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Super Skill System Thing



Here is a sorta weird demo of a skill system I have been working on for a while. It's based on a modified version of this script with lotsa extra features.




It's main extra fetures are the ability to attach skills to other skills, restrict stuff so you can only attach some skills to perticular skills or skill types, some extra animation stuff, and my own custom skills system that lets you have multible copies of skills, each with there own name and configurations of add on skills. It's kinda complex and the menu may not be as easy to use as it should be. I do think it's pretty neat though.


It's probobly gonna have a ton of little niggly details and strangeness I need to iron out. I think for the most part, if you know how to use the grathnode install script, it's more or less the same except you can make skills grathnodes... but there are so many little details to talk about... I may write more documentation later.


Some more info:



For refrence, my slightly wonky skill menu is split up like this:


base skill menu:

"Learn Skills" goes to yanfly's skill learning menu, though I have you start with all the skill attachment

"Use Skills" goes to the old skill menu where you can use the skills

"Edit Skills" goes to the new edit skill submenu


edit skill submenu:

"Metaskills" goes to the grathnode menus, aka you select a skill, and can fiddle with what addons go in it's slot. You can attach stuff to attack and guard too, but I have a minimum cost of 5 tp for some combonations, so you can end up not having enough tp to do anything if your not careful... I will probobly have to rethink this

"Create Custom" lets you select a skill, when you select it it is copied to a new custom skill. It dosn't really give much feedback right now though so you have to push back to see it.

"Rename Custom" lets you select a custom skill and calls up a slightly modified name input screen to chose a new name for it.

"Erase Custom" deletes a custom skill from the list.



Edit: Made it so it didn't check the grathnode's/metaskill's occasion anymore, so you could have items and skills that are set to never and still work as grathnodes/metaskills. Also merged the "Grathnode Tweaks" and "Metaskills Apply" scripts since they overlap a lot, and made my weird minimum tp cost thing it's own script so it could be tweaked or deleted.


Edit 2: Custom skills now cost MP/TP properly now.


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