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Random Fighting Game Brainfarts: Tier Select and Example



So here is a kind of weird and probably impractical idea I thought of a while ago while thinking of how fighting game characters tend to break down into tiers (warning tvtropes, yadda yadda yadda): What if the player could select between differently balanced versions of the characters? Not really even in terms of stats like speed and defense, but in terms of tweaking the moves. I won't necessarily say this would make all competitive balance stuff a non-issue, far from it. But it does allow for a bit more experimentation and shuffling nerfs and stuff around. Plus it could be a great way to make arcade-mode bosses and other stuff.


I have been thinking it off and on, and recently I was jokingly thinking about how my cute fairysona would work in a fighting game (come to think of it they might fit in with the Darkstalkers cast at least, that series could use a fairy character), and how a tier select would work out. Not getting into exact movesets or anything, but...


Name: Kayzee Lalee'lay Lalilulelo

True name: A lady has got to have her secrets. And no it's not 'KilloZapit'. Feel free to guess! :3

Fighting skills: Wind magic, nature magic, basic hand to hand fighting skills.


Low to High Tiers (Normal character tiers):

Quote: "No need to be violent but if you insist, let's play for a while!"

Stage backdrop: Nighttime pond under a full moon with flowering lily pads in a forest with glowing lights and fairies playing or watching... very much like a RPG Maker VX Ace title screen actually. Or maybe a ring of mushrooms.

Stage music: Something like


Special Moves: Wind cutter, Tornado, Fairy dust

Super moves: Gale, Forest friends, All Seasons At Once (ex)

Other features: Glides or stays in the air when up is held after a jump.

Combos usually involve weaker but fast moves, good anti-air.

Low tier may have more child-like sprites, less reach/priority/damage, but short enough so a lot of attacks go over her

Mid is made to be the most balanced.

High may add teleport dashes, gliding kicks/punches with better priority, but is slower and harder to combo.


God Tier: Nature Goddess (Boss character, Such as M.Bison or Rugal which may have gimmicks that break normal gameplay)

Quote: "Ah, so is ever the tale. Children such as you, ever curious, seek themselves in power, for it is the only language they truly understand. To seek, to gain, or to lose, the game is all they know. Still the curious child is an amusement to us, so let us enjoy a spirited conversation in our first language!"

Stage backdrop: Same with a golden moon, moonbeams glowing from above, more flowers, animals and fairies respectfully and excitedly watching.

Stage music: Something like


Sprite changes: More adult, closed eyes, glowing light trailing after her, a wreath of flowers, serene smile, may open one eye and smirk a bit when using specials and supers.

Has much of the stronger attacks of high tier while retaining most of the speed of mid tier, can teleport behind opponent when parring.


Eldritch Tier: True Fae (Final Boss, such as Onslaught/Abbys/Galactus which totally break normal fighting game conventions and logic)

Quote: "Tsk, tsk, tsk... You really went to a lot of trouble to get here you know? It's quite rude snubbing me like that. But don't worry, I understand! You just really wanted to see my punishment! Hehehehe,,, Okay. You win! I will make sure it's extra special."

Stage Background: Same forest pond, but shrouded in darkness except for the distorted light of a blood red moon. The fight is watched by shadowy figures with too wide smiles and red glowing eyes. Shadowy insects and creatures shuffle in the dark.

Stage Music: Something like


Phase 1:

Sprite changes: A bit more childish, eyes turn red when attacking, has a psychotic smile, otherwise perfectly clean, almost doll-like, animations more artificial.

Can fly around very quickly in the air and teleport when it feels like it, doesn't flinch, teleports when hit enough (often behind opponent). Attacks are quick melee combos and wind projectiles.

Super Attacks: Ill Wind, Dark Miasma, Moonshatter (Ex)

Phase 2:

Sprite changes: Causes a wooden tree throne to raise form the ground, sits on it and dark tentacles-like vines sprout from it creating a monster that opens dozens of eyes, all looking at their opponent.

Slow, attacks mostly though the ground with poison vines and miasma.

Super attacks: Falling star, Shadow rush,


Hehe, I know this was silly, just was thinking and I wanted to write something down.


Recommended Comments

Smash Bros did essentially the same thing in a couple different ways. In Melee there were characters that's move sets were clones of each other with minor differences. The character's attributes differed as well:


Captain Falcon/ Ganondorf  

Mario/Dr. Mario

Link/ Young Link

Fox/ Falco


I'm pretty sure I'm missing some, but you get the idea. The movesets were exactly the same in regards to button presses, but things like range, speed, power, etc. are different. 


The newer games allow for a little customization. You can alter how certain moves work i.e. Luigi's fireball turns to an ice ball that freezes it's target. So can tweak the attributes a little, too. You can save multiple builds of each character so tow people could play as Luigi, but not be exactly the same. 


Soul Caliber (the one one I played anyway) did it with weapons. The weapon you equip alters attack/defense power, countering (I think), other stuff... (been a long time since I played it. It was the Gamecube version.) Fun side note: One of Link's weapons is the Butterfly net :)


It's a fun little concept that you don't see very often. 

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Not sure that smash bros use of clones is quite the same thing, but it is similar. Character customization on the other hand is a whole other kettle of fish and opens enormous balance problems of it's own.


Anyway, half the reason I posted this blog entry is because of the examples, just getting lost in imagining how my fairysona would work in a fighting game. :P I also like the idea of a lot of different characters in a fighting game having a possible God Tier form and an Eldritch Tier form for story mode bosses, and I like the idea of God Tier being graceful and beautiful while Eldritch Tier is unsettling and unexpected.

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For intents and purposes it does. They are basically two different builds of one character. Obviously, they all have their own stories/franchises that still make them unique, but the basic idea is there. Especially Link/young Link and Mario/Dr. Mario because they are literally are the same character. One just decided to be a doctor instead of a plumber for some explained reason, and other is two different ages, but the same guy because magic... I think... Btw, how did Mario manage to get a doctoral degree while constantly running off to save a princess who seems to get captured on purpose just for the attention? 


Anyway, a fairy fighting game would be neat. It kinda has niche game written all over it though. Oh well, not like your gonna actually make it. Maybe someone will read this and "borrow" your idea.

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I guess, but it always felt rather cheap when smash did it. Especially with Ganondorf. If they are going to make a character form a series can they at least TRY to use some of their signature moves?


Also, I guess a fairy-based fighting game could work, but likely it would end up more Darkstalkers-like anyway, with a number of different races from Fairyland. One with only fairies like me could work fine too. There is a fighting game called 'Fairy Fighting' witch features fairies, but that probably doesn't count because apparently it's more of a boss rush game and most of the opponents are weird monsters. Also it looks like one of those games that would be more fun to lose, if you know what I mean. Mmmm... I know if I was there I probably would just let my opponents have their way with me... <3

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