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The Swarm Effect!



How can a fairy take down a ten foot tall ogre? Is that even possible? I don't think so. Maybe with four? That is still hard to imagine.


What if each fairy adds more health to the other fairies? Let's also have the fighters add some ATK to the others, and spell casters add to the MAT. Each specialized fairy adds a little something to the whole group.


Four, why have only four? Let's get seven of them for an ogre. That would make a Swarm. What if we put eight of them... Whoa, that's a spoiler. Using Ellye's Combat Interface to get the additional fairies in battle. Using Swarm Effect: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/28008-how-to-create-a-swarm-effect/#entry195210


There is another developing part of the Swarm Effect. When there are more than four fairies, in the party, the main character's class is effected.

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The initial battle that the player will face, does have 8 fairies, in the party, but they will not have the Swarm Effect.  The main character has not even entered the game yet.  I have decided to let the main character finish a quest for Mariang Makiling before she receives, the gift of the Swarm Effect.

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