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Hey there everyone, in this blog I'll be introducing you to my game : the mechancics, the characters and other tidbits. I'll probably post an update each monday.


On to today's topic, the general outline of my game and its characters


- 3 distinct worlds (Sci-Fi , Fantasy, Adventure)

- 20 Characters each with their own class and subclasses based on the tarot arcanas like in Persona

- 50 subclasses based on aspects of their personality

- over 200 unique skills (no fire fire2 fire3)

- Nonlinear within the acts, leading up to a linear transition to the next act

- Multi-party Dungeons

- Over 70 Dungeons

- Turn based battle

- Puzzle Based Dungeons


Short Character Biographies/Quotes:

1.[Main Char.] A strange fellow. Simultaniously with and without a history. Are the memories real ?

2.Brend : An energetic young recruit in the army. More spirit than discipline.

3.Tania : An army medic, plagued by a tumultuous past.

4.Sarna : Daughter to a dictator, potential mother to a rebellion

5.Captain : A no-nonsence squad leader with a soft side

6.Dr. Maeris : A scientist disilusioned by the academic world. Maybe a dose of reality will aid him ?

7.Ashmedai : A lust demon seeking redemption

8.Tyrone : A beat cop with a history of violence

9.Bruce: A playboy adventurer with a thirst for gold

10.Volin : A sarcastic recluse obsessed with a forbidden type of magic

11.Silvana : A sister lost, cursed with misfortune ...

12.Bors : A failed hero, trying to raise the next generation

13.Dashiva : A body lost, a heart gained

14.Persephone : Is the death of one worth a vengeance against thousands ?

15.Ford : When will these humans finally make sense ?

16.Siun : A door closed, but a window opened, dare he step through?

17.Balthazar : With the endless sky as his mistress, will he find true love ?

18.Almanyn : Will a destiny gained surpass a dream forsaken ?

19.$imone : What is this irrationality ? How do you define this 'Love' ?

20.Tiffany : Even if the sun shines on all, it is not diminished in it's grandeur


As a fun game for next time, try to match the characters to their respective worlds.


Plugin Credits : Yanfly and Himeworks


Progress Report:

Act 1: First pass Complete

Act 2: 15% First Pass

ACt 3: 0%

Finale 0%

Screenshot of the week :