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Mnemomancer Development (Narrative)

Mnemomancer Narrative


The following is the opening scene of the Mnemomancer project. Not too much, around four pages worth of stuff, but thought I'd share it to display what sort of narrative I'm looking to incorporate in my story. I've been influenced greatly by games such as Shadowrun (1993), Planescape: Torment (1999), Fallout: New Vegas (2010), and Shin Megami Tensei IV (2013).




Where was I going again?

Am I running away from something, or....

Perhaps it was toward something instead?


The air felt too thick to breathe in.

My movements were that of an old man’s,

I could barely see now.


The sounds of chains hitting each other.

The dance of gold and iron on my fingers.

A cross which once had a purpose.


I think I too had a purpose, a long time ago…

But it’s a distant memory now.


[Twenty-Eight Days Ago]


[Mysterious Voice]


“Oh, yes, I wonder how long it has been since I expected you to arrive here in this graveyard. It must’ve been…I’m actually not sure. It has been a long time, for sure, to the point where I can’t even count the number of years.â€




“The journey is straight ahead, mnemomancer. I am the Undertaker, and the opportunity to offer my services once more is nothing less than absolutely thrilling for me. Kehehehehe…â€


{The Undertaker]


“But it would seem that I must pardon my excitement – you have been sent here for a purpose. The cycle begins anew, and your very existence has been called to prepare you against the dangers to come.â€


“Standing behind me is my home, but inside my home is a mirror – for most, it’s simply an ordinary mirror, but its true abilities will come to light when those in need of it stare at their reflection.â€


“My assistant, Maiden Torri, shall lead you inside. Do not be surprised as to what you see inside that mirror, mnemomancer. This mirror is there to place the pieces of your future together – do take it seriously.â€


[Maiden Torri]


“This way, mnemomancer.â€


“This here is the mirror. It was a gift, long ago, meant to be the left hand to the madam as I am her right. However, despite all this time, none has uttered its true name. Perhaps you and the mirror share some common ground – neither of you really own a name nowadays.â€


“Come, stand right here.â€




> You stare at your reflection, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Usually, you would’ve walked away, but the bizarre situation planted the seeds of curiosity, and you continued to stare into the depths of the mirror, wondering just what exactly you were meant to see.


> A few moments later, your reflection began to warp. Your body would’ve jumped in surprise, but the mirror paralyzed you, holding your gaze. You watch as the warped reflection transformed into a vision of your former teacher, Ms. Farrell…


> Except it wasn’t Ms. Farrell. The reflection held a crimson aura, making her appear as a red-colored ghost. You could almost feel heat leave the mirror, except it wasn’t that of a fire, but temperature, that of a human body.


[scarlet Phantom]


“I am the one who has walked through the brilliant red flames of Michael the Saint, who has been bathed in the blood of my pride and the heart of my shame. I am both brave and cowardly, for while I flee from death itself, not once have I never burned myself for deciding to ignore my destiny and making my own path in this life.




> The reflection of Ms. Farrell began to change once more, and you find yourself facing the supposed murderer of your aunt – her boyfriend, Garrett. His handsome face and carefree grin did not incite any anger in you, however; this was the Garrett before he was a murderer, and perhaps deep down, you did think he was once a kind and sane young man.


> The reflection was almost incandescent to look at, as it glowed with energy – yet it was not blinding, and the visage began to speak as well.


[Golden Phantom]


“I am the one who sacrificed myself to the spears that rained from the heavens, choosing to be the martyr who carried the weight of the world’s sin on my shoulders. It was not bravery that drove me, but an overwhelming desire to show just what one person could do when pushed to the utmost – the only thing capable of pushing me was fate.â€




> Garrett’s smiling face dissolved into the mirror once more, warping itself into yet another form. However, you knew that there was little room for surprise anymore, as the face and body of Adrianna took form within the mirror, as lovely and cheerful as she was in life.


> However, it was not joy or remorse that took form, but an overwhelming emptiness. Ms. Farrell was most definitely alive, Garret was possibly alive, but Adrianna was most definitely dead – yet you could not cry.


> The phantom, cloaked in blue, brimmed with a familiar essence. You stood there, silent as ever, as it began to speak in her all too familiar voice.


[Azure Phantom]


“I am the one who is neither survivor nor martyr, for I walk the path of strength itself. Never would there be songs or stories written in my name, and over time, I shall be removed from history altogether – yet, I was the one who made the journey possible, and I was the one who brought victory to my companions, and for that, I will transcend beyond human memory to become part of the worlds for an eternity.â€




> The smiling face of Adrianna began to warp in form once more, constantly shifting between the faces of all three phantoms. It would seem that you have a choice to make, and the true purpose of the mirror began to dawn on you.


[scarlet Phantom]


“Will you walk the path of the fire, and cling to life with all you can, for the chance to live out your life to the fullest, a gift all too rare for most?â€


[Golden Phantom]


“Or the path of the light, for perhaps you find meaning in sacrificing yourself to protect everything you hold dear, whether it be a cause, a friend, or even a stranger.â€


[Azure Phantom]


“But if none of those paths are fitting for you to walk, then the path of the memory may be the direction you seek, to trade happiness and legacy for transcendence.â€


[Phantom Mirror]


“The future has set itself out for you. How you choose to grow in power, to become a reflection of the decisions you make, will begin with this one answer.â€




1. “I wish to live my life to the fullest, forgotten but happy.â€

2. “I wish to die a hero, entombed in the words of man for an eternity.â€

3. “I wish to transcend to a form above my human self, to be a part of existence itself.â€


[Phantom Mirror]


“Your decision shall stand alongside you for the duration of the journey ahead, mnemomancer. The consequences of previous cycles and past decisions shall affect you no longer.â€


“Hark! Mnemomancer, the events that are to unfold are yours to determine, and yours alone. No longer will your choices affect your lonesome existence, and you will be the one to orchestrate the moments of history that will be procure a new world!â€


“Now, look deeper into the mirror, and undergo the first of your many tests!â€




> You feel yourself being drawn into the bottomless depths of the mirror. You could not struggle, and out of the corner of your eyes, you could see the Undertaker walking into the house, waving farewell as Maiden Torri simply bowed.


> Your forehead pressed against the surface of the mirror, and it began to ripple. No sounds could leave your shocked mouth as you fell forward into the darkness, devoured by the nothingness that now surrounded you.


> It was silent. The world was silent. Existence was silent.