colorful pictures in that cabin, they warmed my stone cold heart, I asked Dian “Who are these people?” to what he replied “Those are the member of Rju hufudosn, the painters.”, “You should rest a bit longer, I’m sure this is a little too much to process right now, don’t worry, Sares can’t see this room.”




    When i got home, there was a man outside, he asked me to enter, and showed me a card saying “The Second”, indeed Sares knew what I did, the man introduced himself, “I am Dian, you surely know why I am here.”, he was after the notes, by that time I had already memorized the writing on the second note, so i just handed it over to him, and asked “Do you understand anything that is written in that?”, he looked me in the eye and said “Do not interfere with this kind of business, this is just a warning, next time you won’t leave this easily”, before leaving, he dropped something, by the looks of it, it was intentional.

I picked up what he dropped after he left, it was a note with an encrypted message and a piece of orange cloth, the note read:


"A lie indeed, you must find out, Rju hufudosn

RT, JH, FB, SO."


I was getting used to the notes, but what is up with this piece of cloth? Such an unusual color, every clothing in here is either black or white. I decided it could be connected to the notes so I kept it. I laid on my bed and start thinking about the first note, “Noha om a dou”, Noha, that word sounds so familiar, after thinking for about an hour, that word resembles Nira, by association, O could be I and H could be R, so i used that logic and changed all of the letters in the note:


"Nira im a die"


Die?! The only death experienced in Nira was by age, death wasn’t common, it scared me, “Am I going to die just because I found this damned note?”, I tried to calm down, but it was no use, I was too anxious, so I left the house to walk a little. It was dark, the streets were desert, the only movement I could see was the wind blowing on the trees, I stopped to think about that piece of cloth, its color was so uncommon, every clothing is black or white, I have never seen orange in clothing before, after pondering on that color, I started to see how colorless everything was, every building was gray, even the plants were colorless, everything felt so… dull. That color made me realize that Nira was not perfect, it was the first step to getting out of that city.






The Third Tower was a huge library, it had 50 floors, each floor had its own category, I worked on the 50th floor, together with Filo. The 50th floor had all the blueprints and plans for Nira, all of them were encrypted, in the center of the room, there was a big book, the title was “Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr”, Filo and Ceros were usually reading it.

While I was organizing the books, I noticed something behind the shelf, when Filo wasn’t looking, I pushed some books out of the way, and there was something written, “Noha om a dou” and a piece of paper, the piece said:

“Don’t believe them, Noha om a dou…

NN, OI, HR, AA, MS, DL, UE.”


I was confused to what that meant, I kept the note and erased the writing on the wall, during the next few days I kept trying to decipher it, “Noha om a dou, what does this mean?”.

A few days after that, I noticed that same line written in other places, everywhere I went, I saw that line, maybe it was just random words, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t, it had something to do with “Noha, rju Ulxuhoiunr”.

Another day organizing the books, another writing on the wall, “Psn nsr rhwmr rjui” and a note saying:


“They lie, hwn…

HR, WU, NN, PD, SO.”


I did the same with this one, erased the writing and took the note home, this time I didn’t even think twice, “I need to know what this means!”.

To understand this, you have to know what Nira is, or rather what it should have been, Nira was supposed to be a utopia, where everyone was happy. In reality, it was an experiment, the city was lost, as well as its purpose, its creators are long gone.
To better understand it, first I am going to explain the “politics”, the city was controlled by “The Four”, First was Ceros, the leader; Second was Sares, the watcher; Third was Filo, the researcher; and the Fourth, Niko, the censor. The presence of a censor was not completely necessary, since everyone thought they were in a utopia, but there would always be someone like me, who discovered the truth, with a slight difference, they would not keep it to themselves, as you would have guessed, they would be “silenced”. Filo had in her tower all the knowledge from Nira, including blueprints from the whole city and the plans for the experiment . Sares was never seen, he stood inside of his tower, watching, every single step of every single person. Ceros was the leader of the city, he and Filo were the only ones that were supposed to know about the experiment. Each 10 years, a new group would be chosen as the new “The Four” and each period would be named after the leader, the Ceros era was in its 7th year.
Nira was divided in three “provinces”: High Nira, where the wealth and important people lived; Mid Nira, mostly market; and Low Nira, where the common people lived. I lived on Low Nira, when I turned 16 i was assigned to work with Filo in the Third tower. To work on the towers was a honor, so everyone who worked on one moved from Low to High Nira.
Now you have a little of knowledge about Nira, you probably want to know whose story is this, right? I’m Casey Nil, I was born and raised inside of Low Nira to later be moved to High Nira, that is what you need to know, for now.