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My Project's Development so Far

Green With It


Since i've joined this amazing community I have received a lot of advice and tips regarding how a dungeon should be made, and such. I've also received a lot of support from you guys here as well as a small circle of people who I discuss this project with. Non the less i'm not here to list all the praise I am getting, i'm here to discuss the direction my game is taking as of January 2016- Present.(2017)


I would like to start of and give a percentage of where i'm at so far. I am around 8% done with my game so far. This percent seems pretty tiny to most people who might read this, but ironically this is the hardest amount of effort I have EVER put into a project let alone a possible commercial game.


What have I done since last year exactly? Well, to start I have made my main Protagonists a lot more likable and given them personality. Compared to early 2015 or late 2014 these characters i made are more relatable and also fit the era they live in, (ex. 1950-1960) Also I made the locations in the game more simplified and constrained most of the towns into one country (america) but also gave some locales to places like the pacific isles, and even the Soviet Union.


Whats the plot synopsis on your game GWIT?


The game takes place in the mid 1950's and the Cold War between

the USSR and America is in full swing. It doesn't help that a scary

intersteller group of space aliens called the Spacemen want to take

over the earth and enslave everyone and use the planet as a galactic

parking lot of sorts. It's up to the main character, a small farm town

boy named Blake Longstacks and his group of friends to save

earth and try to keep the Cold War from heating up. The game is a basic

turned based Rpg in the style of Final Fantasy 1 or Earthbound.

This projects is going to have a slew of wacky and weird enemys

in the lovely style of Mother/ Earthbound.



Below are some screenshots of the game so far.

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