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I Don't Wanna Leave! (...But I Must T_T)

On a (very important) side note: Guys, I'm leaving today on a really long trip. (June 17-July 25) so I'll be gone for a really long time. ;_; I won't have much Internet connection, and I'm not bringing my tablet, so you know what that means: requests are on hold, resources are on hold, moderating is on hold, ReStaff (on my part) is on hold. :\


However, to make up for it, I created a large selection of resources for you guys to use in one big dumpload to last you all for the time that I'm gone! :) I hope at least some of you guys like these, since it's obviously not my best work--packing is such a pain and takes forever. >.< These resources are definitely not "super-stellar"--and they did explode quite a bit while I was mixing chemicals.


Without further ado, here's the stuff to last you for 1.5 months:

~A ridiculously large amount of screens (10)

Said screens include:

~3 versions of a kiwi one

~3 version of an angel one

~1 sunset

~1 target Game Over

~2 versions of an achromatic Game Over

~Battler (1) which includes a sneak peek at the collab

So it's quite a bit of stuff for you all! Enjoy it, use it, and I'll miss you while I'm gone. TT^TT









Well, that's it. Content for an entire month and a half!

Good-bye, and I'll see you at the end of June!

Source: Tsarmina's Laboratory


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Awww! Well have fun on your trip! We'll all be here, awaiting our red head's return. *sad face*


And...that battler is epic! Those folds would have killed me. @.@

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Whoops, I forgot to reply to these...

@Allusion: TANKYAAA ;w; The folds in the battler were indeed killer. But fun. XD Satiny effects are my faveeee.

@Zeon: Tankyaaa :) the battler took a long time

@TheoAllen: Again, thanks ^_^

@Spectre: I guess the question is answered already...hahaha. XD

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