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Subject Zero - Development




Old blog post for the 1 Week Indie Challange Entry ( With Game)


This is going to be the main blog post for the advances I am making in my indie in a week entry, to better it further and finish the story. There is a ton of things I am doing to make this a better game, including larger sprites, new ABS, better fps, a balance of all items and difficulty, as well as maps outside of the hospital. The skill you receive in the laundry room will be gone completely until later on in the game, I enjoyed the melee combat at the beginning more than the fast pace at the end with the skill. That being said I will need to have more unique enemies and more of a strategy to what you are fighting, with more weapons to use.

I will have at least 5 different style zombies and the list goes like so



This is your average zombie, he will stay still, once detected he will roam slowly towards you to give you a bite (yes I have the sound effect for the bite now) this zombie will have a lower damage. The range of detection is low, about 3 tiles


This is your average zombie but, he will walk around much faster with his normal zombie growl, and roam around without detection, his attack will be a normal bite but much stronger, this. The range of detection is low about 5 tiles and will continue to chase you. No hiding from this bugger.


This zombie is special, he don’t care about your flesh in his mouth, his only worry is damaging you so he can feast on your body when its lying dead on the hospital floor( gross eh) His detection range will be about 4 tiles and his attack is much much stronger and claws you with his pointy finger nails, that seem to be hardened from the disease.


These guys are dangerous, I would avoid them completely but they do die no worries, its their attack that hurts, they get as close as they can before they puke there acidic churn from the pits of their stomach to damage you and your armor. Have fun with these guys, make sure you got lots of painkillers.


Yup, crawls around on the floors and like to swing his heavy arms at your stomach to rip out your guts, yummy.

There are a ton of more stuff to talk about but I got to get this developed and don’t got time to write a ton of information at the moment, but keep coming back for updates and screenshots.



The brand new ABS is Falcao Pearl ABS, with this new system we have an increase in FPS and the main lobby in the hospital has been split into two seperate maps to increase the FPS even more on that map.


I now have mack style sprites replacing the character and the zomies. A majority of the zombies now look like they are from a hospital



Old Screenshots from the 1 week indie challange entry.












The Update List some completed some incomplete.


Bug fixes and grammer fixes

Bigger Descriptions for items

Create a fighting system tutorial( A Forced Tutorial)

Create A Log Scene to display read notes and clues as well as other important story related information.

Clean up database

-Balance all items

-Balance all enemies

-Balance balance balance!


Clean up sprite graphics

Add more music.

Merge Equip and Item into one menu

A Weapon and Skill HUD display elements. To help keep better track of current equipment.

Redo 50% of the eventing for smoother gameplay and prepare for bigger game

Add story details as intended with original

Map 4th and 5th floors

Map Memory world