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aggressive behaviour



So I have been living alone for like 3 years or so now. Ever since I moved in my **** Neighbor has been complaining of talking, flushing toilets, washing hands, making tea, slamming doors etc. But yesterday it got really bad, when my mum was leaving she confronted her and told her to not come back as she don't live here saying she shouldn't be woken up at night to hoovering (when it was 6/7pm) and to door slamming in morning at around 7am....


We live in London, in flats, u shouldn't complain about everyday noise, and you can't tell my mum to come round when I just had an operation on my foot, so I need her around to help me with bits and pieces and to give me my medication(i get injected every-week by my mum). She ony came round the morning at 7AM to give me my painkillers as i had run out and to feed my cats cos she was there. She thinks just because she has a daughter and is 6 months pregnant she has a right over everyone else....


when my left my other neighbor asked if I was ok, as she heard the fighting, and I was like yea I am, and told her she was yelling as my mum, not me, as she thought it was me yelling. She told me she was like this before with the bloke who lived there before me.


So my mum rang the police cos of her threatening behavior and i Told them everything and they said that behavior aint right, they will talk to her and will talk to my mum and the landlord.


*** is gonna get screwed by police, landlord and everyone around here.



A warning to those who want to live alone Becareful who u live next to, they maybe the neighbour from hell, even tho they look like a peaceful lot.


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Some people have problems and they explode on anyone they can. Crazy people be crazy. I think if I had problems with anyone I could go to my housing program about it though.

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