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Dark Cloud Remake version 0.2




Hi again! Sorry for taking so long. Life caught up to me. Anyway,

  • I fixed the intro
  • Added 3 dungeons
  • added several scripts
  • added Macho's cut seen



Have fun and remember to post any bugs you find! :)


PS: just to let you in on what I have left to do to complete the Demo version of the game:

  • I have to code most of the weapons so they upgrade into the new weapon *
  • I have to figure out how to create Dran's tower in the center of the map
  • I have to settle on the initial stats for each character
  • I have to code the Georama system into the game properly *
  • Figure out how to make elemental attachments increase the elemental power of the weapon.

Beyond this, I'm very pleased with how cooperative this is going.


Any questions? I will be more than happy to share what I plan to do with this game. Ask away!


And do you think I should make a Japanese and European version as well? If so, it will probably be made with a translator like google or something like that, so if you know of any good translator software or internet translation sites, please include it with your comments.


* in the game, but doesn't do anything.


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you've got me super interested. i absolutely loved both dark cloud and dark cloud 2. as soon as i get to europe i'll download what you have and run back my thoughts. awesome stuff.

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