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"Socioeconomic Disparity." (or) Video Game movies, good or bad?



"Socioeconomic Disparity."


So, my brother and I decided to see the Ratchet and Clank movie this evening, despite the less than stellar reviews on it. Still, as I was delving into critical rants about the movie, I noticed a trend: Critics didn't like it at all, but actual moviegoers were pretty mixed. The thing most people was saying was: "it went over the critics heads, I think, because of the in-jokes". And I can see what they mean.


Personally, I have no hopes for this movie other than being entertained by a story I grew up playing over and over again on a beat up PS2 during summer vacation in the hopes of beating it 100%. I want to go into the movie, sit down with my popcorn, remember some good times, have some nostalgic factor, laugh at the Sheepinator, and say that it wasn't a $6 wasted for a matinee.


I have no expectations of morals: it's Ratchet. And. Clank. (well, the game had morals, but it was more funny than preachy)

I have no reason to see it more than once: I know the story.

I have no reason to see a sequel: Why? The movie shouldn't end on a cliffhanger.

I have no need for exposition or character building: I already know the characters and their motives.


That, I think, is probably where the critics are turning up their snoots. They don't know about Ratchet and Clank, or Captain Quark, or any of the villains. They have no idea what's going on, so to them--it's a bad movie, and I can legitimately see why they would give it only 1 or 2 stars.


So here's my open ended question of the day, or leading up to it, anyway. This movie is, I assume from my readings, made more for fans of the franchise than anything else. It got me thinking: Are all video game movies like this (I'll admit that I haven't seen many)? Of course some are just trash, I'm sure, but are there any video-game movies that you personally love, even when everyone else (critics included) hates it?


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Whoa. There's a Ratchet and Clank movie? Color me curious. Turning a videogame into a movie is neither good or bad. It depends on the quality. Ratchet and Clanks sounds like it was really just made for fans of the game. 


I haven't seen too many games turned to movies either. Usually it goes the opposite way. I am very curious about the World of Warcraft movie. It looks really good, and might just have a good story along with it. I can't really think of many games turned into movies. There's a few fighting games that were: Mortal Kombat, DOA, and Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat followed the simple story ac from the game, and gave the central heroes a little backstory. I'm not sure if it was made more for the fans or if the goal was to hit a wider audience, but the end result feels like the former. Street Fighter and DOA were both absolutely terrible on all fronts. Whatever the directors were going for, they failed miserably.

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Uh I kinda liked the Silent Hill movie, it sort of summed up the series well? And the ending wasn't bad? No cliffhanger, just, "This is what Silent Hill is. The end." I'm sure a hardcore fan would have a better dissertation to give.


I dunno, I'm sure there's a better one, there's gotta be, give me a few...

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Whoa. There's a Ratchet and Clank movie? Color me curious. Turning a videogame into a movie is neither good or bad. It depends on the quality. Ratchet and Clanks sounds like it was really just made for fans of the game. 


There is a movie, and it was... good. My earlier thoughts were right: I watched it, laughed, and left the theater with the thought that if I never saw the movie again, I wouldn't be sad. It's a 1-watch flick. But, there is sequel potential (thanks to the ending) and so I might see another sooner than I think. 

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I forgot about Silent Hill. Never did see it. It does remind me of another. Resident Evil. The first movie was

really good. Second one was decent, and after that pretty much crap. It had an original storyline and the character and plot development was very well done which is something rare in horror movies in general.

If you could call it horror. Action/horror is more accurate. It wasn't a particularly scary movie. It did seem to reach out to a wider audience than just fans of the game. Hell, even my mom likes that movie.

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It's a little bit of a shame about the Ratchet and Clank movie.

But then again- I didn't really understand what was wrong with it until I saw the Angry Joe review (about the 4th review I've seen of it), and learned that the movie is literally largely comprised of cutscene footage in the game.

That's pretty gross, but I think the concept of making animated films off game franchises is WAY better than trying to make live action adaptations, Resident Evil: Degeneration was pretty great by most accounts.


If you are going for live action though, Prince of Persia and the first Silent Hill movies aren't bad. I've heard House of the Dead 2 is a good film on it's own.

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Okay first of all, do people really care about the plot of Ratchet and Clank? Honestly? Do people care who these two characters are or their motivations? Because I sure didn't. Not to say that a interesting movie might not have come out of the basic characters and concept I guess. But isn't Ratchet and Clank really more of "build cool guns, blow up crap"? I admit I never really played the series that much, but of all the things to make a movie about, why Ratchet and Clank? That series isn't even relevant anymore, if it ever was.


Besides that, honestly I don't really like movies to begin with. They are too short to really cram anything but the most basic and broad of plots half the time, too filled with irritating common old Hollywood tricks and tropes, too reliant on over-marketing and hype rather then actual quality, and generally end up being nothing but disposable and trite distractions which often at best end up as pretty spectacle that is quickly forgotten. It's not that good movies don't exist, but even the good ones often seem to me in the end like they are just amusing footnotes that don't really encourage me to rewatch them or think about them too hard.


I am a bit baffled people actually think making games more like moves, or worse making them into moves, is ever a good idea. I could see maybe a TV show adaption of some RPGs which are mostly storybased anyway, maybe even loose adaptations of games set in a wacky world. Heck as much as the old Super Mario Bros. cartoons are pretty awful it wasn't a bad idea, at least one of the Sonic cartoons was actually pretty interesting, and I don't think anyone would really object if, say, someone took Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy VII and actually made a well done anime adaptation based on their plots.


i guess all that is kind of besides the point. Or maybe it is the point. But anyway, the irony is some games could practically be recut as a movie, well, if you let it be over twice as long as any normal movie anyway. But you would never get most games to be popular that way. Maybe it's that games are just not as well written as movies that often, maybe it's that there is are completely different storytelling standards, maybe it's that games can experiment with different styles and presentations outside the Hollywood system. maybe it's that interactivity does indeed let you empathize much more then a movie ever can. Either way, movies and games are not the same and don't really mix well sometimes.


Don't know what any of this has to do with "Socioeconomic Disparity" though. :P

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