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Project: Journey to Skynesia




For those who don't know what exactly my project is, here I introduce to you my game project I wanted to made since 2010. It was actually my 2nd project I attempted to made. My first project was just a test project to learn how to use RPG Maker. While in the second project, I aimed to make a big project. I even made my original soundtracks since I was music composer then. Until I realized that I was too naive. I was not a skilled developer. And this project ended up hiatus for a long time.


In my 3rd project, I scrapped some systems in order to simplify the system so that I could make the game. But it's still to complex for me and ended up as canceled. While in my 4th game I wasnt expecting that it would be a complete game. Yes, it's sample game for my TSBS namely Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple.


Anyway? what kind of project is this?

Just a standard JRPG like where the plot is linear. Nothing more, but you know, I have a lot of urge to make this game.

Did you know, Nella Shadowind? The NPC who appear in my TSBS version 1.4 demo and the one who appeared in left side in my Theolized RGSS3 logo. Yes, she is the main heroine.



The story took place in an island called Alumnea. Separated from the mainland (which is Eremidia). There is a fairy tale where long time ago, Alumnea had been filled by winged human. However, they were gone for some reasons, to the sky island called Skynesia. A lot of people think it only as a fairy tale and never believe it. But some people do believe.


Once upon a time, Alumnea had been surprised by the appearance of a mysterious girl that resemble to the people in the fairy tale. A girl who had wing in her back. She had been woken up from a long sleep in one of the Alumnea Ruins. She realized that she was in very different place. People here, had no wings like she had. And she had been chased by a lot of people due her uniqueness. Until she met an ordinary person, namely Andy Landwalker.


Andy who believe in the fairy tale was very surprised. And the girl in front of him provide a clear evidence that the fairy tale is really true. And the next question is "is the Skynesia, the floating sky island really exist?". Hence their Journey to Skynesia begin.


Characters :


Andy Landwalker (17-18 years old)




An ordinary young boy who try to live by his own. It had been a tradition to people of Alumnea that when a boy already in 16-17 years old, they should get the job. Unfortunatelly, Andy almost had no skill to serve people like being shop keeper or errand boy. The only skill he had (or at least where he is quite proficient) is to survive in wild nature and hunting.


Role : Agile actor. Perform action faster


Nella Shadowind (315 15-16 years)




A mysterious girl who resembles as people in fairy tale. She had been woken up from a long time sleep. There is no record to her life. Even just why she had been slept for a long time. Her magic is unique compared to the Alumneans since she could use the magic just by the bare hand. And she could materialize the Alma (the terms of Mana in my world concept) into touchable thing where nobody could do that.


Role : Supportive actor. Perform stat booster and healing


Cecilia Fortuna (18-19 years old)




An apprentice mage from Alumnea Magic Academy. Also the skilled mage in destruction magics. Her favorite spells are fire related spells. She is the only child in Fortuna Family.


Role : Damage dealer / Spell nuker


Claude Ironshift (looks like 20's years old)




A man with armor on his body. He is a soldier who accidentally join the party just because he had the same destination.


Role : Tank. Very durable among the party members


Current Progress :

Story : 15% (I got a lot of revisions)

Systems : 5% (This was my 3rd attempt to revive the project. I rebuild the system from scratch again)

Musics : 50% (Most of musics I already made long time ago)

Graphics : 5% (I'm not spriter / graphics designer)


Preview :

Main theme (I made this music in 2010)




Boss Battle Theme. Remixed by my friend




Battle system. I'm going to use ATB system and interruption. Still prototyping ...




Credit so far:

- TheoAllen (original concept, composer, scripter)

- Oscar (story / plot writer)

- F# (composer)

- shikami (conceptor)

- Yanfly


Quite cliche eh?

No wonder, I made the concept when I was a teenager :D


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This looks cool so far! There's nothing wrong with a standard, linear JRPG - they can be lots of fun when they're done well. I like your character designs and the music is very nice. :)

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I agree with Whiona! I really like the direction this is heading in, Theo~ I've been curious to learn more about Nella and her story/cast, so I'm looking forward to seeing what this game reveals. (I also find it cool when game stories share the same universe as other games~ I'm totally looking forward to some EDST Easter eggs~)


The interruption system looks like it's coming along already! And the music is great~ I can't believe those tracks are five years old--you're an awesome composer! :D

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