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Game Progress and Permission Issues



Game Updates

I currently deleted all my game projects. I had alot of game projects that I had started, mapped out and then decided I'll "do it later". Months later, they remained untouched, so I decided to just delete them.


In that retrospect, I created 2 new projects that I am only using. No more.


My main game project is currently just named TheGang due to a lack of title yet.

My other game project is still a WIP. I might do a small horror game for lighting practice and eventing, but I also feel like doing a simple simulator game such as a basic farming game, or life simulator. Not sure yet, but this is a failsafe so I can take breaks from my main project occassionally.


Progress is slow however, but it's there.


Permission and Technical Legal Issues

My main game TheGang is a game based around old RP characters from many years ago - characters I hold dearly and pretty much the entire reason I wanted to go into game development. For whatever reason I never made a game for them to begin with, I have no idea. The whole "I can create anything" took over and I pushed my characters away - stupidly, I shouldn't have done so.


My problem however lies within a problem I have. During my RP games, I used to RP with friends and online RP'ers. This meant my character interacted and made connections and relationships with these characters - some of which are really good and main points in their character.


However, my main OC, Alex, had befriended a certain character and that character becomes a major event in Alex's life. Problem is; I don't own that character. The creator and I fell out in a really bad way quite a few years ago... I have written to this person with a civil request of using this character, plus 2 more that play, not as big, but still important roles. However, due to immaturity, they haven't responded to me at all and I fear they won't.


"Takeo, why not just make a new character to replace them?"

It's not that easy. Atleast not for me mentally. To make up a character takes away that personal connection with the character, and having interactions with this void being just wouldn't work as well.

I've considered it as a really last resort - but, I don't feel comfortable doing so.


Not being allowed to use this character, and not being able to replace them, leaves one more option.



I have no idea what to do right now. My projects at a stalemate because of this, and as much as I really want to continue. I can't...



On a side note: Since my characters have some empty spots in their "timeline", I was gonna make a thread about people entering in cameo characters of themselves. Not sure about that now though...


Ah well, back to the drawing board it seems.


Recommended Comments

I think you should do your game anyway if you really cares about making that game. You don't have to publish your game, you can simply make it for yourself and share it with friends . I may be wrong but I'm imagining you are mostly doing this game for you so I don't see why you have to care.


I want to precise that I'm biased on this kind of questions because I'm against intellectual property in general 

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To be entirely honest, I'm kinda wanting to do that. I don't speak to the person at all, and they don't exactly do anything game designing-y so they wouldn't exactly find my game to claim anything.


Plus, the game is a F2P so I wouldn't be making money using the character(s). I also don't intend to offend or abuse said character, so I don't intend to use them badly in any way. 


I'll probably still make the game itself, and I suppose worst case situation, I get told to remove the character.


I personally would feel happy if someone used my characters/name in a game, so you'd think this would be a good thing? >.< 


Thanks Shiggy - knowing you said that actually made me feel better because I thought the exact same thing xD 

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I kinda know how you feel, I used to RP a lot and I have a few characters based a lot on RPs I did with other's characters. Really my problem is less "other people own these characters that were important to my RP character" and more "including every single RP character mine had interacted with and their backstories and universe would massively over complicate everything for no reason".


I don't have quite the same problem you do though. It's just, especially for one character of mine in particular, there is a whole huge "character arc" that more or less made her into who she is that involved so many people and events that really don't directly have anything to do with anything. It's kind of an interesting story, and does impact things, but most of the details are completely unimportant.


The way I usually deal with this is just to assume that these events still happened but have the details be more and more vague. It's not something I really want to go back and simply "rewrite". Especially since one of the metaphysical principles I hold to is that "canon" can be changed, but things that are retconned cannot be completely erased. There already was a major event that was "rewriten" at the request of someone else, but never really completely "rewriten" from my character's perspective and... well it's complected.


That's the rub for me. If I "go back" and retell a story that already happened, am I retelling it or creating a new past? My characters tend to sort of have minds of their own so... Not that any of this really matters because for now these characters only really exist in my head and will likely remain there.

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To be honest I don't know what to say, but I know how you feel.

You have kinda the same problem as me. I'm using not-mine characters and stuff in general (making a fangame, duh!) ~ so the day will come, where I'll receive a C&D letter and have to remove them. However, due to amount of that stuff used I think I'll have to cancel the whole game, because I'd have to remove more than 50% of content, so there would be no point in further development. ~ Also I can't imagine replacing characters with anypony else, so I perfectly know what do you mean.


But as you can see, that will not stop mah! :D

I'll be working on it even underground if I'll have to! JK! Or not? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I really don't know what to say about that, so can't give any good advice, but I wish you the best of luck! =3

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