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Haunted Hills - The death of Innocence



I am taking a break from my big game, due to computer trouble and working on the problem. I won't go into that, but the problem is solved at any rate. While I am working on my commission, I am remaking a horror game that I created for a contest, and using Yanfly suggesting in her comic I am working on the traps, the database and stuff before I get to the awesome stuff of remaking my maps, plus, creating the layout of my locations. I am a bit stuck, because my game isn't a JRPG and that's the game that her comic is about. Sooo, I have to give it a lot of thought about how to do the things that she suggests.


1. Traps - I have a debug room, for my traps and already I have two created. Be wary of blood.

2. Instead of a darkness script, you are free to see everything around you, but I do use a tint to help with the atmosphere.

3. Thinking of layout before I start.


The game is called "Haunted Hills - The death of Innocence" It is a mature game with a young runaway teenager who went to look for work in the city, running away from her abusive alcoholic father, but like most teenagers she doesn't get the job. She ends up becoming a prostitute and like all prostitute, she finds herself taken by a person who means to do her harm. He gives her three days to escape using whatever is lying around and in this game, you make choices. Those choices lead you to an ending that may or may not be good. Can you escape with your sanity intact? This is a mature game, with a mature theme and mature language, with people that are not always remembered in life. My original game is for RPG Maker VX Ace and is one steam, but it isn't the best, as I made it in a month for a contest.


I would not suggest that copy at all, but please wait for the better version of the game. My sister is really waiting for this version of the game and already knows the story, she loves it. I used inspiration from various sort of horror games, from Corpse Party, crime shows (real life crimes) and unlike most horror games, there are no true enemies in this game. Only one, one man and he taunts you in the shadows. I had always planned on remaking it, because this game had things that I couldn't do in a month time and because I saw potential in the game.


I am planning on selling it, though to help raise money for glasses, new clothes and even a brand new computer, if I can sell enough. ^_^

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Sigh... Not all prostitutes are down on their luck woman that are hopelessly taken advantage of, and quite frankly it probably wouldn't happen nearly as often if it were legal. Frankly the whole scenario and title seems like an excuse for blatant overused moralization about sexuality and the false propping up of obsolete ideas about sexual purity. I hate to use a overly SJW term like 'slutshaming', but yeah.

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