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A blog for all of my Loose Leaf and Mack edits.

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Even More Edits

So most of you know I am a Loose Leaf junkie. If you don't know what Loose Leafs are, it's a lesser known and used type of tall sprite. For years there was an online generator to customize your own LLs, but the site is no longer working. Fortunately, some brave soul extracted the resources into png files for the entire community. I have my own copy of the pngs, and I've been editing away like a good little addict, expanding the power of the Loose Leaf generator.   I'm back with a fresh round of edits to share. The Odyssey continues.   Head feathers.   Harness 1   Harness 2   Tank Top   Suit Jacket   Chain mail Top   Chain mail Bottom   Badge   Epaulets   Satchel     Small Male (Remember to adjust items after adding the layers. It's surprisingly easy to make them, just takes a bit more work)   Small Female (Remember to adjust items after adding the layers. It's surprisingly easy to make them, just takes a bit more work)   (The small sprites have been shortened by 4 pixels each. 2 pixels have been removed from the torso, and 2 from the legs.)     I also have some grids I use just to make sure everything is tight and right frame-wise first time.   Grid Single   Grid Full     Enjoy! And whatever you do, don't credit me. This isn't my work, I just do edits.  

That One NPC

That One NPC


Destiny Star Face Collection [COMPLETE]

Listen to me...   You are all travelers, stars that wander freely across time and space.   And you have all assembled at this point in time, at this point in space.   Together you will all be victorious.   Together you will all shape destiny.     54 stars have been created and I have been working on the exact teams for the battle sequences.   Player's Battalion WIP, WIP, Matulu   'Green Nation' Battalion Tarik, Rebekah, Gavin   'Green Nation' Reservists Grace, Lupa, Lupo   Rebel Leadership Helen, Ivan, Doc Neilson   Lancaster Family Diana, Dawn, Hope   Elvish Battalion Thessius, Larissa, Lindell   Barakat Family Sivante, Sivana, Sivash   'Yellow' Nation' Battalion Wendel, Cloe, Horace   'Cyan Nation' Battalion Vera, Victoria, Mason   Kobold Battalion Tajiro, Tijaro, Tajeet   Goblin Battalion Gakumba, Garuta, Goruga   Reinhardt's Battalion Reinhardt, Flint, Skylar   The Lost Elves Navara, Vallio, Vennonia   The Machinists Annette, Perry, Edith   Master Spellcasters Shani, Zufar, Gladis   Martial Artists Lee Fang, Yvonne, Rae'Oku   Thief/Rogue/Con Team Jon, Leetus, Jacques       Misc Stars Niki   Tia   Lilly   Edward Omadika   Non-Playable, Non-Star Characters Edgar Omadika, Edna Omakida, Lucretius Omadika   Agamedes is a WIP concept.  

Destiny Star Face Collection [Update#3]

It's been a while since I've been around with any sort of updates, and I'm about to make up for that. I've been working on more faces for Destiny Star Saga.   I created a concept for the lead male's father.   I made some concepts for the 'cyan nation'.   'Yellow nation' characters.   Goblins and kobolds, anyone?   A few loose concepts.   Some imperial soldiers who will join your army after being defeated.   I've planned a rather large scene for their surrender and hope to do a lot with them within the plot.   Made a concept for Emperor Omadika and his family. The son will actually join your cause.

Destiny Star Saga: Face Collection

I made 36 character concepts, and I'm now certain it is possible to make a large scale cast using the face generator. L.L. sprites are flexible enough to get the job done for almost any face, so I think I'm going to begin developing the setting and plot so I can get busy fleshing out and finalizing character concepts.           A new concept I've put some development into. One of the last living Blood Elves. Her species were wiped out as a result of their uncontrollable blood lust and appetite for violence. It always lead to war, and they destroyed themselves fighting humans, other elves, and each other. 300 years ago, human kingdoms launched a campaign to destroy the last of their decaying empire, and a culling of the species began, turning into a genocide over time. Nevara was raised among Elves and taught to control her temperament, but she was never able to adjust to the lifestyle of a 'normal' Elf. She constantly rebelled or lost control and got into trouble. As a young woman, she ran away to separate herself from other people in order to protect them.      

That One NPC

That One NPC

Destiny Star Face Collection [Update#2]

I got a few sprites done this evening. I like how this is unfolding. One of my favorite things about Suikoden is the massive variety of characters and being able to create something similar is turning out to be rewarding, and I'm just getting started.       Going to be among the lot of lead protags, and will probably have playable siblings. He will be your first 'tank' class character.   Dialogue: -Freedom is my payment, and I owe that freedom to you.   I love this concept. He was an imperial soldier before he renounced fighting to return home and marry his sweet heart. Shortly after they came for him, to arrest him for desertion. In a frenzy, the worked up mob of soldiers light the house ablaze. Unbeknownst to the soldiers, his terrified wife had been hiding inside and burnt to death. Rushing home at the sight of the smoke, he was sent into a rage and killed more than half of the men who had come to arrest him. During the grief that followed he was arrested without incident and has remained in a small, dark cell ever since.   The party frees him in order to help defend the surrounding lands. I pictured the scene when the heroes say his name aloud in the king's throne chamber, and a nearby servant physically withdraws in horror, backing into a pedestal, sending some manner of pottery crashing to the ground. Classic.     A few new face concepts. Also my cleanest looking elf concept so far. I may redo the other three.

That One NPC

That One NPC

Destiny Star Face Collection [Update]

I worked on a few new concepts last night, a few of them having more development than others. I got a new set of generator parts the other night as well, so I have many more mouth and eye options to choose from.   I updated the lead protag's protector role.     I really like this character, and plan to make her among the best out of the 'tank' class characters.  Dialogue: -I'm just an old gal, but I've been through the wringer with this war. -Take me out. You'll see.  

Destiny Star Face Collection

Lately I have been considering the development of a Suikoden tribute game. I plan to use Loose Leaf sprites due to the striking similarities between the styles.   I also decided to use the Ace generator for faces. Both offer a semi-unique character build each time you create a set.   I have drafted faces for a few concepts, but have yet to sit down and build sprites. I did create sprites for two of the leads I've been developing.     Not sure how many total characters I want, but 54 would be half of 108, at least. Not all will fight, but the above were combat concepts.

Male Folder V1

To make things a little easier, I just zipped up my entire Male folder.    Male.zip   There may be some loose, rando bits here and there i'm not the most organized person when I'm working in strange territory, lol. (Not really a graphics guy.)   You'll notice a few base files, but they were my first crack at skin tones. The 'Male Generator' pnd (if you have Paint.net) has 7 skin tones I made recently. Some aren't great, but, it was a work in progress.   The 'Workshop' pnd is where I worked don all of my edits, and there should be an incomplete project underway. I was exploring the viability of adding a quiver and bow option.

That One NPC

That One NPC


More Edits

Since I had competed these, I might as well share 'em.     I cleared the shadowed skin from around each of the hair and bang layers. This was done for layers of headgear, and different skin shades. I may double back and mae those skin pixels transparent to maintain shadowing over darker skin tones, but I didn't think of that until I had cleaned them up.   01a Hair.zip 01b Bangs.zip   Chainmail   A high collar shirt option.   A sword that rests at the waist rather than on the back.    An edit of the helmet I did to match an Ace generator part I have.   Male slippers (perfect for monks or fighters).

That One NPC

That One NPC


Final Fantasy Sprites V1

I sat down and made a few of my FF characters using the DIY Loose Leaf generator, and after successfully completing Stryker, Casius, and Cideon, I finally managed to complete the perfect (or close to, at least) Loose Leaf sprite for Seto.   I'm pretty excited about how well all four came out. I attempted some generated faces, but the only decent one is Seto's.     Seto   Stryker   Casius   Cid   This is more or less how the characters were created to look and dress. As close as I was going to get any sprite without commissioning work. I can't wait to make Ana, Marrick, Lilly, Biggs, and all of the others.       I also did adult sprites for the Earthbound characters, just having some fun.     Ness   Paula   Jeff   Poo

That One NPC

That One NPC

Tactical Class Concepts V1

I recently found a pair of plugins that allow you to emulate a Final Fantasy Tactics sort of game. I couldn't resist putting a bit of my RM time into playing with a concept.   That led me to Galv's army manager, and from there I ended up at Avery's iconset, and later, the Loose Leaf generator.   I did drafts for a solid set of classes using the online generator. You'll notice they are just screen shots. I stopped trying to clean them up when I found the png file pack. Using the DIY files, I plan to improve each concept, although it will be more time consuming using the DIY method, because the website let you build both male and female versions at the same time with relative ease.   Leader A | Leader B (player character)   Recruit   Squire | Knight | Paladin   Barbarian | Raider | Berserker   Lancer | Sentry | Phalanx   Archer | Sniper | Ranger   Novice | Mage | Arch Mage   Healer | Cleric | Grand Cleric   Thief | Bandit | Rogue   Fighter | Monk | Master   Ninja | Assassin | Shinobi   Outlaw | Pirate | Captain     With the freedom of the DIY process, I know I can make each of these that much better.  

Edits and Mack Rips

Since discovering the Loose Leaf sprite generator, I have been on a quest to expand the available selection of parts. Most of these are simple edits that give more options, and make those simple edits readily available for multiple uses.   My edits are imperfect - newbian at best - but I am thick skinned, and always willing to correct my mistakes. So feel free to give feedback and tell me where and how I've messed up. I promise you I will not take it as judgement, but be thankful for the assistance it truly is.   If you use any of this stuff, you're not to credit me. I just edited existing sprite materials. I've created nothing. These are Loose Leaf sprites with some Mack and RTP part rips.   I have done some crude edits of existing Loose Leaf parts.   I turned the robe into a tunic that doesn't obscure as much of the leg area. It's not much of a change, but it's perfect for knights and warriors.
The loose cloth areas could maybe be cleaned up a bit, but as part of a composition, it isn't as noticeable   I also cut the tunic in half for even more customization, and to port the lower half into a waist option.     A  more basic headband option with no tie to the rear.   .Two versions of the bandana that give it more flexibility.     A third waist guard option.     A Cloth belt to add more waist options. (Mack Rip) Also check out the fingerless gloves.     A simple waist sash. A more decorative waist sash. A simple torso sash (or strap).     Arm bracers, and shin guards, for more armor customization and lighter class builds.     Light shin pads.     Head gear ripped from Mack sprites (some may not line up to your liking, or require removal of overlapping hair pixels)     I made this sword strap from scratch. No credit is necessary. Consider it's usage rights akin to Loose Leaf sprites commercially speaking. (I forget if LL sprites are commercial or not. I never intend to go commercial so I forget what's what in that regard.)