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Stuck in the Controversy Bog: Thoughts on Racism and Cops.



Okay, this is a topic I am not sure I should really say anything about, because I am pretty sure a lot of what I have to say might offend people. This is an issue that most everyone in America probably new about for a long long while, and it finally really starting to boil out of control faster then anyone thought possible. So I have a few things to say about different aspects of the culture.


On Cops:


Here is the thing about cops: Cops are just people doing a job. A dangerous job, yes. An ultimately necessary job, most probably. But it is a job. They knew from the moment they agreed to become a cop that it would be dangerous, that they might die. Putting their life on the line doesn't mean they should a free pass. They aren't above the law. They aren't all automatically heroes. They aren't a mob family that needs to protect each other and be loyal to each other no matter what. They do have rules, they do have bosses, they should have accountability. They shouldn't get away with things just because they are cops. And right now, they are.That is unacceptable, period.


On "Crime Culture":


That being said, thing is, and as much as I hate to say anything that may be seen as defending racism, a lot of the racial profiling of black people may be partly their own fault. Because it seems to me like an unfortunate number of black people have completely allowed themselves to fall into a culture filled with violence, filled with crime, and filled with hate. I am not saying all black people do this or that all black culture is negative. And yes, I know black culture is probably the way it is in large part because of backlash from racist authorities, and that racism is still a problem. But still, is it any wonder when cops see more amount of people with a easily identifying mark like skin color rallying around mottos like "fuck the police" that it might make the problem worse not better? I do wonder why there is not a stronger movement to encourage people to disassociate themselves form violent media and culture. I am not saying violent media is the cause of this problem, just that the fascination people have with crime and violence and the cultural trappings that get interwoven into it are taken as bad signs.


Of course, one of the reasons this happens is because so many black people are born in poor families or bad neighborhoods, and it certainly is not only black people who fall into this culture or cultures. But black people are the ones that seem to me most in the public eye for this, and if that's because of racism, it's because of racism. Point is, racism is a really big hurtle to overcome, and that kind of public images isn't helping.


On Gun Control:


Frankly I kinda hate guns, and despite having a strong bent in the direction of anarchy when politics is involved, at this point I have to admit it's clear to me and just about everyone else (except the NRA and the politicians in their pocket) that gun control is A Good Thingâ„¢. Thing is? I am not sure it will work in America, because there are just too many guns floating around in the shadows. Maybe I am wrong, and I hope so. But I think it's going to take a long time before a good amount of guns leave circulation, and I can understand the frustration of people who think the only way to protect themselves from a gun is with a gun. But still, I think it is probably worth trying. Ideally I would rather it not be necessary and rather the government not have to regulate everything, but unless gun shops just universally decide to do it on their own or something what can ya do?


Recommended Comments

You strike some valid points. When it comes down to it, we are all human, I guess, it's just annoying that no matter how many times this sort of stuff is corrected history repeats itself and human kind falls back into the same pattern. But as you said, "what can ya do?"


Very valid stuff, though.

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I don't think being human is an excuse, and I don't think change is impossible. Humans can do better. I know they may never be as awesome as us fairies, but they are improving all the time! It hasn't been even a few hundred years ago that preferring your own gender was thought of as a sickness, people with other skin colors then white were mostly treated as sub-human, and running around taking over land by force and kicking the natives out was an acceptable practice. Humans have improved and will improved. Being human doesn't mean being stuck as you are forever. Besides, it probably won't be long before staying human won't even be required.

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I don't even think perfection really means anything. The goal is not to strive for some arbitrary end point, but just to work to salve the problems in front of you, I think. Humans have problems and they work to solve them as best they can.

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"gun control is A Good Thing"

I'm sure 2,100 people in Chicago agree. The city doesn't allow anyone to legally own a gun.


Is it clear to Switzerland where everyone knows how to shoot and maintain a weapon?

You have said in the past (and even here) that you feel aligned with Anarchism... So you feel comfortable leaving guns in the hands of...? The group you want to disavow yourself of, and who has a long history of using weapons to suppress the dissenting voices?


Our gun culture is out of control for sure, with so many people dreaming of gunning down "bad guys" and our culture of violence and machismo, but guns are merely a tool, and tools can be used or misused.

"A sword never killed anybody. It is merely a tool in the killer's hand." -Lucius Anneus Seneca


If you check FBI statistics, gun deaths via HOMICIDE are actually very low compared to say, baseball bats. Or fists. Or hammers... "Gun Violence" (that often used phrase) also includes suicides, and if the people who want to die don't have a firearm, they will still be suicides...


If the media (both online and off-) were to run all the stories of baseball bat killings and knifings and fist bludgeonings would you feel just as strongly against those as you do guns?


I feel that because one might hate a tool that many people have used many times, legally and safely, I don't feel its right to try and erode others rights to have access to that tool. I hate cars (which are used for murder, like in Nice France, AND they pollute the world causing MORE deaths annually through pollutions, and the conflicts that arise when people try and steal oil from other people, and the slave labor in the Eastern world that produces the parts that make the automobiles, and...etc.), but I don't call for the end of automobiles.


I have often thought of campaigning for the end of the 1st Amendment, because then people couldn't speak freely against the rest of the rights. /sr



running around taking over land by force and kicking the natives out was an acceptable practice.


This literally happened in 1948....look up Deir Yassin. And it continues to happen to this day. Most of the world turns a blind eye.


On Racism:
A little while ago, Chicago gave jobs to high-risk inner city teenagers. Crime went down. There is a huge connection between economics and crime. No viable jobs and a sense of purposelessness is a huge reason that crime explodes in the inner city. Have you ever heard of the MOVE Bombings? Or what was known as "Black Wall Street"? I don't think "Fuck the Police" is entirely without merit, considering the MOVE bombing in philadelphia 1985. One police department proved that they had no qualms with using BOMBS on civilians in an apartment complex. Literally dropping bombs on these people, and not just adults, 5 of the 11 were kids. Thats pretty fucked up. But that is literally the threat we all live with, especially after Dallas 2016 Robo-Murder. No trial, no jury, just execution!

That having been said, I don't think outright hating every police officer for something done by someone in the same profession is logical or justifiable. Most. Why don't we shame every professional and amateur athlete when 1 gets caught using drugs?

I don't know much about the history of African-Americans between the end of the Civil War until around the 1960's when they finally said they have had enough.

It was John F. Kennedy who said "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." If people in the inner cities were given better jobs and economic opportunities, they wouldn't turn to crime to keep going another day.


Ok, if you've read all that and you have a different opinion, please lets keep it adult. I appreciate hearing the other side of the argument, it helps me fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and I am a fluid thinker. So lets debate and converse and remain friends or acquaintances with different views.


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Yeah, it's not like I am unaware of the problems with gun control. Thing is, I kinda hate gun control as a concept. I hate the idea of a government regulating things in general. But... I don't really like guns too much either. Guns are too quick. Too lethal. Too easy. I really would prefer it if people did beat each other with baseball bats or slice each other with swords. Those take skill, they need a kind of understanding to use right. I mean I guess guns take skill too, but mostly it's just aim and pull the trigger.


It's harder for me to respect guns. You can kill people with just about anything, but guns I think are just a step too far I think. And that's not a big reason to ban them or anything, but I do think, you know, if gun makers and sellers were more selective about who they gave guns too, if they were just a little bit more cautious about it, well we might not have quite so many problems. It doesn't even need to be that much. I guess the real problem of guns are they are mass produced and sold everywhere. Maybe it should be like the gunsmith in Cave Story says, that only those with the ability to create a weapon like that should have the right to use it. Or like the trope of the old wise sword smith, only giving their creations to those they deem worthy.


Then again, maybe it is worth the price of a few shootings and suicides for freedom? It might be a callous thing to think, but it does align very well with some of my anarchist beliefs. If we swap "gun" with "encryption" I am all for deregulation. On the other hand, I do believe a community that wants to ban guns should have the right to if they think it makes their way of life safer. It just shouldn't necessarily be extended to a whole state or nation.


I do believe gun control can be a good thing, but there are so many little asterisks attached to that statement I could probably make a book of them.

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