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Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Sacrad Desires



I, like so many other people, have had a strange fascination with Judeo-Christian mythological figures such as "Angels" and "Demons" in fiction. I mean on the one hand It's incredibly irritating to see them in fiction because "Angels vs. Demons" stories have almost become "babby's first fantasy story" at this point, and often don't try to really do anything that hasn't been done a billions times before. It's like the new trend in fantasy everyone is jumping on after everyone got sick of ripping of Tolkien's dwarves and elves and orcs and such. Like "Hey everyone, let's stop ripping off one fantasy author, and instead rip off religion!" "Great idea guyz! That is totally more original!" At least they tend to make demons more sympathetic, which is interesting.


And yet, I found myself doing it too. One day after playing Disgaea years ago and being fascinated by it's worlds and characters I was really struck with the desire to try and do something with the "Angels vs Demons" setup, but wanted to make it my own. One of the first ideas I came up with is that there needs to be a third power in the dynamic that is just as powerful and above lowly humans as angels and demons while being either opposed to or neutral to both sides. Of course, you all already know what third power I came up with right? Fairies of course!


But that's not particularly important. The important thing is that idea got this ball rolling in my mind and like a katamari it started picking up stuff and getting larger and larger and suddenly, whoops! I got this whole fantasy setting sitting in my head I didn't really ask for, have much of a use for, or even am really sure I care for all that much to be honest, that is begging to be expressed. This shit happens in my head if I am not paying attention. Remember the wizard fic thing I posed on this blog? It was dumb but that also gave me all sorts of weird ideas I am too lazy to do most anything with. As for the angels/demons/faeries setting? Well, my RPG Maker VX Ace test game I used to play with scripts kinda started as a half joke and slowly evolved to be connected with that setting, but I kinda stopped making maps and things and just focused on scripts after a while. That's the furthest I have taken the idea beyond random ideas and details.


It's still growing all the time though. Just today I was thinking about it and came up with something I thought was interesting. See in in this settings a massive (mostly propaganda based, because both sides are mostly stuck in their respective realms) conflict is being waged between the Angels (actually closer to Archons and/or Devas really) and Demons (really more like Asuras) over 'recruiting' human souls after their body dies. Angels want to convince humans to be disciplined, orderly, and "pure" (because their realm is very psychically sensitive, so disruptive thoughts can really spiral out of control) and Demons naturally want to convince humans to be more true to their desires (partly to spite the Angels, but also because their realm is kind of a chaotic mess anyway, and people with strong desires are more powerful there and they have more need of powerful people). Also Fairies don't really play the same game, and because the fairy world and the human world tend to be more connected instead go for spiriting away old people, the homeless, unwanted children, and basically anyone else they feel like they feel they can get away with snatching to fairyland, often for no other reason then they because they feel like it. Or at least that's the rumor.


So background out of the way here is the idea I had today. Angels of course preach about the Seven Deadly Sins... Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. You all know them I am sure. Demons take a different view of course. and have the Seven Sacred Desires: Passion, Appetite, Acquisition, Conservation, Ferocity, Competitiveness, and Ambition.


Passion is the desire for activity and feeling, sexual and romantic activity and felling yes, but any desire to do or feel count. Appetite is the desire for the subsistence needed to live and live well, the desire for the fulfillment of the bodies basic needs. Acquisition is the desire to obtain and safeguard resources that can be used later on other things, money included. Conservation is the desire to do the minimum about possible to obtain one's other desire, and the wisdom to know when somethings just aren't worth it. Ferocity is the desire to throw yourself into something fully and not back down, and the wisdom to know when you need to risk it all. Competitiveness is the desire to compete with one's peers, using ones standing compared to others to push one's self further. Ambition is the desire to to great things for the sake of one's own desires, and to control one's own destiny first and for most.


Maybe these demons should believe all these desires must be balanced for one to be healthy and probably many believe it is wrong to try and interfere with the desires of others simply for the sake of your own. Or maybe they should not... it might be too much of a fairy-like perspective to be fit for demons, though fairies I think really shouldn't have any well defined belief structure at all, except for "do what you want and play". It was an interesting Idea anyway I thought!