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About this blog

I'm gonna post stuff that I'm doin here. Doin stuff is different than doing stuff. I feel like when you add the 'g', you're going to finish the thing you're doing. If you're just 'doin' something, whether or not you'll finish is up in the air. 


Entries in this blog



I've been coding in RM for a while now, specifically MV. I've gotten pretty good at it, too XD   As time went on, the things I was coding changed, from things that were trivial and honestly didn't need to be coded, into things that were a bit smarter, more focused.  One of the earliest examples was a Utility script.  It had silly little shortcut calls for things like Game Variables and Game Switches. It also had an awful implementation of a well intentioned idea - saved Show Picture Settings. I found the Show Picture script call to be quite argument heavy, and Move Picture was no less so. I wanted to only supply the arguments I was changing for the Move Picture command. The idea was great, implementation was a JOKE!    Nowadays, I do much better. I follow conventions, I comment, I plan, I do a lot that I should do. However, with coding, you're always learning. You always find something new, or pick up a new trick, or realize you've been doing something wrong, etc.  Refactoring is a huge......factor, in scripting. Doing it too often could actually make compatibility nightmares and headaches where they don't need to be.    Right now, I'm actually going through a lot of old plugins, and rewriting them completely with either the same name, or a new one, prefixed with 're'   reAction is my redo of my animation script rEvent is my redo of my event copier/spawner reTool is my most current utility script reStorage is my redo of an old storage system   All of them except reStorage are complete.  I also remade my image cache, calling it 'reCache', but even since then, I've remade it again! Right now, though, it's fantastic.   So then, for this blog entry, that's what I've been doin :) Time for sleep    



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