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Just Some Overview For ToE



Hey nosy blog reader~


Just found my old concepts for one of my main charries from Tales of Eadris and wanted to give you all a laugh.

This also shows my lack of creativity... ToE is a medievil-esque fantasy genre RPG.



This was my first ever concept for Leina, a quiet girl. Very meh.








Okay, yea, bad design haha.



My next design was;






I like this design to be honest, but considering the game type/genre... this outfit doesn't really fit in...

Also, can you tell I like Tomb Raider? xD



My final design was;









Her entire design changed, as well as her race. She originally was a simple human, but became an Elven hunter/thief.



I also had a similar... phase... with Faeona. Her original design was stupid. I don't have the old file anymore, but trust me on it. She looks better now.

Marina's design came so nicely. I got her design pretty well based for her first design and her final was just a detailing of the original. I love Marina <3



What similar stages did you guys come across?

Are you still developing your characters?

What characters are you having most trouble with?

Is there a favourite amongst your cast you just can't help but like more than the rest?

Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z!


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Fantastic designs, and some pretty good art.

I'm not too familiar with your project or characters- but I really like the progress! It's a bit strange to try and pin-point the setting from the designs though, the first two look fairly modern, but the last looks more fantasy, like something out of Lord of the Rings or Banner Saga (which is a super good guy buy it now omg). Maybe it's something in the middle ground, like Avatar?


Since you opened up discussion,

I currently only have two pieces of concept art that are publicly available with regards to my project, and they're basically the only public record of it at the moment. They're both of the same character, the deuteragonist, but I'm very satisfied with the results. [1] [2]

Love my characters, but you have to always be able to let them die.

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@Killo: I always pull that joke too xD I always make sure to enthusis the captials ToE just to avoid being asked about my toes :P

I had the same problem when an old charrie had a pet ferret named Ramen. When I RP'd them, everyone thought I was talking about a bowl of ramen... xD

"Ramen sat on top of Alex's shoulder, snuggling here face gently" was a line that made people laugh apparently.


@Chaosian: The game itself is an old fantasy styled RPG. I'm unfamiliar with armours and weapons at the time, so I had a habit of making every character I drew... plain. A huge, yet slightly bad. habit I have is in every project I work on, the MC is always based upon some part of myself, so they always end up looking similar too xD *unoriginal*

I have recently started looking to Avatar's Last Air Bender for a bit of inspiration based upon the whole "each region has their on element" type thing. Still tweaking it though.


I say the same for you though Chaosian. I knew nothing about your projects in the years I have been here haha. Was kinda sad about that - your ideas and concepts had my interest. Now that I get to see Anoh's design, I'm especially curious. It's a shame you didn't get to fully use him as well :(

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