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Chimera Monster Editor



I don't know how many times I had looked for a monster editor/generator when I first got into RPG maker and found nothing, so I have decided that I will fill that need myself.


Chimera is a drag and drop monster editor that will allow the user to create enemies from predefined parts.

The user will load a base template (body) and then be able to load any number of parts to add to it. These will range from arms, legs, tails, wings, necks, eyes, mouths, etc... and will then be able to be exported to a .png file for in game usage.

Not only will it have predefined parts but will also have an import function that will allow the user to add their own parts for future use.


I will be providing as many parts as I can with what little resources that I available but I will gladly accept (and encourage) parts donations from fellow artists to be featured in the final version.


Chimera will be free to use in any project. No payment is required (though donations will be gladly accepted.)


If you wish to donate parts for Chimera, please ensure that the parts supplied will be able to mesh well with any or almost any template that may be available.


Please ensure that the template bodies and parts are between 96x96 and 192x192 pixels. Larger bodies and parts will be accepted for "Monstrous" enemies but I will not be including many of these in the editor itself.


Whether you donate parts or not, I hope that you will enjoy the editor once it has been completed.


To donate part templates, please private message me with a link to your image files.

Those who donate parts to the editor will obviously be included in the credits of Chimera.


I thank you in advance for any help that you may offer and I will be sure to give you regular status updates once work on the editor itself has begun.


Recommended Comments

Well that kind of the point. The idea is to mix and match parts to your liking and create something unique.


I'm aiming for side view battlers at the moment but when the import function is introduced, the user can can make their own parts.


As for what they look like, they can pretty much look like anything. The basic idea behind how the parts work is that there is literally a part for everything on a specific monster, as described above. So you can take the legs off of that dragon and stick it on this sandworm. Or that cockitrices neck and head to be put onto this slime monster.


Once I have a set of parts (at least one) I can make a demo.

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You may want to spread the word that I need artists for monster parts. The more people who donate parts, the better the editor will be for everyone and the quicker I can get it out there to you all.

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