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Core Crystal - new logo and general description of that world




Quite a while back I came up with a game idea and typed up the basic concept of the game world, after that I didn't touch it for a long time. However today I felt like doing up a logo for it, what do you think of it?


Anyway, this here is what I typed up about the game world when I first thought it up:

A world pockmarked with humongous craters so slick and smooth that anyone attempting to enter them slides to the center and is unable to get back out, so hard that no attempt to carve and path or stairway into the edge succeeds, leaving them barren and lifeless. At the center of the main continent lies a citadel containing the “Core Crystalâ€, from this crystal a number of shards have been chipped off, the same number as there are craters on the world’s surface.

For each of the craters there is a small sealed pocket dimension containing what had been in that crater prior to the Core Crystal being broken. Each of the crystal shards is in 2 pieces, a larger piece known as a Core Shard and a smaller fragment known as a Key Shard. The Core Shards are inside the pocket dimensions corresponding to them, the Key Shards are scattered throughout both the main world and the pocket dimensions, each Key Shard corresponds to the pocket dimension containing its Core Shard. A Key Shard can be used to create and open a temporary portal from the crater rim into and out of the pocket dimension holding its Core Shard. If the Core Shards and Key Shards are both retrieved, combined, and fused once again with the main Core Crystal that pocket dimension will collapse and the area sealed within it will return to its place in the main world. Only by completely repairing the Core Crystal can this shattered world be made whole once more.

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