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TSBS Dev Journal #36 In Game Edit



Hiya folks. Some of you might have noticed that I'm making in game TSBS editor.

The idea came up when I watch DrDhoom Match 3 Stage Editor



And then I thought, it would be cool if I made sequence editor for my battle system. Hence the ambition begin


Sample screen





I havent made any video yet.


Note: This is not final nor complete version! It's not even usable yet.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41797508/VXA/TSBS%20In%20Game%20Edit.rar


I appreciate any feedback. But if you're going to ask me "Why it doesnt work". I will likely to answer "Because I haven't made it yet." Also, based on my test, the FPS is slightly dropped. Around 55 at the minimum.


Additional Credits :

  • Near Fantastica, SephirothSpawn, Amaranth Games, Shaz (Mouse script)
  • CP Keyboard Input
  • Gab fullscreen / Resolution Breaker
  • estriole (Keyboard input inspiration)
  • DrDhoom (inspiration)

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