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IBN Entry: Highscore Dump



Hey all,

This is just an area where people who play my IBN entry can show off their highscores (game found here: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/39492-indie-by-night/?p=278306 ) Just take a screeny of your final score and I'll PM whoever has the highest at the end of IBN's judging period with a list of Steam keys and they can pick one. You can post multiple scores if you do better later on - just edit your original post. I'll be adding a secret score modifier to account for which difficulty you selected.

Any feedback about the game, balancing, desired additions, etc., would also be appreciated; it might be nice to while away a few afternoon's making this better.


Anyways, thanks again to Nyuu for hosting this and good luck to any participants.


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I've played the game and I think, that you can easily get ultra high score. It's just the matter of time, rather than skill or anything else. :P


I may give it another try to post that ultra-high score. x3


As for feedback - well, like I said before - the score. It's not hard to get a high score, all you need to do is to just be patient and give it some time.

Also it is bugged a little - you can cheat with score. I guess I was lucky enough to bug the game that way in the first try. But to not cheat (that much) I just pretended, that nothing happened and carried on playing legitimatelly. =P

I'll use that bug to get that Steam key jk

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Yeah, score is a confusing thing to balance because its also hp in a sense. Meanwhile, your actual hp could more or less be ignored for the sake of trying to get the candy. Like said, a confusing thing to figure out the best method (without just starting from scratch :P)

Also, y'know, random generation of candies means sometimes you'll get a hundred in a run and other times means none.

The candies are worth less in harder modes,and thats probly where someones more likely to score lowly from being more likely to miss them as well. That's why I'm applying a score modifier externally to make a sort of 'universal score'. So spending hours in easy mode probably wont be the best way to win this.


Anyways, thanks for giving it a play Riki. I hope it was sufficiently silly for you! :3 Be sure to take a screeny at the end next time you play!

I know about the bug and I'm just trusting people to not abuse it and ruin the fun for everyone else for the sake of an insignificant prize.

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So I'll give it a try on hard mode and post my score when I'll end.


As for the bug ~you could remove the time items ~ they're destructive ~ ..and not significant anyway. :P

And yes! It was silly enough! <3

That kind of games I like to see in such a short-time contests and I really value at least trying to give the game some unique touch like graphics and stuff. :3



I gave it a pretty long try and here's my score:


get rekt much high score wow I'm amazing like "Amazing" word in "Amazing Spider Man".


But as I said, I could get much, much higher score like 999999. It's just a matter of time spent. That being said - Yes, I've finished the game on purpose, I've decided, that this score was enough and it was the time, to win the game.

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rikifive won and received runestone keepers. Thanks to anyone and everyone who played :)

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