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The Best Little Town on Earth

Green With It


Tired of that large bussel of everyday life? That dull feeling of waking up at exactly 6:00 AM because of the horrendous traffic accident/ jam on your street keeping you from your boring office job 20 miles into town? Well look no longer because you could be moving to the best little town on earth! Wheatville! This small little suburban region is located just west of Duncaster and Hosts a variety of small town things!



Population: One of the many reasons to move to this wonderful little farm town is it's meager population. Wheatville holds only 45 people in its limits. It's an everyone knows everyone kind of place pal. Lines to go to the store, gas stations, and even the bathroom are not going to be a problem here.


Tourist Areas: Wheatville holds two of Freedom-Land's most famous tourist landmarks, Mt. Hamburger, and the Freedom Express Station. Mt. Hamburger is a stunning 2500 ft high and bolsters an amazing miners paradise of a cavern. This magical mountain is an adventure for hikers, explorers, and historians alike. The Freedom Express is Freedom Land's oldest railway station that connects this little farm town to the rest of the country. The line starts here and ends in the huge Freedom Metropolis.


WildLife: This tiny little town also hosts a large population of animals and fauna. From the extravagant Gorton Snook, to the adorable Blat.


Crime Free for 20 Years! You read that right this town has been criminal free since 1935, thanks to our wonderful boys in blue who work that extra 110% to keep ruffians off the street and our citizens safe!


Well what are you waiting for?! Move to Wheatville silly!

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