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tutorial TUTORIAL: Moving background for trains and trams

In this tutorial, I'll be teaching you how to make a moving train/tram/other vehicle/etc. without much work! This is NOT the same as a vehicle event. This is to get the effect of movement in the background.   This is something I decided to do in my remake of the first Half-Life game, for the first chapter, Black Mesa Inbound.   WHAT YOU'LL NEED:
RPG Maker (I use VX Ace, but I'm sure it works in any of them, given you have access to something like the below script.)
HimeWorks' Map Screenshot script (or similar)   First, make your train or tram.
  The blank background behind it is extremely important.   Next, you need to make the scenery you want to have the appearance of moving - I.E: another map. A really, really long map. Once you make it, use the script to take a mapshot.
Copy your mapshot into this folder in the Graphics folder of your project...:
  ...And then go back to your tram/train map and put your mapshot as a Parallax Background in your Map Properties. For Black Mesa Inbound, I don't need it to move very fast, so I have it on these settings: Then time it, calculate the time in frames and have the map change to the "dropoff location" (Parallel Process event). In the case of my Half-Life remake, that would be a still map where a guard walks over and lets you out, then leads you to the next chapter.   What if you have to use multiple tilesets to get the effect you want? (I.E - simulating going through numerous locations) I had that same question for myself and it was an easy enough answer - make multiple maps, take multiple mapshots and splice them all together into one image. I'm having to do this for Black Mesa Inbound.   What if I want background characters to move on the background instead of standing in one place? I don't have an answer for this one. I considered having the characters all be set to "Below" and "Through" and sort of shimmy in place before being set to Transparent, but that didn't quite work. In the end, having them standing there looks populated enough for my taste. If anybody has an answer to this, please comment it down below!     Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial useful in your development endeavours!




Dead Evolution

Hello everyone! I'm Abby Freeman and I am officially announcing my venture into survival horror - Dead Evolution.   WHAT IS DEAD EVOLUTION? Dead Evolution is a survival horror RPG game. You play as Timothy Wong, a man looking to help make a cure for the zombie virus. Well, technically, there already was a cure released via an aerosol agent. It just made the zombies mutate. Some gained sentience, wandering the wasteland fully aware and yet unable to speak or remember their pasts; other gained new abilities, like screaming or running. As Timothy, you're searching for one of the sentient zombies to bring back to your home base... But there are complications, such as your communication device breaking, nearly running out of ammo, being unable to track the zombie right away, etc. that prevent this from being too easy. But the game doesn't end once you get back to the base - all of that was just the first half of the game. The second half involves more zombie killing, saving your child and a BFG. There are companions, but they can't help in combat outside of certain scripted circumstances.   Think 7 Days To Die meets Days Gone meets Resident Evil.   WHO ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS? The guy you'll see the most of is Timothy Wong, a former high school science teacher-turned-combat scientist. He's good natured and kind, always looking out for others. In other words, the perfect candidate for the cure effort. He's mastered using guns and knives against the zombies. Outside of Timothy, there's not really another "major character". For NPCs though, there are several. There's Brandi Mitchell, a sweet lady with a heart of gold and a steel-cored baseball bat. There's Becky Nelson, who thinks backstabbing is super fun - literally and figuratively - along with pretending to be a damsel in distress. There's Mx Knight, a trader of sorts who will give you what you need at a small price - and if you chip in one extra sandwich or something, you'll get extra ammo absolutely free*! There's also the reinforcements team you can call in - Destiny and Arnold - who are useful, but definitely don't care about the cause. Destiny is there to drive like a maniac and Arnold just wants to kill things. There are survivor settlements in some locations, but aside from trading and resting, there isn't much you can do. There's also everyone down in the base, most notably Mr Waldon, Timothy's boss, and Timothy's 13-year-old child, but they don't come into play until the second half.   WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT TO TELL US? The game is a throwback to survival horror. Puzzles, limited ammo and health items, save points, an emphasis on fear, etc. The game also combines survival horror with survival. Sure, ammo is limited, but you can also make it. Sure, health is limited, but you can also make it. I want the survival game part to add a faint glimmer of hope to the desolate situation. Also, there's a small thing at the beginning where you can customize Timothy a little to alter a few stats and unlock certain things earlier than normal (Was he a P.I after he was a teacher? Was he good at gym in high school? Did he live in a slum, a small town, a town, a city, or a big city?), as well as tune him a little more to your liking (What is his child's name and gender? What gender was his spouse?) Some things will always remain the same - he had a loving family, became a teacher, took another career to help even more people, married a wonderful person and adopted an amazing child - then, his job was rendered obsolete by the apocalypse. He joined the cure effort to continue to help. His spouse was ripped to shreds by zombies. Now he's making sure this cure gets made so hopefully his child gets a happy life.   I might also do early access.   WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? Let me know in the comments! I'll answer anything!   *Ignore the fact that you have to donate a sandwich to get the free ammo.



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