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Cloud Sync System: The plan



Okay, I have uploaded the necessary parts so anybody who knows C# can help me in here:


How it will work:

There will be three steps for this:


1. Select the cloud storage service and log in. They'll be asked for permissions in there.


2. If there is an issue, where the saves have different dates, allow the user to select which to keep.


3. When the game closes, check if the local save folder has it's contents changed. If yes, upload them to a separate folder (Say, <GameName>/Saves) and replace the old files.


First up, OneDrive is in the works. Later on, I'll add more services, since most of the work will be already there.


What's needed:


An issue that I'm working on, is the authentication system. I can't get it to work right for some reason. Working on it, but if you have any idea on fixing it, feel free to brainstorm.


What do you need:

-A Microsoft Account. You'll need it to acquire an access token and register your version of the program (to test it).

-Visual Studio 2015 with the Windows SDK 10 (Version 1511).


You can download (or fork) the code here: https://github.com/acemod13/Northbridge-SaveManager