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Updates and Vote Results for April - May





Aaand the vote results are in, ladies and gents... and one or two people pretending to be undead folk. I know who you are. Your titanium white makeup and lack of baths for three days don't fool me.

We've got a metric ****-ton of folk voting for "buff guys with fantasy swords", "knights" and "rugged knights", so the theme of the April-May release is, quite simply, Knights of the Non-Existent Table.


As there are a few sporadic votes as well, I'll list out the two runners-up for themes:

  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic
  • RPG Ladies/Femknights

As for the rejected themes, well, here's a quick explanation:

  • Goblins or Owlbears. Sorry Brackev, but I'm kinda racist against Goblins ever since one ripped me off at a bar. I'll consider for next month's release if the votes are good, though.
  • Elementals: Well, technically, knights are... metal... elementals?
  • Sexy-Alien Nurses: Just... no


Anyway, this release will have a total of 4 characters - each with their own face and bust graphics, and battlers. For each character, there'll be two different styles - one with, and one without, a helmet. For the techknight, unfortunately I don't feel like drawing his face, but rest assured you're not losing out, as he has both an alternate helmet and heavy armor variant. As you can see above, everyone has a dynamic pose, i.e. no standing straight and rigid like a guard with polio. That's the sign of assurance that Spectre Studios will not, under any means, release boring, run-of-the-mill battlers that look terrible (citation needed).


Unfortunately, I won't have the time to do up face variations, and obviously whatever I'm releasing isn't RTP (except sprites. Those will be made for Ace). Hope you like, and I'll be releasing more concept progress on the blog, and completed, unwatermarked images on the Resource Forum come May.


In the meantime, feel free to comment with any major changes or modifications you'd like to see (within reason), before I begin on the official linework.


P.S. The resources above are incomplete, and as such, are not intended for public use in commercial or non-commercial projects, or for any other form of display or educational purposes. They are solely demonstrations of concept work, and property of Spectre Studios. Plagiarists, use at your own risk.


P.P.S. Seriously, don't try to plagiarize from me. I have mod friends. You're fighting a very, very losing battle if you attempt to claim these works as yours. Peace out.

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