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A Tale of Ruby: The Duck Who Said She Was A Chicken



There was a duck who decided one day she to try becoming a chicken. And thinking that, she decided to find a farmer to live with, and began a journey. But all in her land knew she was a duck, so she went to a new land where the farms were still being built.


The first farmer who she met was building his farm strictly. She introduced herself but the moment she asked to be let in the chicken pen, the farmer yelled at her and refused to build his farm while she was there, knowing that she was a duck. So she left.


The second farmer she met was building his farm more freely. She introduced herself and asked to be let in the chicken coop. The farmer wasn't paying close attention and let her. And she settled down happily. And when the farm was build, she laid many eggs for the farmer. The second farmer went to sell the eggs and noticed their unusual look. But they were still chicken eggs right? They came from the chicken coop after all. So he sold them anyway. For years he sold them, and became rich and could afford many new chickens and a team of farm hands. The other chickens payed little attention to the duck, but the duck knew she did not fit in, and felt more and more like a fraud. One day a farm hand went to the chicken coop with the duck and was confused when he heard no clucks from her. So he called out for the duck to cluck, but the duck could not, she could only quack. The farmhand quickly told the farmer, and he finally understood why some eggs were always different and became outraged and kicked the poor duck right out.


The duck wandered in despair. She wondered into the woods, and ran right into a fox. "Well now..." said the fox, "what is a tasty treat like you doing here in the woods?" The duck was rightfully frightened and backed off. "You are a lucky thing, I happen to be full from eating the chickens of a poor farmer. But I am curious why you would come out here into the woods." The duck was wary but told her story, and how she had fooled the second farmer for years and felt awful about it, and how she was finally caught, and how the second farmer would have been better off if he had been like the first and never let her in the coop.


The fox snickered and soon started to laugh. "Oh you feel bad eh? For what exactly?" the fox said. The duck was confused, wasn't what she did a horrible thing? The fox snickered and said "Yes perhaps that deception would have lead to disaster. But it did not. He sold your eggs and the ignorant people never complained, and he got rich off of your back. As for the first farmer..." He turned and motioned for her to follow. She, daring not to disobey did so, and soon was led to a small and poorly maintained farm. "Look" said the fox, " at what has become of him!" And there was the first farmer, struggling in back breaking labor. The duck was confused and asked why this would happen. "Because, " said the fox, "he was too much a perfectionist. Everything had to be right, everything in it's proper place, nothing even slightly off could be allowed. He spent so much time building the farm just right, making sure nothing was wrong. Except he was not perfect. I stuck in after all. Killed and ate his chickens again and again. The farmer that you worked for was too clever, too fast. Everytime I tried to sneak in he would come up with some way of keeping me out. It wasn't that sophisticated at first, but he would notice me and change things too quick for me to get far. He found problems and fixed them quickly and simply. This one was lost in his perfect idea of structure."


"Maybe, " mused the fox, "things would have good differently if I would not have shown up, or if I had been stopped. Maybe this one's perfect structure would have made him more successful in the long run if he had more help. Maybe even it would have worked better with a different profession. I don't know. But what's done is done." The duck wondered herself. "I will leave you for now... " said the fox. "I am not yet hungry and you would make too much noise anyway. But just remember I am lurking. You don't want me to catch you when I am more hungry, do you?" The fox chuckled and walked away leaving the duck with her thoughts.


Maybe it wasn't so bad to not check if something was pretending to be something else sometimes? If it helped get the job done. Still, she was going home. She was done being a chicken. It was time to be a duck again. Or at least something that quacked like one.

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