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So you got Magic?

Green With It


So you just got zapped by a flying saucer, whats next? You don't feel different, no cuts, or any thing serious. But why do you feel all tingly around your chest and hand regions? Well what if I told you that you have been hit by an atomized bio weapon created by a species that wants to destroy the earth and the entire milky way galaxy. But enough of that you have "space magic!" or AstroMagic. Astro magic is an amazing form of weaponry, all the user has to do is concentrate their body's energy and mind power and they can unleash a slew of dangerous attacks!




What kinds of Astro Magic are their?: According to the species that created this technology it is scientifically classified in 3 types. Attack, Support, and Status type


Offensive: The user who now is a walking weapon can use the elements found on their planet of origin as an attack. If for some accidental reason a HUMAN would possess this sacred tech they could unleash attacks made of Fire, Ice, Electricity, Radiation, Light Beams, and the very Ground itself.


Support: When there's war to be waged your going to have casualties. Thankfully for you science has invented a supportive type of Astro Magic. The user has the ability to cure illness', restore health to their fellow soldiers, and even bring back organic things from being medically dead!


Status: Not enough research