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Broken Destiny: Version 1.02 now available!

Radiant Arin




A new mechanic has arrived with this version of the game: Auras. Auras are powerful Spells that only affect the user. They give special benefits and change the way battle mechanics behave. Some of the skills have been reworked into Auras (i.e. Graceful Form) and a few new ones have popped up. Remember, Auras still take up a slot, just like every other Skill.


This update now includes Ralsche, in both the Plains and the Desert. A lot more story has been added in as well, molding the future for the project. Remember, however, that both Ralsche and Ralsche Desert are both very large maps. If you are having troubles running the game, exit out of unnecessary programs that are using up CPU storage.


A few bugs concerning Rarindal Plains and Sarkash have been ironed out in this release.


As always, if you want to leave feedback, you may PM me or leave a post on this blog entry. See you next update~!