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A little story from the past i made,The Bed (past tense)

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Daniel Tom



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The Bed (past tense)


There appeared to be an old bed. The bed spread was faded blue in color and the smell of the sweaty old shirt which had never been washed for a long time have flood the room. The room was dim and shadowy because of the blue skies outside cannot be seen anymore. It was so dark and was more a night. On the other side of the wall was chipped cream paint and dusty grey.

As the alarm buzzed, the door opened slowly and slowly with sound of a creak. It bumped the wall. It was the smell of the girl. It smelled sweeter like strawberry. The girl was wearing a night gown. As her legs touched the cold bare floor board, she felt cold and goosebumps appeared. The smelled of the sour old socks and musty moldy closet went into the room behind her. She closed the door quickly with force. The room was still black until the sound of the click. The lamp was glowing through the room brightly

The girl went towards the soft bed and the drapes started to flap. She saw a rustling tree outside trough the window. The was a spider on it web between the two branches with leaves. It looked like it was grabbing tightly on it web.

The girl picked up the sprawled book on her left on top of the drawer. Her eyes slowly turned to the book. She felt a wind coming toward her and saw a comet. She made a wish. Her wish was have good life. She started to feel sleepy and couldn't resist it. The sprawled book fell out of her hand and went bang on the floor. The girl was on the bed sleeping while the flapping drapes making a noise like ' SSS'.


Comment on this, if you think it is good or bad.

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