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From: Heir of the King: RPGmaker VX Ace

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Daniel Tom


Heir of The King



Heir of The King - Story content


You will be playing Ernest, a 16 years old boy who is now a magic sword-man. He (that you) is sent by his King, Edward to go on undercover to find the the heir because the king time to death is getting shorter.


So who is the Heir and where?

That your job to find out.


Unfortunatelly, we are at the stage of before creating heir.





  • Talk to the NPC660px-0%2C660%2C38%2C398-Heir_of_Kingupdate12.JPG660px-0%2C660%2C38%2C398-Heir_of_Kingupdate13.JPG



For people who have rpgmaker vx ace


Heir of the King 0.01.exe


Heir of the King 0.01 (Unspoiled).exe


For people who have rpgmaker vx ace, another type, .rar


Heir of the King 0.01.rar




This is a 16 years old boy and this is your player.

You are sent by the King Edward to find the Heir of his undercover.

It is a undercover mission.



Rebecca is her name.

There are not much known about her

at the moment. You can find her in the weapon shop

in the town on your top right.



Edward is his name.

He is the King of the two countries.

He is the one who sent you to find his heir.

Because his time to death is near.

you can find more info in the castle in the

royal town.


And that claim to be enough info for you to read.

Otherwise it will spoil everything I'm working on.




There are some extra sound added by me.

You can find it in the bar in the town on your top right.

The rest are from RTP resource-thank you, rpgmaker vx aces

for letting me using your resource.




The extra script I am using

are made by

Yanfly Channel,



and Craze's Script Asylum.

The rest are by RTP script.



Known Bugs


Comment on this page if there are unknown bugs in the game,

Sent me a message

Or comment on my information pages.


Newest Version

Coming Soon !!!



I really need people to help this game.

I need, writers, script creators, designers, developers and musicians.

There no limit of how many people join.

And coming soon!!!



Source: Heir of the King: RPGmaker VX Ace

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