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Writer's Resource. 19/4/15: Fantasy name generators.


Welcome back to Writer's Resource everyone.


This week we'll be looking at http://fantasynamegenerators.com/ a great place for those of us who are a little creatively stifled when it come to making up names for out fantasy game, or even for our modern games.


Yes, that's right. I said modern games as well, because, despite it's name, fantasynamegenerators.com isn't just for coming up with names for your elfy elves, or drunk dwarves. It actually has quite a large selecting of generators for modern, and sci-fi settings.


Granted, most of these are based off of names from popular franchises, but it really doesn't take that much to edit a name into something new and unque.


And for those of you who are thinking, "I don't need names for my characters. I need names for my towns and cities and giant squirrels towers!" Okay maybe I'm the only one who says that, but the point is that the site doesn't just do character names, it also does village/town/city names, monster names, race names, mountain names, forest names, star names, ocean names, continent names, country/nation names and plenty more that are all available for free.


I personally use this all the time when I don't have time to use more own personal name generator (It's complicated. I may bring it up in a later post.) and I think it's just a great website. Heck, it even has helpful little guides for creating the magic, society and several other parts of your world.


Hope you guys enjoyed this. See you next week.