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Entry 004: Broken Doll

As one can see, I'm a very fragile individual, capable of going to pieces at the slightest provocation.


There really is no cure or treatment for this short of immaculate and constant love and affection, which is a harem-based fairytale that is unrealistic, so I'll likely never heal, but I'll be damned if Joe Jackass Motherfucking Cuntwipe Hackershithead gets to win because he was able to screw myself and someone else through their mischief.


This debacle has scarred me, and since there is no chance of healing it...


This broken doll is going away.


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I really don't want you to go! I at least am your friend and I think you have more! I will miss you! We will miss you. But I understand if you really think you have to too.

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There's honestly no reason to leave. That hacker has nothing to do with this website, like, you understand that right? If so, why are you mad at us and/or doing a farewell pity party? Are you looking for emotional support? Cause yeah, we'll give it. We're one of the nicer forums, if not the nicest. But your multiple outbursts have been so unreasonable and emotionally charged that I question your mental well being.


We're not your enemy, but we're also not your lover. We're not a crowd of people who drop their emotional needs in order to improve yours. The World does not revolve around you.


I don't know your whole situation, but understand most people's situation of not understanding yours. I hope you get through whatever it is that you're going through, and learn to lean less on the sympathy of strangers. *sprinkles Kilo's fairy dust*


:D Yay, all fixed! (kilo's dust is literally magic. I had an ankle sprain a year ago, and it fixed it no problem)

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