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List of My Scripts



Since some people wanted it, here is a list of links to most of the scripts I have scattered around the site I don't think I have actually released that much of note, but hopefuly some people might be interested!


Important scripts - These are the scripts I think every project can probably benefit from:


Word Wrapping Script - Makes stuff in message boxes and item descriptions (and anything else that uses draw_text_ex) automatically start a new line if the line is too long to fit.

Cache Back - Improves the RPG Maker VX Ace cache system so that games should run faster and use less memory.

Note Field Hash - The script I use to load note tags for most of the scripts I make that need it.


Other finished scripts - Scripts with complete documentation and usable features that I think are suitable for release:

NEW! - Crossfade script - Script to change the fades to use fancy crossades like battle transitions do.


Unfinished, undocumented, and/or scrap scripts - These are mostly experimental ones I haven't gotten around to formally finishing:

Simple Database - A fixed up version of my old NPC Database script.

Alternitive Antilag - A possibly more compatible variant of Theo's new antilag script that also may be faster in maps with few events. Doesn't include the optimization for large numbers of events yet though.

Frame Buffer Battle Swirl - An effect when entering battle sort of like the whoosh found in Final Fantasy 7 and other psx era RPGs. (Undocumented, but should just work without any fiddling, may update and formally release soon.)

Free Party Turn Order - Changes battles so party members can act in any order. (Unfinished and undocumented, may be buggy.)

Accent Generator - An attempt to do something like Chrono Cross's where each party member can say a piece of generic dialogue differently (Undocumented, some of the functions are kinda obscure)

Icon Event - Short script to make an event look like an icon. (Undocumented, uses the note field hash script with the :icon_index key.)

Custom Item Menu Scripts - Some scripts to change how item menus work, requires some other scripts. (Unfinished, undocumented)

Final Fantasy 2/SaGa Series Inspired Stat Leveling System - A experimental stat leveling system that tallys stats when they are used and randomly levels them up individually after battle.


Script demos/collections - Tech demos and/or base games for more complex collections of interconnected scripts:


Super Dungeon Demo - Everything related to my modification of Saba Kan's Random Dungeon Generator. Adds a lot of new features and rewrites a lot of the old ones. Also includes my modifications and add-ons to Khas Awesome Light Effects, my old Event Battler script (which was released independently but seems to have vanished from the site for some reason), my autotile update script (which I wrote for this) and lots of other stuff, most of which isn't really that useful on it's own. Lots of documentation available here.


Super Skill System - Based mostly around extensions and modifications to the Graphnode Install script and my own custom skill system to create a modular system to add extra effects to skills. No documentation yet.


Feel free to play around with these and use my code if you think you can do something interesting with it! I like to fiddle around with other people's scripts too so it's only fair.


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Very interesting list. I use your word wrapping script since a long time, have to check out the others as well!

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That and Cache Back are probably my most useful scripts... I kinda like making those kinda scripts, ones that do something really basic but important. It's more useful then making big scripts like new battle systems and stuff I think. :3

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Oh my gosh, I am so grabbing Cache Back! (And dat name....classic!) I had no idea something so useful was drifting around. Thank you! :D

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Hi~ I want to implement the Cache Back script in your Super Dungeon. But sometimes, there are some errors occur saying something wrong with the bitmap and the game crashes. 


Is there any compatibility issue in the cache back? Say, if work with Galv's Menu Themes Engine, as the main menu is opened twice, the error may occur and the game crashes. It is strange that if I open the main menu only once, no error occurs.

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It's a bit late now but, I thought I already had my cache script in my super dungeon demo... I guess I got rid of it to trim the number of scripts down but it should work. It is probably another script causing problems.

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OMG! I just realized that you made the awesome Word wrapping script that I've been using for my VXace games! ^_^ XD :D


Amazing job and thank you for sharing your hard work with us, Kayzee! :)

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I should clarify: It's not that I have stopped posting scripts and helping people with code. I post little scripts and code stubs all over the place when I think it's relevant or when someone has a request, but I think an extra effort is needed before I am willing to count a script as officially 'released'. I haven't really taken the time to do the extra little polishing up I need to do in a while. There is a fair amount of work involved sometimes. Testing and debugging can be troublesome enough, but adding in easy to use configuration options and documenting and commenting everything can be a real pain. Even if the script is polished well enough, to really 'release' it involves writing a thread and updating this list as well. It's just kind of a bother when maybe only one or two people really care, and I think even those one or two people rather have something that works now that they can mess with rather then me taking days or weeks to get around to properly releasing something.

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Hello there, I was wondering how are your terms of use. I mean, I don't plan on doing anything commercial with now (I guess) but is always nice to know.
Because I have a Skill Demo that has some scripts and snippets, some are from other people, like Yanfly or Kread-Ex, but other are yours, and others are just nameless, and can't even tell who's the author.

So basically that, sorry to bother.



That accent generator pleases Lynx.


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I don't really have any terms of use... Use my scripts however you like! Are you talking about my skill demo thing? Pretty sure if it's nameless it's probably mine if it's my skill demo thing.

Edited by Kayzee

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